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  1. Sharing the solution: Antivirus/FIREWALL ThreatFire -allows WoW to run and install, after run as ADMIN -but, does not allow the uninstall/delete -ThreatFire assumes that WoW is only allowed to install, when WoW is deleting; it does not allow, assuming it is out of the parameter. I removed/deleted ThreatFire, which is free and a good software. Would like to install it again, a challenge to you guys Thank you
  2. Hi guys Sad news; no success. A fresh download of the WoW file, newly installed, signed in to WoW, run with Administrator http://prntscr.com/az22x3 http://prntscr.com/az25w4 'feeling hopeless'... HELP! Michael
  3. I am going to delete and re-install and run as an administrator, will get back to you; thank you.
  4. Last week before the weekend's update, I was playing the game. Yesterday, after the download and install message, it all stopped at the attached page. The WoW program has permission to access the HDD, other firewalls have been on hold for the update, to no avail. 'during data repacking, the program is unable to access the HDD... change the format for storing the game data' Please help, this is the 2nd time I had installed the WoW program; making sure I did follow all what I know. Thank you Michael [content removed] Don't put your personal details on the forums. ~dead_man_walking