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  1. Farlesquew

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    I ahared all the reservations others have expressed, but eventually got the free xp Nelson and learned to love her on Narai and Ultimate Frontier. Her win rate for me in randoms is one of my best, most reliable BBs. The turret poaitioning allows the Nelson to swing all guns from one side to another easily and quickly, versus a BB where the rear guns have to rotate much further, and this certainly makes the gun arrangement nominally more powerful. You just need to think ahead and plan in terms of positioning to avoid needing to bug out and kite, although I find her she can fire 'back over her shoulder' fairly well (if I've survived the turn, and only need to deal with threats over one shoulder). If the red team know to focus fire you, you're in trouble though as the super heal can only do so much. Her armor profile means she's a relatively squishy BB, but her gun arrangement can certainly hand out the squish to others.
  2. Farlesquew

    Never add submarine into PVP

    From recent reading: not actually (unless in the Caribbean apparently, where the water is clear to a considerable depth [caveat: oil spills/leaks allowing]). Detection by air of subs below periscope depth should be problematic, and certainly not possible at maximum depth. Although, as you note, air restrictions and slow speed when submerged should restrict the distance a sub can achieve before having to resurface, making it potentially possible for skilled aviators to potentially predict and spot subs frequently enough to make their life precarious. That said, WG's failure to prevent radar from seeing through islands gives me zero reason to expect that WG would get this right. ... The OP has expressed his critical opinion of other players both here and elsewhere. It's not an attitude I support as it leads to hostile and diminished player pools. We need to develop players, not exclude them. And where they're not up to par and on your team, know that in another game they'll be on the red team. Belief that the MM is singling anyone out in particular for suffering disproportionately poor teams is just 'magical thinking' and probably means that any such player needs to log out for a while. (Note: I'm not saying the OP is indulging in 'magical thinking'; he's just expressing a hostile and elitist opinion/attitude). ... Personally, I've always been interested in a sub game, but when faced with it here, I'm not sure it's something I desire in a PvP game, for reasons of game balance. How can WG make sub play interesting enough for submariners, without having a significant impact on surface ships? I can see battles being either too boring (if at all realistic) for subs or too stressful for ships, and I worry about that damaging the game.
  3. Farlesquew

    I Love WG!

    Game last night on Ocean; loaded in and so many people complained about the map, but it turned into a ripper nail biting battle. I'd brought radar on my Mino (lol, smoke would have been so mich better) but I had a ball stealth torping once the reds started pushing. We lost in the very last second when our one remaining Worcester was finally taken out by the two pursuing BBs. I'd hesitate to sell all your tier VIIIs and IXs, as at least some VIIIs were needed in both recent ranked seasons, and the new ranked version being tier V shows WG are prepared to mix things up a bit, so you may also need some tier IXs in future as well?
  4. Good lord! That's excellent; thank you WarGaming
  5. Farlesquew

    Sudden Disconnect When In-Game

    I noted two people commenting in battle that they had connection issues on the same day as the OP started this thread. Then tonight I was about to round a headland and DISCONNECT! Back to the loading screen, with a request to re-submit my password. Yep, got back in to find my ship a burning, sinking pile of twisted metal, and got some nice down votes from my 'team mates' who had no way of knowing what had happened to me. Ship happens, I guess.
  6. Humiliating admission: this happened to me and my Minotaur in the last moments of a battle. I was last man standing on our team, and a red Yamato was coming on and on and about to round the headland while I was furiously dunking my Mino 10 meters backwards and 10 meters forwards trying to get out of the predicament. Funny as hell (for anyone on the red team aware of my situation, but no doubt agonizing for any of my team mates tabbed in watching me. Thankfully someone was watching, and had to presence of mind to recognise that I'd pretty much lost my own mind by this point so they texted 'SHOOT', for which I was immensely grateful as it shook me out of my frantic panic and made me do the one necessary thing. Shoot I did, as the Yamato swept into the open. I targeted its superstructure and hammered away with the awesomely fast reloading Mino guns and BOOM, the Yamato was dead and the points from that kill won us the game. Phew! The win was all thanks to the helpful text of that team mate's perception of the predicament. OP: torp x3 by an ally? Ouch!
  7. Farlesquew

    No scenario stats in Profile.

