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  1. I agree with you 100% the game has been ruined to the point i sold t8 t9 t10 dds because just useless trying to play them, its impossible to play against 2 cvs as you said they pick a target and thats it your gone, this game used to be fun to play now its just frustrating to the point where i have stopped spending money, really sad but i dont think anything will be done, have been looking around at some other games might be the way to go have played this since it came out very disappointing i feel your pain.

    1. coldsteelfury


      Yes. WG is showing itself to be tone deaf to its player base. And it's not the first time either: they had similar issue with World Of Tanks by releasing OP tanks. I have no problem with innovation and with WG making a profit, but when it comes at the expense of the majority of the player base then WG has truly lost its way. I guess they don't care. If WOW blows up, they'll just make another game. Sad.

    2. rufusflywheel


      Yes they are as deaf as a post,  long term players  i think will see that in the long run spending money is to no advantage, except to the idiots that stuffed the game up i also have no problem with innovation but when cvs do not run out of planes and just keep pounding you to you sink whats the use like you said sad.