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  1. If developer really think us dive bomber is maindeal? Why they make us dive bomber radius bigger than ijn? I think at least thier radius same as ijn dive bomber And 6 7 8 tier us new upgrade module 2 1 1 need and 9 10 tier stock 312 and Upgrade module 411 and 114 seriosly need
  2. peelapple

    Us cv upgrade

    I think us cv 7 8 tree need 2 1 1 aircraft module And dive bomber radius circle same as japan asap Y <content removed> america us main deal divebomber radius circle bigger than japan??? <content removed> really hate america and midway armor and aa is not same historical Plz Insults to Wargaming, Profanity, Duplicate Post. Thread Locked. User Sanctioned. ~ADM_dude_SG