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  1. Shirokuma725

    Server Connectivity

    Curious as to what ping people are getting. I'm on NBN FTTP and get around 104.
  2. Shirokuma725

    Server down? 3/5/17

    Well, at the very least nice to know it's not just me.
  3. Shirokuma725

    Server down? 3/5/17

    I can't log in either. Server maintenance?
  4. This summary pretty much accords exactly with my experience with the santa crates. I bought about 40 $3 crates all up in batches of 3 - 5. I already owned quite a few of the lower tier premiums (plus Warspite) and received the following, in this order: Emden, Marblehead, Indianapolis, Arizona, Atlanta, Blyskawica, Tirpitz, Anshan. Interspersed by about 14,000 doubloons all up and various camos and flags. I thought it was worth it.