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  1. Because I live in Australia a place well known for It's incredible internet on my cracked & broken copper cable I get an Insane 350-450kb/sec. Our internet is so crap that pretty much no country in the world is envious of it and is more likely to laugh at how crap ours is
  2. Well Thunder consider all the different classes you need to play something of a goal to work towards as with all 4 classes you need to perform well in them, I personally have been playing a lot of CA/CL's in the past few days after i had been doing a lot of BB/DD games & I can feel in my gameplay that i have really lifted a gear in them.
  3. Lol Drakon what ship havn't you been detonated in
  4. I will pay 750k free XP for the Nelson
  5. [APU] Asian Potatoes United
  6. To be honest considering what i have said in chat It's a miracle that I havn't been chat banned yet. On the bright side Wong your probably on discord anyway so It won't affect you much.
  7. Hey Drakon my Clan the J10 Armada would be up for this, we are a pretty good clan and we would look forward to having some real competition with team mates you can rely on. With regards to lag we aren't that bothered as some of us often over 100ms, don't forget that with how slow the gameplay is 100-250ms (while not ideal) doesn't make a massive difference like it would in a FPS. Feel free to PM/Discord me Drakon if you need/want anything else from us
  8. Wait until you have that good buddy player who will non stop spam you with HE getting fires galore while kiting like his life depends on it, they can be nearly impossible to hit. Also good DD players who survive and get the upper hand will decimate a BB heavy team. There are some hard counters to BB's even at T6 it all depends on whether you have the skill to play the ships to the level required to be that counter.
  9. Highly unlikely i would think, most i have seen it go up to is T8.
  10. I have seen some of the better Clans (POI, VOR, MEGA, ZOO) all firing HE from conception to grave, It still doesn't take away from what I am saying that it is an unskilled form of gameplay
  11. Well I only have nearly 700 BB games at T6 so i understand that I have no idea what I am saying or what I am doing in a BB and can reliably do 20k salvoes on enemy BB's from 19km away in my New Mexico as I understand & know where to aim to do the most damage. I learned this from trial & error as well as watching youtube vids as well as advice from my Clan mates, but we can go with I've never played BB's before... The fact that most T6 BB's have decent armour means that you need some level of skill to get the most out of your shots which is what I am getting at as HE spamming is about the lowest form of skill in this game as you get damage + potential double fire this sort of result can be gained by rolling your face on the keyboard. My T6 BB stats are below in spoiler.
  12. What I am talking about is multiple BB's firing HE from the start of the game until the end of the game without switching to AP, I personally find it be bad for gameplay as it encourages no skill from angling to shrug off enemy fire you just get burnt to the waterline with very little ability to counter.
  13. Well i am in the R10-5 section of Ranked now and all the damm BB's are doing is spamming HE what the hell is going on with these low skilled players who can't fire AP ??? Has some Idiot put a Ranked guide up for potatoes that sais just fire HE ??? I have said before that a BB should only have a limited amount of HE salvoes as this is insane that nearly all enemy BB's are firing HE instead of trying to chunk out damage with unrecoverable Citadel damage, honestly It's pretty disgraceful
  14. I honestly feel that if my team mates from this match had of rolled their faces over their keyboards while playing I could have won it for them And to think I was taking a break from ranked to have a team like this