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  1. Taniwha_Kiwi

    ARP Kirishma

    cool thanks
  2. Taniwha_Kiwi

    ARP Kirishma

    ok so I am level 12 completed the ARP Kirishma challenge or mission and nothing happened . please help
  3. Taniwha_Kiwi

    Whole teams melting all the time

    Yes I have, too many one sided battles. Not complaining but I do agree that not much fun when your team gets wiped out your last ship left trying to battle 6 to 8 enemies, not much fun when your on winning side of that margin either. Like Sparcie, I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't happening so often, I think that's when it starts getting a bit frustrating for some of us, when it seems to be happening every other battlle. I personally enjoy a good close battle that gets you on the edge of your seat.
  4. Taniwha_Kiwi

    The Warspite BB

    Cheers guys, special thanks to TheDemonLord666 for the extra effort.
  5. Taniwha_Kiwi

    The HMS Warspite

    thanks heaps for your help guys,i will look forward to when it becomes available. sounds like could be very interesting year for WOWS. yes j0e90 I agree the Murmansk seems to be a very solid ship as I recently found out the hard way in my Omaha. thanks again and see you on the water.
  6. Taniwha_Kiwi

    The HMS Warspite

    I am new to the game, began my WOWS profile late December 2015. Just want to know how I can get the HMS Warspite? also when or if there will be any other British ships coming available? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  7. Taniwha_Kiwi

    Open Letter to Wargaming World of Warships

    ​well said bro, I hope my fellow kiwi friend reads this post.