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  1. Corsair_Zero

    Public Test 0.9.4 Feedback Thread

    so after more few battles I'm back with some conclusion about Submarine : 1) Submarine Capability ~ remove spotting ability of SS if she submerge below 8km, or decrease the spotting radius up to 2 or 3 km, or make it only the SS who can see the ship above, or just show the ship above SS on minimap only like what happen if cyclone occur. (if not, it could be more worse for DD rather than having an Aircraft flying above their head) ~ make the damage from flooding twice bigger the deepest SS submerge ~ give the SS chance to flooding from overpen shoot (I think it would be more racional remembering the overpen shoot mean the sheel is pierce trough the hull) ~ some SS may carry a gun, is it gonna work like secondary and AA? ~ give more notification when the SS is under atack or more animation. TBH for some player who lack of caution can get himself dead without knowing what happen. the sound of exploding deep charge is too small. the exploding animation to is almost can't be seen when diving unles you look upward ~ the aiming system underwater is too complicated TBH. for my concern why just mix the ping and torp system at once? or make it more simple like launching torpedo using right mouse click and pinging using spacebar while the aim itself use the same periscope. ~ make tracking camera for tracking target for easy aiming. it's so hard to aim underwater without that camera function ~ easy aim for torpedo please. it's easy for aiming torpedo on the surface but so hard when aiming underwater coz you need to aim with your ship instead using your mouse periscope. my suggestion is to add fixed aiming area on front and rear SS when diving where the torp aiming can be adjust inside that area for easy aim using mouse ~ ping range (wider and smaller) it's kinda useless because almost no different. why don't mix it with torp like what I said above, and make it a special characteristic for certain of Submarine. like some of them have wider ping area but the wave speed is slow, and other have more narower ping area with fast wave speed ~ the pinging trail wasn't appear while submerge but I think it just some of bug problem occur please fix ~ give an audio option to remove underwater sound effect 2) Diving Submarine an Option for submarine so they can't stay underwater forever or it'll always be SS vs SS in the end with length of every game can up to 25 minutes. also this gonna give the chance for surface ship who doesn't have ASW to kill SS in end game. ~ give an Oxygen lvl to the sub so they need to resurface, if not the sub gonna take dmg per minutes ~ or don't add Oxy lvl but make a penalty instead if the SS energy is 0 like decrease the speed of SS underwater 3) Ship vs Submarine - the ship who get pinged by SS should have a notification but no need to reveal the SS location if it out of range of SS detectability range - detection for surface ship is really important, remembering that SS can point blank torp almost every ship in the game DD & CL vs Submarine ~ If it possible to give some "Underwater Mine" for this class of ship who can stay for some period of time to prevent the submarine spotting the entire fleet forever also to protect the BB since BB are the most vulnurable class to SS and to block free movement of submarine. ~ the way this class vs SS little bit hard to understand specialy for braindead player BB vs Submarine ~ it's kinda hard for this class fight against SS. at least give them another catapult aircraft who can detect submarine Carrier vs Submarine ~ give CV the ability to detect submarine, give them another aircraft consumable focused only for detecting SS. or make the squadron have a skill to detect the SS who works like sonar who can pinged every 5 or 10 sec ~ give CV another option to carry deep charge on DB SS vs SS ~ TBH it's little bit hard to strike another submarine with torp ~ give SS ability to ram enemy SS or surface ship. the damage is calculated by SS speed while the highest speed inflict more damage and the slower speed inflict small damage.
  2. Corsair_Zero

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Nickname : Corsair_Zero Server : ASIA
  3. Corsair_Zero

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Nickname : Corsair_Zero Server : ASIA
  4. Corsair_Zero

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Nickname : Corsair_Zero Server : ASIA
  5. Corsair_Zero

    CV still too OP

    As I see, the CV is not ready yet, so pls remove CV from Clan Battle right now,, cause that ship still unbalance and way too powerfull. even with 3 woncester/minotaur. also USN DB and rocketplane is too powerful,, pls nerf it, or at least lower the fire chance Rocket plane still to easy to harras and spotting DD,, they even can easy spot DD with turned off AA, pls decrease the attack time for this aircraft or make it 1 way strike with 5 aircraft/strike IJN torpedo prep time it's too fast, the old 5 second is better,, or even 6 secound sounds great IJN DB is too OP,, pls lower the damage of that aircraft RN TB drop is to close,, make the re arms distance littlebit further can you make wider rectingle spread when the attack aircraft get tailed by fighter or under AA boost? that's it my suggestion as DD captain, and the retiring CV Commander.. CV is still way too Over Power
  6. CV wouldn't be passive if the rest of his fleet move in the right dirrection and not go wherever they want...
  7. Corsair_Zero

