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  1. Arkrosoft

    Friedrich Der Grose abnormal detect ability by Air

    so, are this condition doesn't give an effect to in-game performance? i arfraid when looks that and thinking it can make me easier to detected, sorry if my english is bad, i hope you can undestand it
  2. excuse me, i got an abnormal stat with Friedrich Der Grose when after shooting, her detect ablity bocome larger than her firing range, the detect ability by air become to 22+ KM an the her main battery firing range is only 20,3 KM
  3. Arkrosoft

    Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    hmm, anyone know how to fix, the error script when open the game launcher and checking the game integrity?
  4. hmm, anyone can help me to reselve the script error whe opening the game launcher, this error is apears too when i try to check the game integrity and made the progress stuck.
  5. Arkrosoft

    Stuck UI After Disconnected

    anyone can halp me to fix my problem?every i've been disconnected with my tier 6 ships i always got this problem, of course i got this problem after update 0.5.16 this is the screenshot of my problem and if i got disconnected again at those condition, the login section will be blank and game can't be closed normaly and must use force closed, i've been try to check the game integrity and there's nothing happen, i'm not using any mods the last case come about 4:48 PM sorry if i have a bad grammar, but i need help to fix it
  6. Arkrosoft

    Newbie CV help

    excuse me i wanna ask why do I sometimes see IJN CV with 5 aircraft per squadron, when IJN CV has only 4 aircraft per squadron. are there any tips to increase ammount of aircraft per squadron?