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  1. Corsair_Zero

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Nickname : Corsair_Zero Server : ASIA
  2. Corsair_Zero

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Nickname : Corsair_Zero Server : ASIA
  3. Corsair_Zero

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Nickname : Corsair_Zero Server : ASIA
  4. Corsair_Zero

    CV still too OP

    As I see, the CV is not ready yet, so pls remove CV from Clan Battle right now,, cause that ship still unbalance and way too powerfull. even with 3 woncester/minotaur. also USN DB and rocketplane is too powerful,, pls nerf it, or at least lower the fire chance Rocket plane still to easy to harras and spotting DD,, they even can easy spot DD with turned off AA, pls decrease the attack time for this aircraft or make it 1 way strike with 5 aircraft/strike IJN torpedo prep time it's too fast, the old 5 second is better,, or even 6 secound sounds great IJN DB is too OP,, pls lower the damage of that aircraft RN TB drop is to close,, make the re arms distance littlebit further can you make wider rectingle spread when the attack aircraft get tailed by fighter or under AA boost? that's it my suggestion as DD captain, and the retiring CV Commander.. CV is still way too Over Power
  5. CV wouldn't be passive if the rest of his fleet move in the right dirrection and not go wherever they want...
  6. Corsair_Zero

    IJN CV is broken

    what kind of commander skills build is that??
  7. Corsair_Zero

    Fix CV Autopilot

    The Autopilot itself is already broken, specialy we can't controll the Hull from our squadron,,
  8. Corsair_Zero

    IJN CV is broken

    After the 8.0.3, the IJN CV became more broken.. it's hard to get at least 50k to 100k damage, specialy if I get uptiered,, if I want to ask WG to add little buff to the IJN CV, will they hear it?? Remembering that IJN plane have Paper plane, at least give more strike plane to TB. instead 2 plane per attack they'll go 3 plane per attack, because I think what's the point I have a concealment, fast and high damage torp if my plane hard or even can't land a single torp to the enemy.. Also if it's doesn't work, pls buff at least the fire chance on Attack Aircraft, or change the AP bomb to HE bomb.. and the last, If you think the IJN CV is too OP, nerf that OP thing, Just That Thing.. don't change everything on the line.. that will make lower tier CV suffer for no reason..
  9. Corsair_Zero

    CV is still OP to lone ships after, pls nerf

    I can feel this guy Wrath on that Caption...
  10. Corsair_Zero

    CV rework day 1 observations

    why we don't make it like this Everytime when the CV plane start attack, they can't move to left or right even use afterburner and airbrake. so they just can strike 1 line forward no tighten rectingle, just go blind drop using your snese like Manual drop on old RTS system use 1 aircraft per attack and decrease the squadron to 4-6 per attack like in old system,, 4 for all IJN aircraft and 6 to all USN aircraft make limited plane, use hanggar so the CV player can't brutally strike enemy, specially DD only can spotting for the ship near the plane aircraft can't return to the carrier untill all payload has been dropped fighter consumable taken from fighter in hanggar, so if you use it and the fighter is destroyed, you lose your fighter plane you can use I think with this everyone will happy, and I hope we're gonna leave the CV and let it decease..
  11. Corsair_Zero

    CV rework day 1 observations

    I change my mind when patch 8.0 come alive, I want to scrap my CV, but I still love them.. so maybe I'll keep time little bit longer.. the new AA system is so damn suck... it maybe ok with old gameplay but not with this new gameplay, I even can't get closer to ship like Des Monies, Worcester, or minotaur without using my repair consumable. you want me to destroy their AA first? how could I destroy their AA when my squadron even can't get closer.... and also AP bom on IJN is useless,, soo useless, maybe it's good if you play it on low tier but not in high tier.. BB have thicker deck armor who will reduce AP bom dmg, and they want us to drop in on CA? who tear my plane from afar? are you kidding me??
  12. Corsair_Zero

