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  1. it was transfered to Mutsuki, after relaxing and having the time to read and think about the changes worked it out, thanks Akatsuki
  2. I'm unable to fine my 10 point captain that i had for my Minekazi. have sent the new captain that was assigned to reserve and still not showing up? Disregard, sorted thankyou wargamming for confusing the **** out of me ;)
  3. . will be doing that later, thanks Ryusuku
  4. cant find captain, not showing up
  5. ok, read the notes, delete and will try move cap[tain around and see how that goes, cheers
  6. my Minekazi moved into the next line has a new captain with 5 points , WHERE did my 10 point captain go!!! ? and no its not with the new Hatsuharu, that is also a 5 point captain... ( if your gonna give us new ships in port , dont take away my ships i already earned and still had in port ). rant over
  7. aka_NuMBaT

    War Gaming, What's with the Kawachi ?

    its a Kawachi, say no more, Tip. get up close and personal with this ship
  8. aka_NuMBaT

    Post bad ships here so I can suffer in them

    all T6 cruisers, my T5 do much better job in battle . just have to put out there Bayern what a ship , most fun so far
  9. aka_NuMBaT

    Why do so few Cruiser players use AP ?

    broadside or not, crusiers get pinned ...... due to the matching its hard for a cruser to stand up against the enemy ships, also there survivability is very week usually by half to battleships.. Shooting HE setting fires is away of least doing some damage and makes you feel somewhat like you're contributing to your team. I do enjoy citadels and shotting AP in a cruiser but to get up into shooting distance without being shot by BB's sitting back camping shooting AP at your angled ship getting tripple citadeled, HE is the next best thing
  10. aka_NuMBaT

    Downloading updates

    , yeah the same... when the udate becomes available it will download and install, just need your computer on, example , im at work all day get home and update is already installed , instead of having to do it when i get home and have to wait
  11. aka_NuMBaT

    Downloading updates

    there is a wargaming,net game updater that updates as soon as available, http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/82071-how-to-enable-and-disable-automatic-updating/
  12. aka_NuMBaT

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    just received super container tonight, 5 million credits ...
  13. aka_NuMBaT

    Anyone else get a Critical error loading in!

    no problem here at my end, downloaded patch and logged on with no issue. if it wasnt happening before update may need to download and reinstall ... good luck
  14. aka_NuMBaT

    20 air kills in a BB near impossible

    New Mexico is the ship to use, upgrade your AA and you'll get your 20 planes in a BB also you can use ARP BB , wont get as many in a match but still shoots down planes
  15. aka_NuMBaT

    Kirishima Everywhere

    i'm loving it in my cruiser, focus is always on the other ships and i just rain in a whole heap of fire on the enemy.... Tip: i find sitting just a bit back not pushing the attack and shooting from a far is the way to attack all the BB"s