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  1. Submarines Are Coming

    Flamu noted the subs have 1.5 minutes of air, after which they must surface. That's a chance to hit them I guess, as long as you can see them: one surfaced aub was unspotted at under ~4 kms, and a submerged sub unspotted at ~2.5 kms, so your turrets better turn fast I guess (no intel yet on how fast a sub refreshes its air). DDs are the natural sub hunter (depth charges), so they're going to be even busier and under more oressure than they are already? Anyway, probably at least a year away.
  2. What's wrong with today?

    Hm... not sure if you're being ironic or sarcastic?
  3. See Flamu's vid: he opens 20+ containers and got zero steel.
  4. Things you'd like to see

    Operation Pedestal could make an excellent scenario. Guard the Ohio all the way to Malta. I'd grab a premium HMS Exeter in an instant! She fought the Graf Spee at the Battle of River Plate and was finally lost in the Second Battle of the Java Sea.
  5. 50 Restless Fire camo (+250% captain XP).
  6. Lima ships + Smith in Premium shop.

    Check you're logged in when you look. I couldn't see them, realised I wasn't logged in (though I linked from a logged in page); logged in and now they're there. Hope that works for you.
  7. Update 0.7.8 Ranked Battle rewards

    So my end result rank from last season was 14, and I don't yet have a tier X ship... So I'm guessing if I play a battle, I'll receive those rewards, and likely lose two ranks and become rank 16? Or I can not play and retain my rank 14, which is kind of pointless, but given that I can't move my rank forward without a tier X ship, them's the sour apples I guess? I'll probably just keep grinding my tier IX ship XP and the necessary credits to get my first tier X. There's always next season.
  8. Frame rate drop in 7.8?

    Your laptop is clearly the cause of under performance/dropped frame rate. I HIGHLY support your purchase of a new laptop! (Does that help?)
  9. Ship Anatomy Questions

    I'd guess the larger crane mid-ships is for dealing with all the life boats ranged around it. If the track between C and D certainly is for aircraft launching, given the short launch I'd guess the plaens are very light weight, in which case the cranes in your centre frame may be adequate (they may also use higher grade metallurgy to provide the strength, rather than simple mass?). I can't see from your pic, but I'd guess the hangers may be one each side, the angled superstructure just between your first and second frame? An aircraft could be pushed out from there, up the ramp onto the track; and this the small crane is simply used for aircraft recovery?
  10. Post your best loading screenshot.

    The theme sound track to Dr Who immediately springs to mind! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CYDgezeQas
  11. I really hate this operation

    TL/DR: easier than I expected; plus some notes re ships and tactics. Cheers. After reading all the rage in this thread Infianlly got up my courage and started playing Narai yesterday. Two five stars and a couple losses. Today: 5 5-stars and 3 losses. The losses are almost always folks doing the wrong thing (one poor guy, it was his first tier VII game! Epic fail and he got some raostinf, poor guy. Hopefully he'll think before pressing battle next time?). BB: I've played KGV and Nelson. Nelson is definitely easier as everything pretty much lines up in front and all three turrets just burn them down. KGV takes more thought but has been satisfying. CA/CL: I've captained my New Orleans, Fiji and Atlanta. The Atlanta melts targets. I'm usually heading south for the transports, but hitting the Missouri over my shoulder from far enough away that it ignores me. New Orleans has been a challenge, with the slower reload. The Fiji works well as the heal helps with survival away from the fleet. DD: one attempt in my Mahan; it performed well (a loss, but team-related, not the Mahan). I used the speed to get out there and distract reds and get stuff done; return and heal; rinse and repeat. Tactics: If a BB, I make sure to get just in front of the fleet. It helps draw others forward by example. A BB's job here is to protect the fleet. And I'll ask in chat for 'one' cruiser to head south for the transports. That gives someone permission and encouragement, and it usually works well (hint 1: much better than being silent and then being surprised when no one or three go south. Hint 2: asking specifically for 'one' helps limit the number that peels off south. One is enough, if they get moving early enough. As a BB I'll also throw some shells at the southern fort if I get a chance as some cruisers (UK AP-only) and DDs can struggle a bit. Occassionally I've thrown long distance at the fast transport if it's getting away, and it's helped (usually possible just after the Missouri is sunk, while waiting for the fleet to catch up to give me heals before heading into the bay). This is also the moment where I might be able to get some shots onto the red CV, before it gets behind the northern island. The Missouri is, but this is a busy spot with options as to where I can help. I don't rush forward in a BB as there's no point. I want to be able to drop back for heals, particularly once the Missouri is down, so that I'm entering the bay fully healed and again, just ahead of the fleet. Once inside the bay, I usually camp the heal. If I start at full health I can usually tank everything the reds throw at me, as long as I stop any DDs getting close enough to torp. Settle in and kill everything; and in particular if possible knock out anything targeting the Southern landing site to save that ship and its load. If Cruiser (south): straight to the front flank of the fleet, just ahead and ready for which ever side spawns, then hold that positional relationship while we burn reds. If I'm best psoitioned and best choice to go South, I announce I'm 'heading off to deal with the red transports' but will contribute to taking down the Missouri on my way there. If I'm early enough, I usually have enough of a headstart others won't follow (annoying waste if they do). Once cleared, I enter the bay from the south and head in for heals; and burn reds for victory. If cruiiser (north): I've spawned on the northern flank of the fleet, so I'm taking that flank, just ahead of the fleet (close enough that I can let the fleet catch me to heal if necessary). Burn reds, and when the Missouri appears I'm usually able to hit it before it goes behind the island, then get some heals or at least damage party cooldown gets a chance to tick; then help sink her as she re-appears. Re-heal and head north to deal with the red CV. I temd to struggle here and msut resist to urge to plunge north too close to the headland as that's a sure way to run into a swarm of torps from the red DD ('surprise!'). :/ I'm more comfortable south, but maybe I should just be heading north earlier (as I do with the South) so that I've got more time up my sleeve? If no-one goes north I've sometimes attempted it in my BB and it's very hit and miss; definitely best done in a cruiser with DFAA so you're not being chased all over the north by Lannisters, um, torps. --- Okay, so that's the kind of help I'd have loved to have been able to find before attempting Narai myself. I don't doubt it's imperfect, but It may help someone, rather than simply intimidating them.
  12. Premium ship summer sale