    CV rework Exchange

    excuse me, I want to ask about this line on the WG news public test about CV "At the same time, the exchange of the researched aircraft carriers will only be allowed in reverse order (from the upper tiers to the lower tiers). For example, if you decide to sell the Ranger, you will not be able to keep the higher tier aircraft carrier (tier X Midway)." I am a carrier player in IJN line, but in my line now I only keep the higher CV tier in order to save my vacan slot (I sell hosho, zuiho, hiryuu, and only keep Ryujo and Shokaku).. my question is, if this system is implemented, am I must re-open the line from begining again??? I need explanation..
  13. It's quite interested me after I watching a teaser video about CV rework. how they make a new UI and controller for the aircraft. sadly they remove the dogfight mode for the fighter and making it the firework carrier (carrying a missile) who make a nonses remembering all IJN aircraft wasn't using any missile in WW 2. I came here with a little suggestion that came in my mind after watching that video who may fit with the change the new CV playstyle + The first thing is about Carrier and Aircraft new Mechanism 1. makes all plane have an ammunition payload, so when the aircraft is out of ammo (releasing torp/bomb/ammunition) they will entering the "count down timing" for the aircraft returning to the carrier manually, that means we still have a control of the aircraft after launching strike, so we can dodge the incoming AA from enemy ships, also if the countdown is end the aircraft wil automaticly returning to the CV with the shortest path, means there is a chance that the aircraft will flight above an enemy ship and take heavily damage from AA. 2. we only can control 1 squadron and 1 aircraft type per flight. and can use the next squadron if the previous squadron has already landing or entering the "auto returning mode". 3. after landing, the aircraft will automaticly re-arming (reload the ammo and replace the shooted down aircraft) that means the landing aircraft will have a re-arming countdown so we can't spamming 1 type of aircraft. 4. The number of aircraft is limited depending on the hangar capacity 5. we can control the CV using manual control or using way pont mode + Second is Altitude mode for the aircraft 1. High Altitude mode make the aircraft fly in high altitude. the aircraft will gain a wide range of view and less detection range from the enemy ship, take less damage from AA but with the cost lowered speed and slow manuever, also in this altitude the aircraft only can detect BB and CV. 2. Mid Altitude mode in this state the aircraft will fly in middle altitude. making it fly with normal speed and normal manuever speed, take normal AA damage and can detect all type of ship. also the range of view and range of detection is normal for this state. 3. Low Altitude mode in this altitude, the aircraft will gain increase flight speed but the cost is the aircraft will take more damage from AA also decrease the range of view and increasing range of detection from enemy ship. but in this state tha aircraft can detect the ship who hide in smoke screen. + Third is about the aircraft itself ~ the aircraft is still have the same role, Fighter, Torpedo bomber, and Dive bomber. remove the rocket flare from the fighter, that's make a nonsense. don't change the fighter role. 1. Fighter Aircraft - for the fighter, they can enter the 3 types of altitude (low, mid, high) good for scouting the map (also wasn't change his main role for scouting). - for the UI, make it like a FPS game, beside controling 1 aircraft we will controling 1 squadron at once, atacking the same direction (in the middle of the creen/crosshair) - the fire counted only if the projectile hit the enemy aircraft - have a some of shooting range before can attack enemy aircraft properly - fighter have a higher speed rather than TB and DB, making it always moving and manuevering if we want to attack enemy strike aircraft. this also makes the player can't sit down in the back and take a free shoot of enemy TB and DB 2. Torpedo Bomber - fly only in mid and low altitude. - have a slower speed rather than fighter and DB - have a rear gunner with the same firing range with the fighter. rear gunner controlled by AI and the damage and accuracy is determined by RNG - the TB only can entering the strike mode in low altitude - how TB strike is more likely what we seen on the video, but removing the torp blind spot from the indicator so if we drop the torp too close they will not cause any damage and if we drop the torp too far away the enemy ship will dodge it. 3. Dive Bomber - fly only in mid and high altitude - have a medium speed and doesn't have any rear gunner - can only entering the strike mode in high altitude - the spread bomb indicator determined by the altitude, more lower the altitude is more smaller the spread indicator - the way DB dropping bomb is determined by the player, if the DB is entering the lower altitude maximum height without dropping any bomb, the attack will automatically canceled and the DB will flight back to medium altitude. this also means a kamikaze attack since the aircraft will take more AA damage in low altitude . that's all from me, sorry if there is any misspelled word, coz english is not my native language. thx for reading this long post, and have a nice day ^^