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  1. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Haha Am I? How do you know I'm not a hipster with a penchant for retro music? There are some 25 year old people who listen to vinyl!
  2. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    I was thinking..... Kronshtadt..... (Linda) Ronstadt.... sounds very similar. So here's my tribute to all you Kronshtadt lovers and fan boi's out there. Now that I've gotten over my emotional trauma, I think this song pretty much sums up my feelings thus far about the ship and the people who enjoying playing it. Linda Kronshtadt - You're No Good Enjoy.
  3. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Just saw your video.... very nice tactic. I'll definitely add that blind firing maneuver to my repertoire! Thanks for sharing. I bet that Neptune really loved you! 4 cits! Very troll! (But in a good way! And by that I mean that I benefit and the other person suffers. It's only when I suffer that I get upset! lol Seriously though, the tactic cuts both ways... people just need to know that it's there and available themselves of it)
  4. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Interesting. How did you find taking your Bismarck into close quarters combat with Yamato? Bismarck is a close quarters King, but unfortunately T10 BBs all tend to have crazy secondaries which neutralise the otherwise great strengths of a T8 ship like Bismarck. (Or so I would think!) I'm guessing you snuck up on her and hit her citadels several times with your quickly reloading guns? Meanwhile Yamato's main guns were pointing the wrong way?
  5. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Really? What were you driving? Was it a T9 / T10 BB? (Those ships do have nasty guns) - wait... did you say insta delete Yamato? I'm going to be honest here, I've never seen that! But then again I generally don't play ships higher than T8 because they're too damn expensive to service and I don't want to pay with real money to play (and I'm not good enough to earn enough silver to cover my costs at T9 either). I found my Amagi a bit under powered against Yamato's armour. Or maybe my aim sucks.
  6. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    OK. I'll change the colour to purple. It's the colour of Roman Emperors. And grapes. Thanks for your response and explaining. Maybe I got a little bit sensitive too. Your point about nerdiness is well taken. I actually did what you suggested during the match maker loading screen. I saw Kronshtadt had a sickening artillery advantage over my Myoko and I was confused. I didn't really put two-and-two together and think about what her massive artillery advantage could possibly mean about her armor scheme. Lesson learned! You make a great point about power creep. It's brutal once you hit T8. I used to love my Amagi but the problem is that I got sick of being up tiered and fighting T9 - T10 BBs. Why? Technically on paper T8 Amagi has got great firepower with it's 10 x 410mm guns and should be able to tangle with T9 - T10s. However I ran into the following problems: Firstly T9 - T10 BB players are smart. Really smart. They don't present broadside often which neutralises the fire power of the Amagi. T9 - T10 BB often match Amagi for her speed. This is a huge problem because speed is Amagi's survival characteristic. Amagi is squishy and if she can't run away, she's in trouble. T9 - T10 BBs have equal or greater firepower to Amagi. T9 - T10 BBs have better range than Amagi with their main guns. T9 - T10 BBs have better armor than Amagi. Add that all together and playing T8 Amagi when up tiered really sucks. You've got all the disadvantages of an IJN battlecruiser and no advantage other than perhaps better concealment. Your fire power doesn't command the same respect it does at T8 or below, so you really feel like the big kid in primary school who has stepped into the yard full of secondary school kids and is suddenly a very small fish. You feel very vulnerable and squishy. When you fire your guns you're paranoid about your situational awarenesss because it doesn't take much to rip through your fragile hull, even when you're nicely angled. And when Amagi's shells do land, you're looking at lots of bounces because those T9 - T10 BBs are more heavily armored than Amagi, Amagi's 410mm penetration values are worse than theirs and those players are smart and know how to angle. I find myself