    Then 'sold', thanks @RalphTheTheatreCat. Yes, being on the receiving end of Tirpitz torps a couple of times it certainly taught me to upgrade my thinking, and a KMBB to grind secondary build captains on makes sense (my Graf Spee can only do so much). But 'idiotproof'? Fools, sir, are genius; and genius is an impossible 'advantage' against which none are proof @Rina_Pon yes, it's kind of counter-intuitive re premiums. Folks rage (understandably) if you buy too early, and then buying late reduces the value of the purchase. As Ralph notes, I'm thus far only up to the Konig, so I've grabbed it. --- I'm going to be away from my keyboard for the last two days of the sale... so wondering how WG will punish that absence? Good luck guys.
  13. Premium ship summer sale

    Okay, I've so far grabbed the Warspite (very happy) and the Atlanta (finding the gun range challenging) and probably should have grabbed the Yuyang and possibly the Scharnhorst but held off... What about the Tirpitz? Is it better than the Bismark in any way other than printing credits? A worthwhile purchase, or just a trap for us history buffs?
  14. Ah Hermes... today's run was a classic. An Algerie at the start had no idea why I was trying to move to port in my Fiji (to get at the early scout planes). Much blowing of horns ensued. Fortunately another Fiji knew what he was doing and helped with the scout planes. Then at the first wave of BBs a Richelieu turned hard a-port across (actually right through) me and just kept plowing on regardless so that he could sail straight into the midst of them. Enthusiastic to 'get at them', I guess? He actually survived (barely), but subsequently was so out of position that he had absolutely no chance of getting to the heal area (it didn't seem that he understood anything about the scenario) so the first wave of planes finished him off. When I checked his profile post-scenario I was expecting newb stats. But the guy had nearly 4,000 battles and was a 10 in ranked play!? Perhaps he'd simply never done Hermes before? I'm still enjoying Hermes. A 5-star pug doesn't come easily but isn't impossible. Conversely, Ultimate Frustration has just descended into a chaotic sea of floating carnage and I'm not bothering with it for a while. Killer Whale is hit and miss. Strange how suddenly so many captains simply dash for the exit, abandoning completely achievable mission elements; but occasionally one or more captain/s will read (and understand) text messages and all goes well. I find Newport is a good challenge. It's only from reading the forums here that I learned not to hit the CVs early (a mechanic that I think applies across scenarios?). Winning usually depends on how many suicide or how many think they need to withdraw to heal after receiving 10% damage :/ But as long as the final attack isn't allowed to start early I enjoy the frequently close finishes the Newport dishes up: three of us left fighting for our lives to protect the base installations and repair ships.
  15. My only tier VIII thus far is an Edinburgh, so yeah, I groaned when I saw the final mission stage requirements. It actually ended up being its own kind of 'fun', finding targets that couldn't wipe me too quickly and waiting as long as I could before deleting them so that I could rack up some more secondary hits. