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  1. kohklb

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    me too 102076 dmg with arp haguro
  2. kohklb

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    I know it can be a mistake, but it feels bad. Losing the feeling that it took a long time to fix Until when I posted this message Code of bonus code Still not working
  3. kohklb

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    I think that audio matters still have to Many more improvements Regarding the direction of the sound that came clearly, but when my boat was shot, the sound was like a little boat, I was struck with small pieces of stone, but in my sense, I think that if my boat was hit with HE shells, it would have to have an sound explosion too. Will be good, right? And if shot with an AP, the sound must be different as well. Also, when I shoot at the opposing team, it will have different voices of HE and AP as well. It would be great before this, so I don't want to complain a lot. The team works hard but it looks very slow.
  4. kohklb

    Share Your Favorite Gaming Snacks with Us!

    I think it's a bad joke. Which asks what snacks you eat while playing games Put your hand in a mouthful of a snack while playing a game? Focus on good games Dispersion of each shot Sometimes it seems as though I am eating a snack. Very much, just Drinking hot coffee during the game, waiting for the reload game or when the boat is already sinking
  5. kohklb

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    I think there are many disorders. 1, If I choose to display the news page in Thai language I will not see the news section shown to go to receive the award for this latest test. 2, when I choose to display the language in English on the news website I was able to see the news that was given to receive the prize for testing, but 3, When accessing the news of receiving the latest test awards Finally, the website shows Commander, there are no available bonuses at the moment! Hahahaha I am very confused and amused, and I don't know if I have won any awards because of the in-game activities so much that sometimes I don't know where I got the prize, for today or in the past. To summarize, there is no record of what can be said like a logbook for awards received. Should have to improve here too
  6. kohklb


    Even though teammates were moving their boats at top speed, they did not see the waves. hahahaha
  7. kohklb


    I still find the bug when I play. This time, no waves are seen when the boat is moving. While the Mod was shown correctly.
  8. kohklb


    to day it happen again but this time i off line from my isp and i come back on line and log on in game i same problem i cann't see anything for control my ship or my air group but i can used control from my keyboard but not enough to play and i lost my krama score again
  9. kohklb


    it happen again. this time i attach python log.
  10. kohklb

    What a [Removed] bug like this

    same me too after this bug game i lost karma score too much T__T
  11. kohklb


    i cann't control any thing in game
  12. kohklb

    Can't connect to server

    me too but i see new fronts see not sharp