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  1. Captain_WrongHood

    and this is why you dont trust your teammates

    Victim blaming mode: the DD is in the way
  2. Captain_WrongHood

    after 2 years of play... I finally pink ...

    They say if you've never TK'ed, you're not trying hard enough
  3. Captain_WrongHood


    Just read somewhere on Reddit saying this mechanic is here to stay, at least for the remainder of supertesting. Well, I guess there is one less reason smoking up my teammates...
  4. Captain_WrongHood

    Remove radar/hydro from all DD and BB

    Highlighted there for you. *wink*
  5. Captain_WrongHood

    Remove radar/hydro from all DD and BB

    While I disagree, I do think WG can consider having a server/ game mode which the only consumable available to players is Damage Control Consummable, but then of course somebody's gonna complain about premium DCC being too OP or whatever, so nvm
  6. Captain_WrongHood

    What is wrong with humans

    Player quality tends to drop in the last few days of an event, and the Bismarck campaign is ending soon on 8 June 8am (UTC+8)
  7. Captain_WrongHood

    Saipan needs fighters to be of a lower tier

    "Saipan is fair and balanced" - said no one ever The so-called balanced is done my smaller squadron size of 3 torp planes, but those are enough to cause trouble to tier 7 ships.
  8. Captain_WrongHood

    What is wrong with humans

    May I know which tier are you playing? The camping meta tends to be most severe in the high tiers, so if you're playing low to mid tiers, then I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. At the moment, there is no quick fix for this camping meta, the only thing you can change is your mindset. Of course, feel free to stop playing for a while and come back in a week or a month, which I have done a lot.
  9. Captain_WrongHood

    Loyang Hydro Buff Unfair?

    Rule #1: At wargaming, all premium tanks/ships are "fair and balanced" lol
  10. Captain_WrongHood

    emile bertin

    A follow up: now that I've got Emile Bertin myself, it's an absolute fire monster if you install Demo Expert with it. However, it's armour is a joke, I got devastatingly struck by one BB salvo even pointing my stern against it. So my tip is to play sneaky, keep distance and pull back whenever BBs are looking at you funny
  11. Captain_WrongHood

    tears of the desert epicenter and two brothers tier 10

    Bring back ocean map! Nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide!
  12. Captain_WrongHood

    How to (realistically) fix camping meta

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't they done it already with the improved economy patch adding potential damage and spotting damage and such in order to "encourage" aggressive gameplay? I don't see how it has made any difference. To be honest, I think camping is already "punishable" by lower winning chance, and knowing WG, any attempt to address this meta would no doubt bring out other less-than-desirable side-effects. Also, what about those Soviet CL/CAs that rely on long distance sniping to survive and excel? Do they deserve "punishment" as well?
  13. Captain_WrongHood

    Need help with Mahan.

    Mahan is pretty mediocre for its tier. It's slow, concealment is poor. At tier 7, there are far too many good (and premium) DDs like Blys, Sims and Leningrad, so you have almost no hope of winning a knife fight against those ships. To play this ship well, you might want to shift your focus on enemy BBs instead and harass them with guns and set fires. Use torps for area denial and contest caps with other fellow DDs. On the other hand, Mahan prepares you really well for the Benson. And the line only gets better from here. Good luck!
  14. Captain_WrongHood

    How do you exactly ᵍᶦᵗᵍᵘᵈᵀᴹ in this game

    To gitgud you must first gitrekt for about a hundred times over, then magically at some point, you'll gitgud like a magic
  15. Captain_WrongHood

    Mini Mi

    Last week, I detonated two ships in a row with a Mikasa, earning 2 dev strikes and 1 double strike. It's a hilarious ship to play XD