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  1. Seriously REMOVE the travesty of a Div UI & go back to the old one.
  2. Well a clan mate just got 150k in his Gallant so no need to go for high tiers.
  3. Yeah with all the Lootbox controversy you seem to have missed the point, the big problem is that people buy lootboxes to get past a grind they don't want but are given inconsistent rewards out of the lootboxes. Now apply this predatory marketing towards minors under 18yrs old who don't have a developed sense of self & are swayed by peer pressure to get this Lootbox to keep up with friends, this is where the problem comes in & where you are ignoring the very real harm that comes to some people by this practice. Incidentally there is only 1 Casino in WA and It's illegal to open up another in the state, poker machines are banned in the state apart from said single Casino, Booze is prohibited in many northern parts of Australia and Cigarettes are now socially unacceptable to smoke and are losing popularity at a very high rate, so yeah how about that. Now considering the above gambling is restricted to 18yrs+ and this game is marketed to all ages means either the games rating needs to change or the games mechanisms need to change. Also please don't forget Australia has one of the worst gambling problems in the world, something that you seem to find fun...Damm that nanny state And if you ever want a career change I recommend becoming a Child Social Worker you seem to have the integrity needed for the job. Ps.The funny thing is that under the ERSB guidelines what Lootboxes are constitutes gambling and requires an Adult rating but due to lobbying by their benifactors (eg, EA) they are refusing to declare it as gambling.
  4. Admittedly that is pretty funny.
  5. Arkansas Beta buff 0.6.13

    My clan mate was sailing it last night & from 50 secondary hits he got 25 which is an accuracy rate of 50% which is pretty impressive.
  6. How to quit a Clan group ?

    It should be a right click option in your clan tab when you cursor over you name.
  7. whats wrong with Des Moines?

    Low damage on Des Moine is also caused by close proximity to the cap where the main targets is DD's which have low HP & CA's which also have low HP. A des Moine doesn't HE spam BB's like the other CA's so damage padding doesn't occur.
  8. Honestly I don't think any of us are expecting for the start time to be lowered to 6pm Eastern as we understand how low the population will be at that time but lower it enough so that the players on the Eastern seaboard can stay up late enough to get some games in while not destroying themselves for work the next day. Or just changing one of the days to Friday a day that we can all stay up late enough to have a good session.
  9. CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    Honestly this is extremely Disappointing for our Aus/NA clan as in the leadup we recruited and trained to get ourselves to a decent standard. So the the current times are garbage for us as well as being crippling in order to even field a team but we have held on hope that it could change that the times could be expanded so that we could play & compete, this honestly is a kick in the guts and after so much time invested in this game from so many of our Clan. So thank you for telling us that we are aware of the problem that we have but you're not important enough to bother helping.
  10. Guide to world of warships

    Lol this is actually pretty funny
  11. Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    Well we can hope they actually look at it & care, the Kiwi's in my clan have said they can't do the 1am-4am shift. Something to do with work & a life si if it comes on this early they at least can get in a game or 2 before logging off, it would also make it workable for those living on the East Coast.
  12. CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    I agree since in Asia we have a diverse range of timezone's It is pretty difficult to get everyone in such a narrow range of time so why not double the time, as with ranked it will be very popular to start off with then will start to rapidly peter off therebye giving the randoms a decent player base to draw from, Rocket science Comrades.
  13. CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    Well quickly looking at the Clan pages there is around 20 Aus/NZ clans with 30 odd players plus another 20 odd Clans with around 10-20 players in so low balling lets call this 600 players who now mostly have no chance of playing in Clan Battles due to the timezone's we live in. TBH everyone i have spoken to can't believe the utter contempt WG must have for the Aus/NZ customers so many of whom were really looking forward to competing in Clan battle, instead we now have dozens of Aus/NZ clans whose entire reason for existing is to have a cool tag after your name & eventually some XP bonus's or service cost reductions... GG WG GG Well with this backhand to all our faces I would encourage any Australian, Kiwi or anyone who lives in a timezone adversely affected by being unable to participate in Clan battle due to the moronic hours decided upon, vote with your wallet & lets see if that will get us anywhere.
  14. Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    Considering that most people here are regulars how did you not realise @LordTyphoon was just trolling ??? Did you not see or read any of his previous posts at all ???
  15. Server clash SEA vs EU details

    Is a pretty typical response after getting your ass handed to you, blame the Ping.