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  1. Well quickly looking at the Clan pages there is around 20 Aus/NZ clans with 30 odd players plus another 20 odd Clans with around 10-20 players in so low balling lets call this 600 players who now mostly have no chance of playing in Clan Battles due to the timezone's we live in. TBH everyone i have spoken to can't believe the utter contempt WG must have for the Aus/NZ customers so many of whom were really looking forward to competing in Clan battle, instead we now have dozens of Aus/NZ clans whose entire reason for existing is to have a cool tag after your name & eventually some XP bonus's or service cost reductions... GG WG GG Well with this backhand to all our faces I would encourage any Australian, Kiwi or anyone who lives in a timezone adversely affected by being unable to participate in Clan battle due to the moronic hours decided upon, vote with your wallet & lets see if that will get us anywhere.
  2. Considering that most people here are regulars how did you not realise @LordTyphoon was just trolling ??? Did you not see or read any of his previous posts at all ???
  3. Is a pretty typical response after getting your ass handed to you, blame the Ping.
  4. I predicted 6-3 so am pretty unhappy OST got thrashed in the last game but VOR were pretty impressive TBH losing all 3 caps then just demolishing the enemy in 1 swift push
  5. Gid Gud X 2 Seriously the Nagato has some of the most powerful guns at T7 that can punish any T9 BB. Being up-tiered by only 1 tier is not a big deal & the Nagato has enough capabilties to overcome it if the player understands how to play the Nagato.
  6. Critical thinking of your own gameplay. This is the only way to become a better player, see what you're doing wrong & improve.
  7. TBH I believe in this situation you should only be able to fire HE while active as this would mean that Fuso, Tirpitz, Kii & Yamato players can stay within their comfort zones and not push them to become better players.
  8. I do have to wonder whether in upcoming ranked seasons as well that the 1 BB rule will come into play for all the reasons they have stated Hmmmm
  9. "When the season starts, any player who played a Random or Clan Battle with Tier VIII–X ship will be given a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use" So what this means is that a player after 2 days buy's his brand new Derpitz join a Clan and can then get his Teamkillerkaze almost immediately
  10. Salty after 4 losses in a row...Come back and tell me how salty you are after 11 in a row which is my worst RNG is RNG
  11. Bob778_ Conqueror: 2600 XP
  12. Bob778_ Fiji: 3040
  13. I personally failed so hard at the Hipper that my Clan mates still take the piss out of me so what I did was I used Free XP to get over the grind and into the incredible Roon. I would recomend Free XP to anyone
  14. Drop a coin in a wishing well & you will receive a more hopeful answer.
  15. Can I bring in my Fletcher instead of my Gearing, seriously I will do loads better in it