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  1. Reverse_ldeology

    Frustration at T8

    Ofc, there is no "autobounce" mechanic irl, shells will penetrate or overmatch armour irl as long as it is going fast enough or the armour it penetrates is thin enough. As for Hood, I a quite sure at 15.7km the German shells are not plunging enough (about 12 degrees) to actually have any significant deck penetration. Even if it did penetrate it would be unlikely to hit the magazine. It is really not hard to conclude that the HMS Hood's belt got penetrated by Bismarck's guns, which can penetrate Hood's belt way past 20km. " The US Navy calculated that there is a 1 in 6 chance of each penetrating shot exploding either a magazine or the ship’s boilers. Given that the Hood was hit twice like this, she was a little unlucky, but not a lot unlucky. Given how weak her belt armor was, she was not going to last long in a prolonged fight." If you were to look at the Hood's armour scheme, this is pretty much the most likely scenario.
  2. Reverse_ldeology

    Frustration at T8

    Usually its upper belt pen or superstructure pen. The bounces are definitely off the deck, or in the case of some ships (Zao, Hindy, some BBs) off the flared out upper belt
  3. Reverse_ldeology

    Frustration at T8

    I am quite sure German 203mm AP would bounce off the deck at 16km. The German AP would need at least 23km to even start penetrating the deck of ships. Seriously people keep talking about "plunging fire" and "deck penetrations", when it simply isn't the case. Prinz/Eugen have enough penetration with AP to penetrate 127mm of armour through the belt at 17km, I have done it consistently in the game. Likewise for NC, you would need at least 26km to have you shells start to plunge (Iowa/Monty would require 28km and Yamato about 30km). In fact the only ships which can reliably use plunging fire in the game I know of are RNCLs (at over 12km), USN CAs (penetration at over 17km, guarantee deck pens at 20km), and the Ishizuchi (at max range). Note that for RNCLs and USN CAs true plunging fire is only possible due to the generous autobounce angles, coupled with slow shell velocity and thus high arcs. Actually, since the game shell trajectories and angle of fall approximates real world shell trajectories, you could just google to see at what range the shells will deck penetrate. Of course this doesn't fit with actual armour penetration values irl, for the game has autobounce angles to simplify calculations.
  4. Reverse_ldeology

    Wargaming Premium Shop Hates This!!! Click Here to Find Out More!!!

    nope, both the 8k and 9k free xp games were without first win bonus but with all the xp and free xp flags stacked. Also added drakon flags for more captain xp.
  5. Reverse_ldeology

    Wargaming Premium Shop Hates This!!! Click Here to Find Out More!!!

