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  1. Farlesquew

    Is T8 worth grinding to?

    11 shalt thou not count. 12 is right out!
  2. Farlesquew

    Making a commander 'elite'

    Hey Run, I met you in your V-25 and reckon it was a good game. It's certainly fun having high skilled captains in the low tiers as woah does the difference show in how hard they hit! The TATM clan guys in particular are lethal (I figure all their captains are 21 pointers; my tier I-II-III fleet captains are still sub-10ers). S4pp3r's rule of thumb is spot on for the typical progression, but there's no harm either in playing the game at your own pace. My main account (this one) grinds for the end-game, but my alt account is equally fun just messing about in boats down low.
  3. Farlesquew


    Well, FWIW, everyone else reset as well, so being back at 10 doesn't reflect negatively on you; plus you get to win all that steel again! And anyway, practice makes 'perfect-er'. If your aim is to make it into the Silver league, it'll happen, just keep at it. Good luck, Captain.
  4. Farlesquew

    I Want To Try Silver, But Bronze Is Comfy.

    Fair enough points, and I too considered staying in bronze. But for me, what am I playing for? Virtual currencies, or a challenge? I'm not in a rush to get to any mythical 'end game' (there isn't one), so I simply play to have fun and for me that means a challenge (not being challenged is boring). In the test season I made it to rank 1 in silver (IIRC) and loved it. I did it for the challenge and the learning, not the 'rewards'. I can see that I play better in ranked than I do in random. Perhaps I simply more readily recognise my effective role (DD, occasionally CL) in ranked where there are fewer players per side to clutter my thinking? Gold, steel, etc., will come if it comes, or not. But I'll push on into silver and eventually hopefully gold as the best way to challenge myself. But that's my play style, and everyone has their own priorities and reasons for playing
  5. Farlesquew

    How long until the free skill resets end?

    Yep, I did that reset early on, thanks 👍 I considered leaving most ships un-skilled, but that quickly became annoying (every time I wanted to play something different, I'd hit the wall of 'oh hell, that needs setting up'). In the end I just figured it was 'do it now or never' (i.e., lose interest), so I based my set ups on that spreadsheet and got it done (with light adjustments made where I thought merited for my playstyle). Thus WG have made it harder to enjoy most of my fleet because most of it isn't as considered/personalised as it could be. The meta WILL change (WG know that and are banking on it), but I'm just work with what I've now got. I'm pretty conservative with spending resources, so if I really need to do a hard reset of an individual ship or two it will be possible without rewarding WG). I've got around 1.6 million CXP at the moment, and I've got my Gearing/Somers captain at 20 points already and another 2 tier X RN cappies to nearly 20 points.
  6. Farlesquew

    People you've encountered in-game

    No probs, I 'jumped ship' back in mid-December. Clan tags are also my first scan point, but I initially missed yours (new cappie + skill set up on my Mainz to focus on, iirc). Yes, we won! One hell of an entertaining battle. Our flank was likewise so busy that I hadn't had a chance to look across the map to understand what your flank was dealing with! We had a pushing red Albemarle that was exploiting his RN concealment like a boss (plus some slippery map-edge exploiting), backed up by a Thunderer with good hard cover, plus others (but that pair were the greatest threats). A dynamic game that I'm sure had everyone clutching their keyboards by their fingernails Good times
  7. Farlesquew

    People you've encountered in-game

    I saw @S4pp3R captaining a Wujing a couple of days ago. I didn't know he was there (we were on opposite flanks) until he put 'thanks' in battle chat. IIRC, he died shortly thereafter, but had taken two reds with him. +rep
  8. Farlesquew

    How long until the free skill resets end?

