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  1. It's funny that even in co-op, I get players that do play like that. Even funnier is the one that asks for a smokescreen....and he's playing a DD. 😓
  2. Sting_Ray_05

    Detonation or deva strike clarification

    It's more of a random occurance than anything else. I mean, I was surprised that I actually detonated a DD earlier using my cruiser's HE shell. And no, the game doesn't say which shell would detonate the enemy ship, just say that it is detonated.
  3. Sting_Ray_05

    Detonation or deva strike clarification

    It does. Just take a look at the small indicator of how a ship sinks another. If there's a small explosion icon in between, then yes, a detonation/devastating strike just occured. I actually saw it once a Missouri blew my ship out of the water despite having more than half hp remaining.
  4. Sting_Ray_05

    Black Friday Mission bug

    Huh?! I thought this thread should be locked by now. It has already served its purpose a long time ago. So, can I ask that it be closed now before it gets necroed?
  5. Sting_Ray_05


    0.9.12 most likely so around the end of this year. It was part of the last Public Test.
  6. Sting_Ray_05

    MVR needs nerfing

    Actually yes. I mean CVs aren't the only ships that could blap a cruiser, nevermind if its light or heavy, in one shot. For a BB player, it's nothing special but for cruiser mains, that would explain why they would rather hide in smoke or islands and burn BBs to the waterline. Also, by your own logic, Battleships being BBQed by cruisers isn't a problem either. Believe me, there are threads that said "Cruisers OP, please nerf" since their beloved BBS ended up sunk by fire and they couldn't hit the cruisers firing on them because they're too nimble to be even hit.
  7. Sting_Ray_05

    Black Friday Mission bug

    Yeah, I mean I'm actually watching a Black Friday Mission PSA video by Sea Lord Mountbatten and I guess it's not just a SEA or even forum topic. Weirdly enough, I didn't even buy a Jean Bart B, but got it from a Black Friday 2020 container.
  8. Sting_Ray_05

    Black Friday Mission bug

    One problem with that....Jean Bart is already gone from both the Armory and Premium Shop for a year now and I can't have it unless I get lucky with Santa crates.
  9. Sting_Ray_05

    I Absolutely Love Asia

    Probably not, this happens a lot in co-op, usually with German carriers because of its secondaries. I actually told a Shokaku player to get back using radio commands because he was heading towards B cap with a few other ships while I was in C.
  10. Sting_Ray_05

    FYI 10x 2018 Black Friday Containers

    That's how the dice rolls. At least, I'm not the only one.
  11. Sting_Ray_05

    Black Friday Mission bug

    Ah, my bad. Now I have to buy a Jean Bart to get the doubloons and coal, but could not since she's already out of the market before I even came back. (sigh) Thanks, Gumi. I guess I can't do the mission then since I can never even have the Jean Bart in the first place. 😩 Back to the coal mines then. (trudges back to daily missions for coal) I guess this thread is pretty much answered and ready for locking.
  12. Sting_Ray_05

    Black Friday Mission bug

    It seems that there is a bug in the Black Friday mission involving Jean Bart as I have to win five games to get 2, 500 doubloons and 25, 000 coal. And yet, I already won two games as seen in the encircled portion of my profile with none registering in the mission itself. Please fix the bug since I only six days to play Jean Bart B so I can get the prize. Thank you.
  13. Sting_Ray_05

    0911 and 0912 dates... ...?

    Funny, I get some pre-updates downloads before the update day itself thrice now so I thought you guys get it too. Also, if 0.9.11 would start patching at December 11, wouldn't that be a bit too late for Christmas for 0.9.12 that is the Christmas patch? That is unless it would only last for two weeks then have 0.9.12 start just after Christmas Day. Oh well, I guess I'd better hurry and get Alaska before it leaves. Thanks anyway.
  14. Sting_Ray_05

    0911 and 0912 dates... ...?

    Wait, don't we all get pre-updated in the last few updates before it actually comes?
  15. Sting_Ray_05


    It still does as companies that do not produce/sell quality products and service tend to lose customers. As the old sayings put it - "It takes days to get a customer and only a minute to lose him" and "The best salesman is a satisfied customer". I'm hoping that WG would realize this.