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  1. Karaaa

    I feel CV is more useless in 0.5.5

    I got destroyed by Saipan's fighters playing as Ryujo so that was an unfair match.. Otherwise in a NORMAL match as Ryujo, everything seemed fine tbh. Its not useless i would say, just the way you play it. *hate for Saipan intensifies*
  2. Yes true! The ARP Haruna (and possibly the ARP Takao) aint out yet, so a collab with Haifuri wont be around that soon. Also sir there is a flaw with your GIF why does Mami have a head
  3. Karaaa

    USN Saipan Fighters

    Well these BB and CA/CL have AA to assist them yknow. You probably lost those fighters from the ship's AA as well not just their launched aircraft. Some tips coming from me, is to watch what kind of ships your planes fly past, and dont just send them to an auto location. Maneuvering is a thing, make sure your planes are also all over the place so its harder to strafe/shoot down. Please dont fly past cruisers that have demon AA like the Atlanta.. I own an Atlanta and i can shoot down 2 full squadrons of planes while sitting beside a BB almost effortlessly and CV players hate me for that
  4. WG PLEASE™ Also i didn't know about this anime's existence.. Thanks for making my day less lonely, i have something to watch now
  5. Karaaa

    How hard can it be?

    most game with MM is like that.. Cant really be helped, it has became a tradition/culture for MM to be as bad as possible LOL
  6. Karaaa

    Backseat gamers/players

    In most situations i would listen to my teammates if they're polite but unfortunately in this case, the guy was really rude and all. But its fine! Just gonna let it slide~ Thanks for the reply y'all!
  7. Karaaa

    Backseat gamers/players

    I SMELL SARCASM. but seriously though, im a very oblivious person so pardon me!
  8. Karaaa

    Backseat gamers/players

    erm.. idk, isint side seat gaming more of like, you're playing halfway and you get someone to play for you while you go pay your taxes/bills?
  9. Karaaa

    Backseat gamers/players

    Oops, my bad, i didnt know theres already a mute button. LOL.
  10. Karaaa

    WoWs conspiracy thread

    We're all in the same boat, and RNGesus aint blessing us no more.
  11. Ahoy fellow Admirals! So earlier i just finished a game (and a really stressful one,too) where i sort of pulled my team back from a losing game. I was 1v1 against a Fuso as a Fuso. So there's this player on my team, who unfortunately, sunk early in the game (poor Haguro) and kept backseating. Making comments such as 'Fuso, do this' or 'Fuso,dont do this' amongst other really unnecessary comments. It made me feel extra pressured, like REALLY pressured. I found it hard to focus and missed lots of chances to citadel their Fuso, but thank god i pulled through and managed to citadel their Fuso into another dimension. I did politely tell him to stop doing that, at let me do me in peace. However the negative and toxic comments kept coming, like 'we will lose' or 'last chance..'. I was wondering if anyone has any other methods of dealing with such players? I do want some great advice apart from 'simply ignore' cuz quite honestly not many people can 'simply ignore' like that. Also do you guys think WoWs should implement a 'mute' button for each player so they wouldnt type stuff you wouldnt wanna see in game? I feel like its great, but i highly doubt it will happen still. But let me know what you guys think! EDIT: I did not know there was already a mute button in the game, so thanks for clarifying! Im blind half the time .. :p
  12. Karaaa

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    And Lewd-Chan gets sad
  13. Karaaa

    For Singapore players!

    IGN's Karaaa! Im not really good of a player so i doubt (and really HIGHLY DOUBT) anyone wants me in a team tbh LOL. But add me up and we can play whenever im free
  14. Karaaa

    I need friends

    Feel free to add me! I play anything up to tier 7 but lately im focusing on playing the famous (or infamous?) Atlanta. Im not as good as a player but yknow .. In case it isint obvious enough, name's Karaaa !
  15. Is there an unknown rivalry going on, or am i just slow? Anyways IshiiYuuji, you learnt your lesson. If someone keeps knocking into you/damaging your ship, report them, and smile while you receive that sweet compensation.