    Yep, with over 200 ships in my fleet I've accepted that there's zero chance of testing a build on each and every ship (because WG don't pay me to 'work' for them fulltime). I've pretty much gone with cookie cutter builds, with the occasional tweak on ships I feel more strongly about. Effectively, WG have taught me to care less about my ships and my builds, because I'm damned if I'm going to pay what they want (in time or money) to reset captains after this. WG used to give free resets to those of us involved in Clan Battles (iirc) to assist with the changes required between random and competitive skill builds. They took that away because: why support diverse play styles and a more interesting game play when they can profit from offering less? I will NOT reward WG for their greed. I'll simply take the lesson: to care less about the game. I'll fight as hard as I can with what I've got, every time; but I'm not going to care if it isn't min-maxed to the nth.
  9. Farlesquew

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.0

    1. I want to play, not spend weeks trying to rebuild over 200 captains. 2. Once the period of free skill resets is over, WG KNOW the meta WILL continue to change and we will want to reset many of our builds. By then, you'll want our money to do that. WHY should I want to pay WG to fix a 'problem' (cash grab opportunity) that WG created? 3. It used to be that we got a free reset opportunity related to Clan Battle seasons. I was patient (impulse constraint) and waited to do resets for free using that option. WG shut down that option (more cash grab). Congratulations. The captain skills update has stomped out my desire to play this game. This isn't a 'rage quit' notice. I simply don't care enough to make that kind of decision. I may just drift away, I may dabble, I may end up playing. I don't know. But I do know that I currently don't care.
  10. Farlesquew


    I miss Cherry Blossom (even though my Edin AP couldn't do much against the air fields) and Dynamo (despite the cheaters/exploiters), and oh how I miss Ultimate Frontier! When I was a clan deputy (earlier earlier clan) I regularly recruited from Ultimate Frontier as you were able to get a good, clear picture of whether players were capable, actively and positively communicating, taking responsibility for tasks, and effectively adapting when the stuff hit the fan (rather than tunnel visioning). But god I'm bored infinite repeats of Narai. The groove is ground deeeeeeeeep on that operation (for me; ymmv). I actually prefer to take my risks with Newport, Raptor and Killer Whale. Recently I even picked up a medal on Raptor that I didn't know existed (an equivalent to Narai's 'shark among the shrimps'). Sure, the teams are 'random', but that increases the 'excitement' value, haha. But with only the same 4 operations currently on rotation I'm finding myself doing operations far less frequently. But I'd love to see more operations; especially at a wider range of tiers (someone above said III-IX, that sounds great!).
  11. Farlesquew

    ranked is suffering

    And that's the obvious flaw in the new ranked system. In a game that already struggles with overload burn-out (with WG forcing ever more and more buy-grind-buy-grind content), people are highly likely to gravitate to simply staying in bronze for the easy steel. Which is a pity, because competitive play is a good place to improve skills. But it's looking as if WG have replaced the previous ranked system with a repeating short bronze ranked steel grind, with top-loaded content (silver and gold) that most will ignore. /shrug And that presents the chance that WG just broke their own economy, as the bronze steel rewards on repeat aren't bad (for us plebs). WG constantly break things. It's probably the vodka content in the office. Of course, the cynic might think that the current steel rewards in bronze are simply a ploy to get initial involvement, following which WG will wind them back (or raise the steel prices of ships; i.e., the new coal price for the Neustrashimy). But it would be cynical to think that way... Me? I'm aware that burnout (and frustration with WG) present considerable risk to my ability to enjoy the game, so I limit what I focus on. I'm playing some rank for the challenge, but NOT chasing stars for now as I've just finished shoveling snowflakes off my sidewalk, and now I'm working on the Strasbourg grinds. WG can throw as much shi... 'content' at the wall as they like, but it doesn't all have to stick.
  12. I usually run the Lightning and Edinburgh. The Mainz will get a look in.
  13. Farlesquew

    Confused and conflicted

    And once you've got the Makarovs and DoYs, you may as well keep them as they're the ONLY way you can ensure you've won't get them again. Sorry to hear you're feeling bad about it Max. Perhaps start another account named 'Max_Jaded' or Max_educated'; but yeah, just keep the crate contents, relax and go sink ships.
  14. Farlesquew

    WOWS Advent Calendar

  15. Farlesquew

    Killer Whale spawn

    I noticed it before the patch. Freaked me out! A potential problem when it's a slow USN BB at the back as some of them don't arrive in time to contribute much, and unfortunately it's encouraging some who shouldn't to toodle off to the North by their lonely selves. Otherwise: it lets those of us up front get more shots in at the early forts /winning