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  1. Well after playing Clan brawls last night which was fun TBH I started noticing some very very worrying signs with the munificent rewards on offer and got worried that WG is giving us too many goodies in this format. First of all it now takes a mere 31 victories to get our 10k coal which honestly seems like a walk in the park for any competent team to get in a night or two. This MUST be increased to at least 99 Victories needed for 5k Coal otherwise we might get spoiled. Second the base XP has been dropped to what we get in Random battles now, this may on occasion cause you to receive limited XP after your commander sacrifices you for the greater good. This can be fixed by dropping the XP levels to COOP rates. I hope I haven't missed any other major glaring issues and I would encourage WG to start listening to their inner Grinch when dealing out rewards for this format otherwise we would play this to the exclusion of any other format simply due to the rewards on offer here.
  2. I got the Nelson from completing the collection.
  3. That is the perfect use of the "Well done"
  4. Well done is the most useful quick command we have that translates to every single language in the world, every human realises that when you have done something truly idiotic the "Well done" is completely and utterly sarcastic and is well deserved.
  5. Bob778_

    im bored

    Hi Bored I am Bob, how are you today ?
  6. Despite all of the players on Reddit I saw who were really happy about nerfing CV's like this, they all missed the core component of the changes being pushed without any any patch notes or prior notice which while it may work to your own benefit this time around may not work so well further on down the track. Any changes of this magnitude being pushed with no acknowledgment is a really unhealthy direction for the game to take. LOL 🤣
  7. Bob778_

    Asia Server is just the worst

    Honestly if you hate the server so much go and try out the NA server the ping will be around 100ms and since you have only done 400 games you aren't leaving a lot of baggage behind. Personally I don't see what the issue is about box text though it is what it is and not everyone in the world communicates in English and since this is an MMO the only sensible thing to do is deal with it and not let it aggravate you, besides how many box speakers hate seeing that incomprehensible English text pop up ?
  8. I find you can use quick commands + spamming a ships position on the map as well as where you want him to focus works pretty well, F11 (Well Done) & F12 (Thankyou) along with F3 (Requesting Support) are the 3 most useful commands. I have had some epic games where using the quick commands has let us win the game as my local force is completely switched on. There is no denying that you can have better communication if we could all speak the same language and for this reason I would love it if we could funnel the chat through Google translate, while far away from being perfect we could without a doubt have better overall communication which would hopefully lead us to having less frustration over simply seeing another language in the chat which we can't understand.
  9. Bob778_

    Thunderer everywhere....

    If you want a good comparison for how popular the Thunderer is right now have a look at the overall games for the Conqueror which is at 1.69m and has been out for a long time now and compare that to the Thunderer which has 1.04m despite being out for what 1/3 of the time ? The Thunderer will be removed at some point because as you say they are everywhere.
  10. Bob778_

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Well none of this surprises me at all, I do hope that if any of the previous players from UMR are in this again that they will receive a commensurately larger penalty to drive home the lesson.
  11. Bob778_

    WoWs NA Community Team now also on SEA server

    Glad to have you join the Asian forums mademoisail.
  12. Just had it happen in Clan Battles
  13. Bob778_

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    I see no reason to leave. I will be stuck with 3-4k population in my prime time playing in NA and still have Clan battles in SEA time as NA time is still Garbage.
  14. Bob778_

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    ROFL I just realised that my personal signature is over a year old and still relevant.