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  1. kohklb


    Even though teammates were moving their boats at top speed, they did not see the waves. hahahaha
  2. kohklb


    I still find the bug when I play. This time, no waves are seen when the boat is moving. While the Mod was shown correctly.
  3. kohklb


    to day it happen again but this time i off line from my isp and i come back on line and log on in game i same problem i cann't see anything for control my ship or my air group but i can used control from my keyboard but not enough to play and i lost my krama score again
  4. kohklb


    it happen again. this time i attach python log.
  5. kohklb

    What a [Removed] bug like this

    same me too after this bug game i lost karma score too much T__T
  6. kohklb


    i cann't control any thing in game
  7. kohklb

    Can't connect to server

    me too but i see new fronts see not sharp