    That is actually true, it is fast, turns well, and has dank AP. Definitely a pick too... Actually, just play them to farm first wins for extra xp bonus.
  6. This week is a great week, because alas, AEGIS is here!!! If some of you haven't realised, AEGIS is dank. But some ships are more dank than others.. What you need: -Premium account (just a week will do, cos scenarios change weekly) -A dank light cruiser, with the preferred ships (in decreasing order) as below: >De Grasse (Citadel Kuma at about 14km, Furutaka/Aoba at about 12km, Myoko at about 10km) >Nurnberg (Citadel Kuma at about 12km, Furutaka/Aoba at about 8.7km, Myoko at just under 7km) >Cleveland (Citadel Kuma at about 13km, Furutaka at about 11km, Myoko at 9km) >Budyonny (similar shells as de Grasse in terms of penetration) >La Galissonaire (same shells as De Grasse) Note that Kuma can be overmatched by 152mm AP through its bow Instruction: 0. Mount all the xp multiplier flags and xp camo, solo queue AEGIS. 1. Rush the smoke laid by the mahan, farm broadsides (try to get about 40k damage for the first wave. Shooting at CA broadsides instead of DDs actually give more xp and credits since a volley of 3 citadels is like half a cruiser's HP. Stay behind the DD so as to dodge potential torps from the Poi spam. 2. When ships in the north appear, turn to the west, and let the ships fire at the ships left in the smoke (when it disappears), or any ship north of the smoke. Remember to head west first, as bots will sail in straight lines along set path, and will fire at the closest target it can shoot. While moving, keep spamming HE at the Cruisers. Remember that higher tier Cruisers give more XP. 3. While the BB/CA/DD is being fired upon, turn towards the north, and farm citadels from the broadside cruisers. This should not take more than 15 salvoes. Once you are done with the CL/CAs, deal with the Ishizuchi with torps (if you have them), or else just try to angle and avoid torps, then sail away to the north. 4. Proceed north and farm the 2 Cruiser broadsides. These ships will be close and will fire at you, but just use WASD while you slam citadels into their broadsides. 5. Once you clear closest cruisers, shoot the further cruisers at the other side of the convoy. 6. When the cruisers die, two CVs will spawn (or possibly BBs too). In the latter case, just YOLO and try to do as much damage as possible, since by now you should probably already have over 100k damage. Else just farm the CV and their planes. You might want to use AP for citadels and to keep their deck in commission so as to farm more planes (also, pls take DFAA). Head east as you do this. 7. When you killed the Zuiho and/or the Hosho, try to kill the Ryujo to the east. 8. By this time you probably have almost 200k damage already, and the enemy fleet is rushing your team. So just keep rushing the enemy and farm as much damage as possible since the game is probably ending. Proper selection of ammo type and aim would reward you greatly. Remember how bots operate, don't take unnecessary damage, and farm as many bots as possible. So enjoy, and farm your free xp and credits, without all the salt from randoms! So far my record is only 2501 base xp but I guess it is possible to be higher. pls exploit before WG nerfs this, and take respite from the weekends with this
  7. Since update 6.10 we have had improved graphics, but to me they seem more like hindrance to gameplay than improvement. -Aiming at close range when your ship is burning is impossible because of the black smoke. How am I supposed to drive-by execute the enemy Yamato when I can't see where I am aiming? -Water splashes blocks vision, making hitting of small ships especially hard, when more ships are firing at it. -Generally, too much black smoke affecting vision. Can't WG make the smoke transparency adjustable or something? Perhaps such hindrance to gameplay is intended, and we have to live with it, but are there any mods to revert the graphics back to the old version? Or is it impossible as WG has intended such changes to have said effects on gameplay? Or do I just have to git gud?
  8. Reverse_ldeology

    Why the hate?

    German DDs are excellent, as their Winrates show. However they are not easy to play. Skilled people will find it rewarding and fun, but poor DD players will find it terrible. For newbies USN would be a far better line.
  9. Reverse_ldeology

    What if Cruiser and Destroyer can deploy naval mines

    While the concept sounds interesting, and would add new depth to the game, WG doesn't seem to want to make the game more complicated for players, and in recent patches has been trying to simplify (and maybe oversimplify) game mechanics.
  10. Reverse_ldeology

    what kind of BGMs do you people use?

    Hack and slash games the boss fights cos your team is the boss, every single game
  11. Reverse_ldeology


  12. Reverse_ldeology


    Post your WoWS related memes here Thread moved to off-topic. ~amade
  13. Reverse_ldeology

    PVE Gamemode needs alot of work

    PvE mode is quite easy, the only problem is that xp rewards are scaled towards the number of objectives completed, which while it is great for encouraging teamplay and completing objectives, may sometimes give mediocre rewards.
  14. Reverse_ldeology

    Grinding to Yamato?, yes I know, another tier 10 noob

    Seriously, few T10 ships are worth it. Yamato is not one of them. Tier 10 gameplay is not fun PTS is terrible gauge of ship performance
  15. Reverse_ldeology

    Grinding to Yamato?, yes I know, another tier 10 noob

    PTS is not a good gauge of live players on this server, where cruisers all run PT and WASD shells like crazy. Seriously just play the only relevant T10 BB the GK if you want to grind BBs. Plus Yamato would (soon) be the least tanky BB in T10, with only the huge guns, good accuracy, and high penetration as its strong points.