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  1. Hakkapeliitta

    World War 3 INCOOMING!!!!

    I'v heard that KC refuse WG offer to collab long time ago.
  2. I extract both central_feedback.swf and hud_lib.swf. Then i change icon for ship detected by ship, plane and radar. However, only icon for detected by ship and plane work, the icon for radar and sonar is default icon. What I'm missing to make icon for ship detected by radar and sonar work? I'm using JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.
  3. Hakkapeliitta

    ARP is ending.... Haifuri is next

    She has already been in game resources, Blue steel flag are in flags.dds too, i think takao and blue steel flag will be final ARP mission reward.
  4. Hakkapeliitta

    0.5.6 Patchnotes (NA=May25)

    Wait! This mean there is no aircraft bait tactical anymore? If I take place in a match with an ally CV, I sometime ask him to use his fighter squadron to bait enemy fighter squadrons, or use mine if his ft squadrons are stronger. Now It only happen in imagination What exactly does Compensation system work? This mean for now, i just need to run close to my allies ship while he is firing to take some shells from him and get some extra credits? Because Compensation will cover the full cost of ship repairs
  5. It is only a small bug. Comander Kirishima (Which got from ARP Kirishima challenge ) is replaced by Iona. However, in recent patch, this bug is still here though It has been reported for month! I hopre it will be fixed soon along with ARP Myoko glow effect bug! P/s : ARP Kirishima new voice is very cool, can't wait to hear ARP Myoko 's voice update
  6. Hakkapeliitta

    Arp ships glow effect issue in 0.5.5

    Is it what you said? http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/14306-mod-touhouanime-themed-skinship-by-renation/page__pid__195089#entry195089 In additon, I have just download foggy port mod to test glow effect, and only Myoko has glow effect issue, all other arp ship glow effect work normaly
  7. I didn't noitice this issue until my friend ask me about it. Here is a video uploaded before 0.5.5 , you can see glow effect on arp myoko cleary. And this i my screen shot in 0.5.5 http://i.imgur.com/6764blt.jpg?1 There is no glow effect anymore. Do I miss some setting (I choose high profile) or it is a real issue? P/s : sorry for bad English
  8. I 've claimed my 0.5.5 public test reward on wows asia home page, It tell me log in to game to use it, however, there is nothing added to my account when i log in. This is the first time i take part in a public test event, so I don't know it is a bug or I need sometime to recive my reward after i claim them.
  9. Hakkapeliitta

    How to make edited gameloading.swf work?

    I use an old gameloading.swf of pravdateam, it work! I also mod service_lib.swf , so I can't use a fresh one. Maybe i can not have 4 custom loading screen at a time Thank you, bro
  10. Hakkapeliitta

    How to make edited gameloading.swf work?

    I unpack the gameloading.swf and replace 4 loading pictures. However, while i launch the game, it only show me a gray background . The gameloading.swf no longer work even though i change the picture back to default. What are next steps to make custom gameloading.swf work?
  11. Hakkapeliitta


    Ya, WG! In the future, please don't make stupid quests like "kill xxx <type ship>" or something similar that didn't improve teamwork! I stuck at 16/30 DD, what have I done? Done a lot of damage to DD and BANG!!!! Someone at somewhere take my last shot! Shhhhh
  12. Hakkapeliitta

    Arpeggio ships

    Bring CV and 150 aircrafts will be shot down quickly, when use hosho, i always shot down 10-16 aircrafts per match. For this event, 1 tier 5 CV and 1 tier 6 CA is enough.