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  1. yittai

    MAC cursor appearing

    Yeah. It's quite unusual. In general I find the game seems to be shockingly unstable on MAC. It seems to hang/crash roughly once an hour. I'm going to try a fresh install and hopefully will see some improvement.
  2. yittai

    MAC cursor appearing

    Yes! I figured out this morning that every time I launch the game I have to manually change the in-game settings to fullscreen. Thanks for your tip, now if only I could find another excuse to explain my poor win-rate...
  3. yittai

    MAC cursor appearing

    I'm having the same problem. On MacOS the Dock and Menu Bar automatically appear when the mouse touches the edge of the screen, interrupting in-game control. I've searched quite a bit online but haven't been able to find an easy way to disable the auto hide function for either menu bar or dock...