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  1. Phanzo

    An easy solution to the CV debate

    Uninstall the game, no more debate, no more headache.
  2. Phanzo

    Clan battle start?

    watch broken ?? maybe
  3. a clan, but for solo players, no interaction required. Shoe shop for ppl who like to go barefoot. Perfect!
  4. Phanzo

    Update 0.6.14 Feedback

    Please let me know if we will get free US-CV captain-respec. My Lex captain and Essex captain are still waiting. If not, I'd rather spend my 900 doubloons than waiting for nothing.
  5. Phanzo

    Update 0.6.14 Feedback

    WG made if clear that "In introducing the changes in the new Update, we'll be guided by the underlying principle that players do not lose anything. " But now I have a Lexington captain for 013 build need respec. With the current skills he has, he is not ideal for 112 loadout in anyway. I do think we should be given a chance to redistribute the capt skill points for free or at least with a significant discount.
  6. Phanzo

    Saipan Poll

    oh come on guys. Saipan is not OP at all,
  7. The description from Kimberley8 is quite accurate I have to say. Im experiencing the same problem recently, and only recently. I'm in Melb, using Telstra bigpond NBN service. My solution for the moment is: every time it happens, I switch to Optus 4G mobile network using my mobile's hotspot. The ping is normally around 110, not good but much better than 600+. Then after 10pm, I know it's safe to switch back to NBN.
  8. Phanzo

    RN Battleships!

    I'm with yah, typhoon.
  9. Bogue is affected. Yes
  10. I'm experiencing the same problem on my Lexington. but Bogue is not affected. hope wargaming can fix that as soon as possible.