sometimes firing HE in my Amagi just to be combat effective. Rather sad! I feel your pain about Yamato guns at T9. I hated facing T10 Yamato in my Amagi. Once I encountered a Yamato which had hit an island and I calmly parked myself nearby and hit her citadels 4 - 5 times until she blew up. Just calmly reloading and hitting those sweet spots until she blew up. Meanwhile Yamato was too busy trying to extricate herself from the island to pose a threat to me. Such a sweet memory. Normally Yamato trolls me viciously whenever she hits me. Her shells are so damn powerful that angling is irrelevant. Meanwhile Yamato players calmly show broadside and don't care because they're the WWII equivalent of The Death Star armour-protection-wise. She's an incredibly annoying ship. On an unrelated note, I used to absolutely adore my T6 Fuso, Back in the day she was an absolute killing machine. I think there is even an old post under my name with the story about some my exploits. If I didn't insta-delete 2 - 3 ships every match, I'd be pretty disappointed. I wasn't a great player. I knew a teensy weensy bit about angling and knew how to lead my shots. That was about it. My favourite fish-of-the-day was Kuma. My Fuso loved eating Kuma. They'd always execute a turn about 12 - 16km away from me and I'd just lead my shot as they completed their turn and insta-delete them. I would often play my Fuso very aggressively. I would charge the enemy. 2 - 3 bad guys? No problem. I'll take them down all myself or die trying. Often I'd come out on top. I used to be pretty confident if I faced two cruisers at the same time that I could close the distance and instantly melt them. I'll kill the first one in one or two salvo's, then I'll do the same to his friend. It felt really really good. I'd play Fuso and usually feel like a King. It was an absolute killing machine for me. So it was a HUGE adjustment when I hit T7 Nagato. That kind of overly aggressive play resulted in instant death and, although Nagato has got great penetration, I had to adapt to her only having 8 guns. It felt like such a down grade! These days I don't play Fuso anymore. I was really really lucky back then. Things have changed. Back then Fuso was top tier and the player base wasn't as sophisticated as it is now. People simply don't make the same bonehead mistakes anymore and present those broadsides as often. They're smarter and better players. And, here's the other thing, Fuso is often up tiered these days. The days of Fuso feasting on Kuma and clubbing seals is over. I'd love for Fuso to be in a T5 - T6 match up but it just doesn't happen anymore. Now Fuso gets uptiered to T7 and Fuso's 356mm guns really struggle to penetrate T7 armor. This up tiering to T7 was slowly starting to happen when I originally got my T7 Nagato. I was hoping Nagato's 410mm guns would cure all my penetration problems. I was wrong. So it's thanks for all the nice memories Fuso but you're not the same anymore. Sad! Yup. Agreed. Definitely. Aw come on buddy! Seriously! That's like saying a bullet proof vest isn't a bullet proof vest because sure it blocks 9mm hand gun rounds but my 50 cal sniper rifle blows holes straight through it! I get your point about range and penetration, but it would be suicidal for any ship with 203mm AP to get close enough to Kronshtadt to penetrate her main belt. Even if I managed to sneak up on her and citadel her, I'd probably only wound her 50% and then she'd turn around.... angle herself to protect her citadels from my next salvo of AP and then shred my armour with her big guns. You're right, 203mm AP can penetrate her and citadel her. But you'd have to be so close as to make that scenario completely impractical. It's purely an academic point. For practical intents and purposes, she is impervious to 203mm AP. My tactic in future will be to run away and burn her like a BB. My Mogami with her 155m IFHE HE will roast her alive. It'll be like my personal way of dealing with the trauma of what I went through with my Myoko. OK. Points well taken. You don't say? lol Look it was a very traumatic experience for me. I did all the right things (or what I thought was right at the time) only to have a creeping sense of dread fall over me as I realised I was completely screwed. I kid you not, when I think of yesterday I am still in a state of semi disbelief! lol I'll get over it! haha Sounds like a funny story! Glad you managed to escape and enjoy the moment! (unlike me!)
