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  1. Mythical_Flatulence

    Midway HE bombers potential issue

    Hi all, Want to preface this with, I have hardly any recent experience with the US CV Midway, and have only observed this twice so I am genuinely asking a question. Has anyone noticed the HE bombers on the Midway take a long time to reach a 'safe' altitude? Believe I have lost a lot of returning HE bombers to AA on the way home / they take a long time to get out of reach of fighters (so fighters seem to normally get the bombers when returning) If other players have observed this, is this a bug or intended behaviour as I have not observed the same on other US CV (Lex is a big fav of mine). Just looking to understand this issue a bit more / if it is a bug Cheers Myth,
  2. Mythical_Flatulence

    Having trouble logging into Test server.

    Thanks for the feedback, I had been reading the patch notes about when new features were released to the the test server for testing, possibly I am looking in the wrong place. Perhaps you could include a link re your preferred source for testing dates info.
  3. Mythical_Flatulence

    Having trouble logging into Test server.

    I haven't been able to get into the PT server for roughly 3 - 4 weeks... possibly something has changed with the PT server... kinda a bummer as I really wanted to test some of the new ships
  4. When setting movement points on the map for CVs to move, this type of movement often results in a CV getting killed. 1. movement when turning is not at top speed (often stops CVs from getting away from pursuing ships), it should be. 2. changes in direction are not immediate, stops CV players from dodging torpedoes using this type of map movement, please make movement changes immediately effective not requiring a long delay before turning begins Please look at improving the navigation by map waypoints going forward please
  5. Mythical_Flatulence

    Battle report - Team Score page issues

    For several days when clicking on battle reports - team score page and right clicking on a player, options such as checking a players stats / inviting player to a clan / blacklisting players / add to contacts are unavailable Error message: Chat server is unavailable (ASIA server, in production version not in UAT testing, screen print below) https://prnt.sc/lmpy1PUxLmQ8
  6. Hi Devs, Would be great if a developer could confirm that the English language Developer forums on the Asia server are being monitored by WG staff as I suspect they are not (lack of responses by WG staff to any questions / posts in recent years that I could find). Specifically querying: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/80-developers-section/ https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/81-questions-and-answers/ https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/82-suggestions/ There is no point in posting to any of these forums if they are not being monitored. Please kindly confirm.
  7. Mythical_Flatulence

    PT 0.11.7 Feedback Thread

    Sorry this is a bit off topic, really love the Bonus Exchange under Inventory, please consider making it a permanent feature please. Agree re camera angle comments, an option to use the current angle in settings would be appreciated when making this change please.
  8. The lack of a reply from any developers is very disappointing, I guess I'll go back to sending suggestions via tickets if these forums aren't being read by devs anymore.
  9. Mythical_Flatulence

    Divisions in Ranked Battles

    In a recent announcement: "Division Star: Play Together With Your Clanmates" "The Stars can be earned in all battle types, except for Training Battles" - my question is about this quote on the announcement, does this mean that divisions will now be allowed in ranked battles?
  10. Mythical_Flatulence

    New ships - Closed testing 0.11.7

    re: S0und_Theif "Since Audacious is a T9 and not a T10." Audacious, like the Implacable is badly in need of a buff, bombs and rockets are both too low pen and too widely dispersed and the torpedoes are 5k too slow making them too easy to dodge (no aerial torpedo at T8 or T10 should be slower than 40kts before equipment /commander boosts or they will be easily dodged even by most BB for all but the most expert cv players)... you play it because you enjoy the playing style and are okay with being unable to meaningfully impact the battle / okay with getting damage results approximately 40-50% below other carriers on average. Unfortunately the Brit CV's are widely known as being a handicap to the team that has them so players who are not expert at playing CV can expect a fair amount of personal abuse if they choose to play a tech tree Brit CV and don't manage to fluke a win, you have to have a thick skin to play a researchable Brit CV. It is telling that the Malta is scheduled to have 4 torpedo bombers per attack flight and Audacious only has 3, however I expect the Malta to be heavily nerfed from it's initial specs as this game seems to have a material bias against high tier British carriers being effective, I expect testers who personally favour playing the more powerful Japanese and Russian CVs will not want an effective T10 British CV in the game and will campaign heavily to have the Malta's damage dealing potential slashed so it is just as impotent as the Audacious and not worth buying, sad really it is a fun line to play if you don't mind all the abuse.
  11. Hi Devs, Do any developers read the English language suggestions on the Asia Server under: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/82-suggestions/ Am only asking as there are a lot of different player languages in Asia and most of the members of that thread do not appear to have English as a first language based on their player names, am not trying to be argumentative. Please kindly confirm.
  12. Mythical_Flatulence

    Does the Graff Zepplin need changes?

