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  1. Thanks for the tips everyone. I did look at the ichasegaming Captain's Academy youtube video on playing BBs and learned a lot from that.
  2. Thanks for your comments, all taken as constructive. I guess the British BB supertesters will tier back up eventually, and that Teamspeak and other cooperative play methods are inevitable. Maybe it is selective memory and a run of bad luck or poor play on my part :) So I will keep practicing to get more fiendishly cunning in my BB! Eventually I will get wise to invisible DDs and unavoidable torps that appear from nowhere at right angles to each other. It's only a game, thank goodness, or my crew might mutiny
  3. Please let me know if I'm wrong but the quality of recent opposition play both individually and as a team in my mid-tier battles makes me think of the following possible explanations: 1. I suck at WOWS and just happen to regularly get teammates who also suck. 2. High tier players are playing mid tier ships in un-announced teams, and they all get on the same team by doing a countdown to hit Battle together. 3. Mid tiers are infested by high tier players at the moment who are working their way through the new British BBs. I don't know the answer, but it really is a bit dispiriting to be faced with highly coordinated opposition with devastating positional, firing and avoidance skills. Anyone enlighten me?