  7. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    No, I would never make that mistake with Sharnhorst because Sharnhorst is a battleship and I know better than to fire AP at a battleship broadside and expect gratification. Because Kronshtadt is a cruiser, I had an expectation that broadside = citadels. That assumption was wrong in this case but it was based upon hard experience. That's why I kept banging on about Kronshtadt's classification as a "cruiser". When you've been fighting God knows how many battles against other cruisers and "broadside = citadel" is pretty much an unbreakable rule (in my experience, at least).... it's a very jarring to experience a cruiser like Kronshtadt whose broadside is completely impervious to any kind of AP fire. It's like meeting a vegetarian who eats beef. Like, come again? I'm pretty sure I've punished higher tier cruisers who have presented broadside to me. Probably because they don't have Kronshtadt's crazy level of armor? Maybe? I don't know. I've never had the "Kronshtadt experience" when firing my AP at any other cruiser, even at higher tiers. Maybe I've just been lucky? Maybe they angled and covered their broadside so I never had the opportunity to see my 203mm AP shells shatter against their broadside? I don't know, all I'm saying is that I've never experienced fighting against a ship like Kronshtadt before. Even when my Myoko is up tiered. The sheer bravado of a "cruiser" deliberately exposing his broadside and escaping untouched is something I'll take to my grave. Look, no matter which way you cut it, Kronshtadt is a pretty unique and amazing ship which has characteristics alien to most other cruisers. Your comment about Flamu is exactly what I'm talking about. I've got no issue with Flamu and respect the dude's skills as much better than my own. But I don't need his or other people's permission to have an opinion of my own about whether Kronshtadt is overpowered. This isn't the Catholic Church where I have no right to an opinion unless it agrees with the opinion of The Pope or his approved council of Cardinals. I really really disagree with that attitude for a video game. I think it's hero cult worship and I think it's wrong. And I speak as someone who refers to Flamu as a source to improve my gameplay. I don't know if you notice, but unicum players have different opinions even amongst themselves. So that disproves the idea of there being any one correct answer. The fact Flamu and I agree that Kronshtadt is over powered for a cruiser proves that you don't need to be a unicum to have a valid opinion. I disagree with the big assumption that my non unicum status means I'm not capable of expressing a valid opinion and if my opinion ever coincides with a unicum, then it's a fluke on my part. I think it's a very negative way of looking at other people and too cult-like a mindset for my liking. In this ordinary player's humble and unapologetic opinion, Kronshtadt is over powered for a cruiser. For a cruiser. Why? Because most heavy cruisers in the game sport 203mm guns (even at T10) and it's trollface squared for WG to release a ship whose broadside is invincible to the 203mm AP fire of most other cruisers in the game and call that ship a "cruiser" + give that ship some of the benefits of being a cruiser. If she was classified as a battleship, I think she'd be normal and it would affect match making more positively (i.e. she'd be matched against other battleships instead of other cruisers when teams are being composed). And cruiser captains would treat her differently because we all know what to expect from a "battleship" and what to expect from a "cruiser", so people wouldn't get trolled the way I was trolled. But having said that.... with time and experience, people will understand her more and more and the ability for her to troll will be less and less. Meanwhile she'll continue trolling and when people complain, unless you're a unicum like Flamu, it'll be put down to "dumb player doesn't know how to play WOWS". As I stated earlier, I really disagree with that kind of reflexive and regressive cult-like thinking. Funnily enough, you won't believe this.... but I once citadelled a Sharnhorst in my Myoko. I fired AP at Sharnhorst because I was "clearing my guns" so I could load HE. Somehow I hit a citadel. I must've been very close. Anyway, it was a complete fluke and I didn't live long to enjoy it anyway because I hit an island and got pummeled shortly thereafter. I didn't play that match very well.