    IJN CV is broken

    what kind of commander skills build is that??
  8. Corsair_Zero

    Fix CV Autopilot

    The Autopilot itself is already broken, specialy we can't controll the Hull from our squadron,,
  9. Corsair_Zero

    IJN CV is broken

    After the 8.0.3, the IJN CV became more broken.. it's hard to get at least 50k to 100k damage, specialy if I get uptiered,, if I want to ask WG to add little buff to the IJN CV, will they hear it?? Remembering that IJN plane have Paper plane, at least give more strike plane to TB. instead 2 plane per attack they'll go 3 plane per attack, because I think what's the point I have a concealment, fast and high damage torp if my plane hard or even can't land a single torp to the enemy.. Also if it's doesn't work, pls buff at least the fire chance on Attack Aircraft, or change the AP bomb to HE bomb.. and the last, If you think the IJN CV is too OP, nerf that OP thing, Just That Thing.. don't change everything on the line.. that will make lower tier CV suffer for no reason..
  10. Corsair_Zero

    CV is still OP to lone ships after, pls nerf

    I can feel this guy Wrath on that Caption...
  11. Corsair_Zero

    CV rework day 1 observations

    why we don't make it like this Everytime when the CV plane start attack, they can't move to left or right even use afterburner and airbrake. so they just can strike 1 line forward no tighten rectingle, just go blind drop using your snese like Manual drop on old RTS system use 1 aircraft per attack and decrease the squadron to 4-6 per attack like in old system,, 4 for all IJN aircraft and 6 to all USN aircraft make limited plane, use hanggar so the CV player can't brutally strike enemy, specially DD only can spotting for the ship near the plane aircraft can't return to the carrier untill all payload has been dropped fighter consumable taken from fighter in hanggar, so if you use it and the fighter is destroyed, you lose your fighter plane you can use I think with this everyone will happy, and I hope we're gonna leave the CV and let it decease..
  12. Corsair_Zero

    CV rework day 1 observations

    I change my mind when patch 8.0 come alive, I want to scrap my CV, but I still love them.. so maybe I'll keep time little bit longer.. the new AA system is so damn suck... it maybe ok with old gameplay but not with this new gameplay, I even can't get closer to ship like Des Monies, Worcester, or minotaur without using my repair consumable. you want me to destroy their AA first? how could I destroy their AA when my squadron even can't get closer.... and also AP bom on IJN is useless,, soo useless, maybe it's good if you play it on low tier but not in high tier.. BB have thicker deck armor who will reduce AP bom dmg, and they want us to drop in on CA? who tear my plane from afar? are you kidding me??
  13. Corsair_Zero

    Carrier/squadron fighter consumable

    Forget about that, WG will never implemented that, they think that the player is so dumb so they can't manage even the esiest micro managging
  14. Corsair_Zero

    PT 0.8.0 opinions

    My opinion, flak is Nightmare, even 1 single flak from DD if you miss to dodge you'll miss half your Squadron HP.., N.Carol, cleveland etc. have more insane AA dmg,, just go around their outer AA buble and your squadron tear apart, specialy for IJN squadron. Ryujo have a DB drop issue that take a loong time to impact. and also the DB drop circle is not consitent, it move forward when your climbing, and move backward when your diving. and still no explanation how to tight the DB drop circle. sometimes it's tight so fast even when your hard turn and sometimes it's not thighten even when your not controlling your squadron. the moving squadron following mouse cursor little bit annoying when you fly and try to look around. if you hard turn when activate the attack run, sometimes you'll trigger bug which your squadron circeling around before start the attack run.
  15. Corsair_Zero

    CV rework Exchange

    excuse me, I want to ask about this line on the WG news public test about CV "At the same time, the exchange of the researched aircraft carriers will only be allowed in reverse order (from the upper tiers to the lower tiers). For example, if you decide to sell the Ranger, you will not be able to keep the higher tier aircraft carrier (tier X Midway)." I am a carrier player in IJN line, but in my line now I only keep the higher CV tier in order to save my vacan slot (I sell hosho, zuiho, hiryuu, and only keep Ryujo and Shokaku).. my question is, if this system is implemented, am I must re-open the line from begining again??? I need explanation..