    Hi Devs, I realise the Graff Zepplin is one of the most changed ships in the game, however I wanted to ask a few questions / offer suggestions about some of it's features. Increase in plane speed for Rocket planes? Since the introduction of the pause before rocket planes can fire their rockets, the rockets on all CVs have become mostly ineffective against DDs, (there are some exceptions at T10 when the 20+ rockets of some carriers will probably hit something due to the quantity fired) however for a ship like the Graff Zepplin, the rockets are now much better suited for attacking Cruisers and lighting fires on Battleships (and usually miss DDs). As the target for the rocket planes has changed as a result of the rocket rework can a review be done of whether the plane speed for these can be increased to match the GZ's other planes please, there is no longer a need for them to be slower to attack DD's as they are not useful for that anymore. (unfortunately the GZ does not have an effective attack against DDs rt now [except her guns], torpedoes are probably the best chance but very easy to dodge due to low speed) Alignment of secondary range with same tier tech tree Carrier? Is there a good reason why the GZ's secondary armament range is less than the August Parseval? Following the removal of the IHFE commander skill for carriers the effectiveness of the secondaries has decreased substantially anyway. Visibility of the GZ - alignment with the same tier tech tree Carrier? Is there a good reason why the visibility of the GZ is much higher than the Parseval? This forces players to spend commander points and equipment slots on visibility decreases at the expense of other skills greatly decreasing the effectiveness of the carrier. Bomb options? Please offer the same HE bombs as on the Tier 6 Erich Loewenhardt as an alternate bomb armament for players, the AP bombs extremely difficult to get good results from and players may prefer the same playing style as the Loewenhardt, in the interests of balance, the bombs per attack / damage / fire chance / dispersion should not be changed / improved over the T6 carrier. Torpedo speed increase? Unfortunately at tier 8 and 10 many 35kts torpedoes can be dodged even by battleships, is there a case for increasing the torpedo speed to 40 kts as a balancing change given the newer faster French fast ships (and many others) now in the game? I realise I have asked many questions here, if there is only scope for one change please kindly consider the additional bomb option please. Additional comment: Alternatively you could just change the attack groups of bombers and rocket planes to 3 sets of 3 aircraft and buff the speed of the rocket planes
  13. Mythical_Flatulence

    Prompt when playing a ship without camouflage

    Wanted to say thank you to the devs for the new prompt on the XP/credit boosts not being mounted when going into a new battle, that is essentially what I was asking for above. This topic is now closed.
  14. Mythical_Flatulence

    Rework Karma

    It needs to be clear what the consequences of a good Karma are, frankly most users myself included are unaware of whether it has any impact at all.
  15. It is no secret that British researchable tech tree Aircraft Carriers are the most under powered in the game and achieving a strong damage score is impractical. A rework is required to the torpedo planes (it would be great if the penetration of the bombs and rockets could be improved but fixing the torpedoes is the critical change required to address the aircraft carrier's weakness. Implacable currently 4 flights of 2 planes, torpedo damage 5933, Recommend rework to: 3 flights of 3 planes, torpedo damage 5200 Audacious currently 3 flights of 3 planes, torpedo damage 5933 Recommend rework to: 3 flights of 4 planes, torpedo damage 5200 (5200 is the torpedo damage of tier 6 British CVs, so making the change would be straight forward) Please consider more closely aligning the damage potential of British Carriers with the Carriers of other nationalities, similar to the above. Edit: Additional feedback re torpedoes, at 35kts they are too slow at T8 and T10, please consider increasing their speed to 40 kts