  8. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    You've made these comments a few times so I would like to address them. Firstly I did not charge into battle. I actually adopted a strategically sound and tactically very defensive path across the map. I was playing Twin Brothers. I started at the top and went East around the big island in the corner and slowly advance south, with my guns covering the cap point and my ship in a nice defensive angle and difficult for the enemy to spot because of range + nearby islands. It was still the beginning of the match and the first viable target I saw was Kronshtadt. The Kronshtadt had actually charged recklessly forward, well past the half way point of the map. There was another island between my Myoko and the Kronshtadt. Again, this island was on MY team's side of the map. I was in an excellent position. I could shoot the Kronshtadt but he couldn't shoot me. In the real world the military calls this situation where your enemy is trapped thusly as "enfilade" and it's a very desirable position to be in. From my secured enfilade position, I fired several 203mm AP salvos at his perfectly exposed broadside which the Kronshtadt made absolutely zero attempt to hide. In fact it was almost as if the Kronshtadt exposing his broadside on purpose to the point of being utterly noob. Unfortunately most of my AP shells shattered or bounced against his broadside. I fired several salvo's to his broadside as this was the first time I had encountered this ship and I was genuinely surprised and I wanted to make sure it wasn't RNGesus simply having a bad day with me. I've never encountered a cruiser before with such characteristics, so it took a few salvo's to overcome my confusion and disbelief. I then realised I was in a lot of trouble because this Kronshtadt was just finished sailing broadside past this island and was coming around the island to face me and he'd just proven that my AP shells were completely harmless to him. Meanwhile my Myoko isn't exactly a brawler. Meanwhile I was stuck deep on MY team's side of the map and the enemy was flooding me on both flanks as my team had died all around me. I knew I was in big trouble. And the match had only just started! I had lemons so I tried to make the best of a bad situation and make lemonade. I adopted a highly angled defensive position and fired HE with my forward guns. Turning to run wasn't an option because it would expose my broadside and my team had potato'd beside me and left my previously safe right flank dangerously exposed as the enemy flooded the cap on my rightside. The only thing protecting me from the enemies in the cap was the island I was slowly inching towards and, unfortunately for me, Kronshtadt was coming around that same island and about to ruin my day. My right flank was going to be my original escape route if I needed to bail. Turn from behind the island, protect my citadels and run away West to my team's original starting point to better concealment. But that plan was not viable. Not anymore. So there I was sailing slowly towards this island in a highly angled position whilst Kronshtadt sailed around the island and started shredding my citadels multiple times through my highly angled position with her incredible guns. Normally the shells of other cruisers bounce off my highly angled bow. Sure I might suffer a few penetrations but nothing catastrophic and I could hurt the enemy ship badly with my HE. Not so with Kronshtadt. I could barely touch her and my 4 forward facing barrels firing 4 HE shells every 14 seconds were too little, too late as she slowly tore my Myoko to pieces with her supernaturally-strong-for-a-cruiser AP fire. Kronshtadt pretty much YOLO'd her way into my team's part of the map from the beginning, trolled me badly with her broadside armor despite my maneuvering into a desirable enfilade position and then shredded my angled bow to pieces with her big guns. The weaknesses in my team allowed the enemy force to cut off my escape route even though it was the beginning of the match and I was well on my team's side of the map. I had done nothing wrong per se but sometimes s**t happens. The enemy had simply advanced forward really hard and the ships on my side potato'd. Perhaps they underestimated Kronshtadt the same way I did and got shredded as Kronshtadt YOLO'd her way to my position? That might explain why they all suddenly died on me. I'm pretty comfortable that if I put my play up on YouTube it would be obvious that I was played smartly with sound tactics but simply was caught off guard by a ship I had never seen before with characteristics which were completely unheard of to me. That's what happens when you see a ship for the first time: you can get surprised because it has abilities which run counter to your previously hard won experience. Especially with a ship like Kronshtadt which is classed as a cruiser. The last thing you'd expect would be for a cruiser to be a pseudo battleship with trollface broadside armor. I'd encountered pseudo battlecruisers like Graf Spee before and they couldn't troll broadside like Kronshtadt can, so my expectations had been tempered by previous experience. Are there learnings for me? Things I can do better? Absolutely. Now that I know what Kronshtadt is, when I see her again I'll treat her very very differently. If I had a time machine and I was able to replay the situation again, the smart thing to have done would've been to ignore