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  1. Just had it happen in Clan Battles
  2. Bob778_

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    I see no reason to leave. I will be stuck with 3-4k population in my prime time playing in NA and still have Clan battles in SEA time as NA time is still Garbage.
  3. Bob778_

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    ROFL I just realised that my personal signature is over a year old and still relevant.
  4. Bob778_

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    I will agree that it can be very tough to find good players who live in AUS/NZ to come into our clan but we persevere and get good players from here and there. Also I hope that WG does actually offer a server transfer to those players who really want to leave. This game despite it's problems is still a really fun game and one of the major components to a game like this is communication and that without a doubt is far better over on NA where English is more prevalent which will be far more enjoyable for players like yourself. As long as you can take your ship lines & captain XP with you it will probably be a good deal as the idea of starting again without them would be horrible. Best of luck to you in this endeavour Bex as in all seriousness I hope it works out for you and those with similar opinions, this is a game we are here to enjoy & I hope you get to enjoy it on the NA server.
  5. Bob778_

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    To be fair to Bex here he probably only realised how bad it was after a while and by then it was to late. He already has a Clan with a lot of players he enjoys playing & chatting with and he has invested a lot of time into ships lines & premium ships & the thought of starting a second account and having to do it all again is very discouraging.
  6. Bob778_

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    Well it has been a long time since I posted anything in here but I'll throw my 2 cents in. Moving our clan to NA wouldn't affect us for Clan battles as the NA times are no good for us so we would still be playing against the Asian teams as it is still the best option of a bad set of times as we are all adults with jobs and playing on a weekday morning is just a no go and weekend mornings are also hopeless as a lot of us have kids and families so there is no chance of games there either . As for teams being seen as passive here on SEA I really feel that that belief doesn't make sense, I will agree you do get some games where the sniping from 20km is prevalent but in so many games both side are looking to work around the flanks to out position the enemy or once the enemy is all out on the flanks just pushing the centre then concentrating on a flank & crushing it. I have had so many really really great games here that have gone down to the wire where our actions made the difference between winning & losing, the push & counter push + the high skill level of many players who can capitalise on small mistakes makes this server a true challenge to play on and many players just want to be able to charge in get the secondaries working & trust in their armour to survive long enough to do massive damage. And as for the CV meta while it can be very frustrating on occasion as someone who mainly plays DD's these days I would rather have a CV in game than the usual 3-5 radar ships which can completely block out massive portions of the map with very limited counter play from a DD.
  7. Bob778_

    King of the Tasman Tournament

    Hey mate use this link to go the the main website page https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2303228450333319168/information But as for the short story in Div 1 we had 3 teams finish on equal points so it was a very close competition there while in Div 2 it was a more strait forward set of results of 1,2,3,4,5.
  8. Bob778_

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    Well if we ever got an option to change servers that would actually treat our timezone better I know most of our Clan would jump servers without a second thought.
  9. Bob778_

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    Well for the last 2 seasons I have been voting with my wallet & not buying anything, unfortunately that will continue for the foreseeable future. This new timezone is truly abysmal since the games that we manage to play are very enjoyable. Clap Clap Clap WG.
  10. Bob778_

    Lets debate: Stats matter

    Is this a new video of his ??? I can remember watching one about stats over a year ago.
  11. Bob778_

    Varyag Marathon

    It's a really bad T3 protected Cruiser so It's not meant to be that difficult. If it was T7 like we had for the Arpeggio ships some of them were actually pretty difficult to get.
  12. I saw the Pinnacle of names today DildoGaggins, I don't think there is a better name in the game.
  13. Bob778_

    Cruiser line suggestions

    Get yourself to the Fiji at T7 in the UK CL line. This is hands down one of the best ships in the game, the key thing is too understand your detection range, smoke firing detection range as well as map positioning to get the most advantage from your smoke. Once you have this Trifecta you can have incredible games in her.
  14. Bob778_

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    You may be surprised by our Clan stats as Snyper said we're not Super Unicum but most members in our clan will finish top 3 nearly every game, carry many games that are uncarryable as well as finish 123 on the losing team. We are one of Two Aus/NZ clans who are stocked full of good players. TBH I think this does hit the nail on the head Drakon as I have had quite a few very good players (+55% WR) leave to the NA server as they preferred the NA playstyle compared to ASIA. And even in my Clan where we can wait/force a break in the enemy we are always looking to force our way forward & actively engage the enemy fleet, as we find it frustrating to just hang back spamming HE at ships 20km away. As for this I can only imagine But with that being said while there are some Aus/NZ clans who do stupid things in tiers where you would think that they would know better there are many Asian Clans who are just as bad but who aren't as easily recognisable as our Clan tags usually start with "AUS"
  15. Bob778_

    Update, How do you like it so far?

    Seriously REMOVE the travesty of a Div UI & go back to the old one.