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    Need help Critical Error Occurred

    System details: Intel Core i7 CPU 960 3.20GHz 12GB Ram GeForce GTX 580 Driver version 361.43
  2. Abercrombie89

    Need help Critical Error Occurred

    And not using any Mods.
  3. Abercrombie89

    Need help Critical Error Occurred

    I cannot upload the print screen so this is the error Application E:/World_of_Warships/worldofwarships.exe crashed 12.29.2015 at 10:46:39 Message: EntityType::init: Could not find class Avatar System info: OS Name Windows 7 OS Version: 6.6 Service Pack 1 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 590908Kb/4194176Kb (15%) Working set (process physical memory): 252584Kb/4194176Kb(6%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 399576Kb/4194176Kb (9%) Global physical memory: 3952520Kb/12581204Kb (31%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 4105344Kb/25160772Kb (17%) If anyone can please help it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Need help critical error has occurred after clicked on play and opening game can anyone please help.