her perfectly exposed broadside and turn to run away as soon as I saw Kronshtadt and pepper her as many times as possible with 203mm HE whilst I made my exit to the other side of the map where the rest of my team still existed. I doubt it would've changed the outcome of the match but it would've been the smarter thing to do. Now that I have the experience with Kronshtadt, I can make better decisions. So I hope you understand why I feel your assumptions about me "keeping aiming at the same spot ... and keeping expecting a different result " and "Charging into battle and getting wrecked" are categorically untrue and harshly judgement for someone who had only encountered Kronshtadt for the first time. I have noticed on these forums there is a tendency for people to assume the OP is a complete potato and doesn't understand how to play the game at all. Like if you're not unicum or winning all the time, we can dismiss everything you say because your non-unicum status proves you don't know how to play the game at all and any criticism of WG is tantamount to sacrilege. Only super unicum players are entitled to an opinion and everyone else must worship them and remind themselves how stupid they are for not reaching such lofty heights. I don't think that approach helps anyone or is necessarily true. The game is competitive by nature which means even if you put 100 unicums into a room, someone has to be the bottom in order for someone else to be at the top. You can still play smart and get wrecked. The outcome of the game isn't purely a function of your individual prowess,. It's not a maths test with a black and white answer. If the game is a test, it's a test whose answer is relative to your competition and your randomly selected team, with no absolute right/wrong answer anyway. I bet the "dumbest" person at MENSA probably gets used to being treated like they're an idiot by those with higher IQs. And it's not necessarily because that person is objectively "dumb" either. I take on board your other feedback and comments though.
  9. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Kronshtadt's guns completely overmatched T7 Myoko armor. So she does overmatch other ships within her own +/- 3 tier bracket (although not T8 and T9, as you point out, only T7). I still think she is more battlecruiser than cruiser, especially with her ultimate trollface side armor which shatters 203mm AP. And the spelling of her name is trollface as well, as I have to copy and paste every time I want to mention her. Even bottom tiered battleship T8 Amagi can penetrate + citadel the biggest and ugliest battleship in the game, T10 Yamato, if Yamato presents broadside (I know as I've done it). It takes some special doing for a so called cruiser to have an even better side armor than Yamato for her class: i.e. when cruiser T9 Kronshtadt is facing off against other cruisers in her T7 - T9 tier bracket, most cruisers will have 203mm and will be unable to penetrate Kronshtadt's broadside... let alone citadel her. Kronshtadt is clearly a ship that needs to be taken down by a fellow battleship. Most cruisers will simply have to treat her like a battleship and spam 203mm HE to be effective against her. Lol. Cruiser. No point firing 203mm AP at her if the only viable targets are her upper decks + I'm running AP shell shatter risk if my aim is even slightly off + her the citadels are out of reach. Very very battlecruiser-ish. As for her guns being on the smaller side for a true battleship, I guess even WG had to balance out their Russian lovechild somehow. Thank goodness for small mercies. Interesting point though about 25mm bow armor. Now I know my Mogami can point her nose at Kronshtadt, if she has to, and not get shredded.
  10. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Fair point. However IJN CAs get 203mm before anyone else and before other nations came onto the scene, IJN cruisers did have big guns. It's a characteristic of all IJN BBs and CAs.... squishy but great guns. Though as time has moved on, that character of biggest guns has been blurred as you point out. (I mean they gave defensive fire to destroyers for goodness sake! DF is what made cruisers, cruisers.) No, I think you're making a big assumption, my aim was good and I saw where the shells landed. It wasn't just one broadside salvo, it was multiple and they all had similar effects: shatters and ricochets against the belt armor along the side of the vessel. That shell behaviour isn't due to my aiming being off. It's due to this ship being impervious to 203mm AP. Any other cruiser would've been wasted or taken heavy damage. If your point is that I should've aimed my 203mm AP at the superstructure instead, then maybe you've got a point but it'd be a waste of time... I maneuver into a tactically superior position to reveal his broadside so I can fire AP at his superstructure before he turns around and shreds me through my angled armor? No thank you. I'd rather keep range and spam HE. Safer and more effective. And precisely what I'll do next time.
  11. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Of course. A high tier battleship will always punish broadside. But that's pretty extreme situation. I mean if your Missouri didn't punish broadside, what would? I'm more referring to other cruisers. Kronshtadt can show broadside to other cruisers and absolutely not care whilst it shreds them to pieces. Very very odd ability for a so called fellow cruiser.
