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  1. ARP Kirishma

    cool thanks
  2. ARP Kirishma

    ok so I am level 12 completed the ARP Kirishma challenge or mission and nothing happened . please help
  3. Whole teams melting all the time

    Yes I have, too many one sided battles. Not complaining but I do agree that not much fun when your team gets wiped out your last ship left trying to battle 6 to 8 enemies, not much fun when your on winning side of that margin either. Like Sparcie, I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't happening so often, I think that's when it starts getting a bit frustrating for some of us, when it seems to be happening every other battlle. I personally enjoy a good close battle that gets you on the edge of your seat.
  4. The Warspite BB

    Cheers guys, special thanks to TheDemonLord666 for the extra effort.
  5. The HMS Warspite

    thanks heaps for your help guys,i will look forward to when it becomes available. sounds like could be very interesting year for WOWS. yes j0e90 I agree the Murmansk seems to be a very solid ship as I recently found out the hard way in my Omaha. thanks again and see you on the water.
  6. The HMS Warspite

    I am new to the game, began my WOWS profile late December 2015. Just want to know how I can get the HMS Warspite? also when or if there will be any other British ships coming available? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  7. ​well said bro, I hope my fellow kiwi friend reads this post.