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  1. kohklb

    PSA: Stuck on the loading screen issue

    This is another problem that can arise, but how can this news be delivered directly to the players?
  2. kohklb

    Get Jabbed, Singapore!

    Optimism is encouraging vaccination. but true There are still a lot of people who haven't been vaccinated because there is no vaccine for them to get. Please reconsider this because the feelings of those who are still waiting to get vaccinated are not fun at all. Not because of the rewards, but living in the pressure of a city with a large number of people infected with the virus was torture. rather than writing a description.
  3. kohklb

    Submarine Testing

    Dissatisfied with the way to test the submarine. Like you guys like to refer to the statistics, but the statistics do not spread wide to play easily. It's like you guys already have some answers in mind. Trust me, it's not good for anyone and it's going to take a lot and a long time until it destroys the feeling of wanting to play and destroys the work you've been trying to create. long until there is no good
  4. kohklb

    0.10.0 bug report

    That's right. What is a mistake, what is the definition of an error in this game? What is the explanation that is not clear and sufficient to the player every time there is a change in the game? The most mistaken thing is The transfer from the old to the new is not clear and sufficient. There are only a few lines to read on the web page, which players in every corner of the world will read and will understand the same or not. Perhaps the small things that are overlooked will cause endless problems, not fun.
  5. kohklb

    0.10.0 bug report

    I only have two hundred boats. So I used to reset all of the ship's captains first, but there was no message or anything to warn me. In the end, did I make the mistake of using the game's sensitive program that couldn't be reversed?
  6. kohklb

    0.10.0 bug report

    I'm not sure if it's a bug or some other mistake. After the update, I immediately pressed all skills to select a new skill. But these captains should have adjusted their skills up to 21 points, but the system in the game left me only 19 points for skill points. Where did the other two points go?
  7. kohklb

    Public Test 0.10.0 Feedback Thread

    The overall picture in my opinion is This new skill adjustment is like Intentionally destroying many of the old ships' distinctive features in the game in order to create new spaces for new ships to be added to the game rather than anything else.
  8. kohklb

    Public Test 0.9.10 Feedback Thread

    Can I change the keypad from Ctrl + 1 and Ctrl+2 to other buttons with only one push? Real time it hit the buttons and was confused This makes it difficult to miss aiming and hard to use the functions that you can find.
  9. kohklb

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    me too 102076 dmg with arp haguro
  10. kohklb

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    I know it can be a mistake, but it feels bad. Losing the feeling that it took a long time to fix Until when I posted this message Code of bonus code Still not working
  11. kohklb

    Public Test 0.9.8 Feedback Thread

    The light has a red tint, as if in a dark room working on the photographic shift.
  12. kohklb

    Public Test 0.9.7 Feedback Thread

    Emblems Looking around at other types of emble. You should be able to clearly see the difference that it is ugly and does not fit in with any other emble. You should take the old emble as a way to add new emble. Better than the new design that looks ugly and doesn't match with any other clothes at all.
  13. kohklb

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    I think that audio matters still have to Many more improvements Regarding the direction of the sound that came clearly, but when my boat was shot, the sound was like a little boat, I was struck with small pieces of stone, but in my sense, I think that if my boat was hit with HE shells, it would have to have an sound explosion too. Will be good, right? And if shot with an AP, the sound must be different as well. Also, when I shoot at the opposing team, it will have different voices of HE and AP as well. It would be great before this, so I don't want to complain a lot. The team works hard but it looks very slow.
  14. kohklb

    Share Your Favorite Gaming Snacks with Us!

    I think it's a bad joke. Which asks what snacks you eat while playing games Put your hand in a mouthful of a snack while playing a game? Focus on good games Dispersion of each shot Sometimes it seems as though I am eating a snack. Very much, just Drinking hot coffee during the game, waiting for the reload game or when the boat is already sinking