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  1. May be April fools, but that is a nice looking boat.
  2. As awesome as this is, HMAS Vampire had two torpedo mounts, not one as depicted here. Nor can I find any reference to one of them being removed.
  3. Update on Tier 8 USS Kidd?

    I already have the Sims. But thanks for the advice. Guess I'll just wait and see.
  4. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any updated info on the Tier 8 USS Kidd? Been awhile since I have heard anything about this. Thanks.
  5. Love Secret Santa

    No idea about your currency issues mate, but for me, 15 containers opened. Gremy, Emden, Marblehead x2, Arizona. I think I did alright.
  6. any aussies playing?

    Always keen to division. Stegro ingame.