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  1. evafan002

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    you read my mind.... so whats your Tier X of choice? mines the montana.. if only because shes the only Tier X i own...
  2. evafan002

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    it is too expensive.. only because this week was rent week... next week she is alllll mine....
  3. i dunno about that... my dog seems to like being bribed to be quiet....
  4. evafan002

    What Captain skill should I give up?

    oh believe me. it is easier to use them all than you would think
  5. evafan002

    [Update 0.6.0] Release Feedback

    war-gaming.. why when you talk about wanting to make it so that there choices rather than a single universal build would you then go and state that you have DELIBERATELY made it harder for those of us who do not WANT to specialize in a specific area to achieve the result we are after... and i qoute We wanted to make BB builds more specific General purpose builds are still viable, but we expect them to be less efficient... why in the heck should we have to specialize our build to concentrate on one aspect of our ship if we want to have an efficient build? I mean you do realize that real Warships were built to offer the maximum abilty within the paramaters of the mission they were designed for right? the skill of the commander is not suddenly going to fit a ship with a radar system now is it?
  6. evafan002

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    so your the dirty sod that keeps doing that to me huh... lol jk all is fair in warfare.. guess i have a new priority target though
  7. evafan002

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    uss missouri... i dunno why i find it some much more fun than the iowa or any other ship but damnit when i play it i always feel like im having the best game of my life... i mean i suck at playing it but i have fun doing so
  8. evafan002

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    if you must TK one is that not why warships have guns? you don't have to use torps you know.. not that i think TKing is a good idea under any circumstances
  9. evafan002

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    well i personally will not be TKing them but if they are on the enemy team they are going to be no 1 on my target priority list
  10. evafan002

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    my biggest problem with this is that its a entirely new ship class.. if they have to give the super-testers a reward ship then why not just make a variant of one the existing ships? this is the stupidest decision i have ever bloody heard of