  12. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Yea, going to disagree with you there. In my humble opinion, it's a battleship/battlecruiser sailing under false cruiser colours. I completely agree. Knowing enemy ships strengths and weaknesses is vital. I won't make that mistake again. I still think it is utterly ridiculous that the IJN CA line, which is renowned for having the biggest CA guns in the game, cannot damage another so-called cruiser broadside. I'm not talking zero citadel here, I'm talking near zero damage. The idea that a Myoko has to use 203mm AP to target the superstructure of another cruiser at 10km - 14km in order to inflict damage is the definition of insanity. We're not talking Akizuki here with 100mm pea shooters, we're talking a Myoko with 203mm AP. Yup, I'm sure it's lots of fun catching out people like myself. I fundamentally think there is something wrong when a Kronshtadt cruiser captain can show full broadside and not be punished for it. It's very odd. Rewards very bad gameplay.
  13. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    I just played a game with my T8 T7 Myoko and encountered the premium Soviet T9 cruiser Kronshtadt. I can't believe what just happened. I shot this ship multiple times broadside with 203mm AP shells. Distances varied from 14km right down to 10km. My shells either shattered or ricocheted. A small percentage of shells did normal penetration damage. No citadels. The enemy Kronshtadt made zero attempt to angle itself and happily shredded my full health highly angled Myoko with impunity, it's AP shells ripping right through my Myoko (even when angled at less than 30 degrees). IJN CA's are meant to have the biggest guns in the game in so far as cruisers are concerned. It is utterly ridiculous that a Myoko can rain AP hell upon a lazy broadside cruiser several times (and that's the keyword I'd like to emphasise: cruiser) and do absolutely bugger all damage. Most shells couldn't even do normal pen damage, the armor on a perfect broadside was so thick that the 203mm AP mostly shattered or bounced. Crazy! If WG want the Kronshtadt to be impervious to AP fire from other cruisers, then WG should classify Kronshtadt as a battleship (just like other battlecruisers like in the IJN BB tech tree). What an absolute cheat ship. Being outplayed is one thing, but false representations is another. Having a so-called cruiser show perfect broadside at close/medium range and multiple times shrug off virtually all damage from heavy 203mm AP cruiser guns is beyond belief. Now I have to memorise that Kronshtadt is not a cruiser but a battleship in disguise that cannot be citadelled when broadside. It's ridiculous. We're not talking T10 Yamato here, we're talking about an alleged cruiser in the same tier bracket as my Myoko. The German Graf Spee is a "pocket battleship" cruiser which has a half cruiser and half battleship personality, but it will take citadel damage if the captain presents a broadside. But I guess because the Graf Spee is German that's the difference. WG loves to create these Soviet vessels with magical powers. We get it guys. You're patriotic. But calling the Kronshtadt a cruiser is a sick joke. Honestly I'd love to have a cruiser which can rip through heavily angled targets with its guns and cannot be penetrated broadside by other cruisers no matter how stupid I am. It must take a "tremendous" amount of skill to pilot a cruiser with magical powers like that. Talk about a troll ship. /rant
  14. Radar needs the following reforms

    I'm sorry to hear that but my post was about radar and how it affects gameplay in WOWS. You're feelings towards me is a separate matter to gameplay in WOWS. If someone says something factually untrue, it's not obstinacy to disagree and refuse to see things their way. If I told you the Sun revolves around the Earth, it's not obstinacy on your part to insist I'm wrong and point to the factual proof which proves how wrong I am. I agree with you on one point. It's rather sad the overall thrust of my original post has been lost over a, as you've rightly point out, trivial disagreement over cool downs. I'm disappointed that the only thing most other people saw fit to comment upon was the smoke cool down and ignored everything else I said. To my mind, they've missed the point entirely. The bottom line is radar shouldn't penetrate islands and it's ridiculous that radar can be spammed every 180 seconds (or 120 seconds if premium, which is insane). I referenced the smoke cool down for comparative purposes only.