    I found WG's stats inadequate early on as I also wanted to know things like credit profitability, xp productivity, and winrate performance across time (am I improving or not). I also used a spreadsheet and graph to track my first ranked season. Highhest ship then was an Edinburgh, and I was very successful using smoke; then I fitted radar and my winrate fell. I've actually stayed with radar (to deal with the meta), but I was able to use my data to identify that I had a lot to learn yet about radar (latest season, in a radar Minotaur has gone well, for me). So I keep my own stats, in a spreadsheet. It gives me targets to work to beat, and clearly identifies which ships to sail when I need specific things done (more credits, xp achievements quick, etc.). But hey, I like spreadsheets!
  8. Farlesquew

    Brit DD upgrades

    Thanks Icy. I was starting to doubt myself given the evidence that so many others had chosen differently. Cheers
  9. Farlesquew

    Hall of Fame Points

    I'm also noticing many players in Dynamo getting more and more selfish in another way: some are pushing ever further out towards incoming traffic. It allows them to farm massive amounts of aircraft and schnellboats, leaving others to protect the convoy against the few that slip past. When/if they get overwhelmed, they simply load into the next game, while we're left to shepherd the remaining convoy to port to earn them as many stars as possible. They could be on their third game by then, reaping massive credits and stars. The selfish are reaping the rewards, the diligent are working to get the job done. Sounds like society in general... Then a form of the prisoners' dilemma develops: as individuals push further forward (away from the convoy), many others feel the need to follow them or risk getting few kills. The behaviour snowballs as players learn to expect the tactic and respond accordingly. No doubt some instances are simply players looking to explore what their boat can manage (fair enough). I get that, but when you're killing 96 aircraft in your SIMS from so far out that no-one else is even in range of those planes, it's nevertheless behaviour that is costing others. Alternative strategy for the brave/foolhardy: I've only seen it once, but a very skilled Minsk went hell for leather from Dunkirk to England. All the planes followed and attacked him, but he survived, delivered and then returned to fight schnellboats with the rest of us. It actually made for a relaxing scenario for the rest of us, though obviously it would get boring quickly if common.
  10. Farlesquew


    Ah, that makes sense! Thank you; I hadn't realized there was 12 weeks of missions. Hm, probably still means I have to purchase more guineas, as I'll be away for work for some of it, but that's fair enough.
  11. Farlesquew

    Is winrate very impactful?

    I don't think there's any evidence that the MM is going to punish you for a low WR; in fact, it's more rational to assume it would be positively prejudiced (if at all) in your favour as there is no benefit to WG to see you squashed to the point of frustration where you leave the game. If folks are raging at you, just ignore them. And check their stats after the game; you'll often find they've got low WRs themselves and are tsking out their own frustrations on others (always 'useful' to blame others for one's own failings [not]). Just focus on developing your own skills. And sure, getting above 50% isn't easy, but that shouldn't be your first focus; it's a negative distraction. Skills, map knowledge, ship knowledge, mechanics, tactics: that's what you work on, and the WR will take care of itself. Good luck
  12. Farlesquew

    Brit DD upgrades

    I've so far got the Acasta and Icarus (tiers V and VI) and equipped the rudder upgrade on both, but every one I face appears to have chosen the gun rotation upgrade instead. I figured that being able to turn faster was going to be useful indodging incoming shells, but I do note the moments where I'm turning faster than my guns can manage, which sometimes makes knife fights difficult. (That, plus the poor concealment which means we're constantly outspotted, and can only stealth torp against on-coming ships). DDs are definitely my weakest ship type, but I'm frustrated with my performance and wondering if this upgrade choice is partially to blame. Guys: DEFINITELY a wrong upgrade choice, or do I simply need to keep working on my overall DD skills (I feel I'm improving, but then I had a ahocker run of losses yesterday, argh)?
  13. Farlesquew


    One of the youtubers (Notser? Sorry, can't remember which one) stated we'll be able to earn 48 Guineas through missions, meaning we'd only need to buy two guineas to get the ship (~$3). But for the life of me I can't see how we can get those 48 guineas... anyone?
  14. Farlesquew

    Hiding Profile

    One cost for hiding stats: when I'm wanting to send someone a clan invite after a battle where they appeared to contribute, if I can't see their stats I immediately move on. I'm simply not going to invite someone on the basis of a single game; I want more data.
  15. Farlesquew

    Submarines Are Coming

    Flamu noted the subs have 1.5 minutes of air, after which they must surface. That's a chance to hit them I guess, as long as you can see them: one surfaced aub was unspotted at under ~4 kms, and a submerged sub unspotted at ~2.5 kms, so your turrets better turn fast I guess (no intel yet on how fast a sub refreshes its air). DDs are the natural sub hunter (depth charges), so they're going to be even busier and under more oressure than they are already? Anyway, probably at least a year away.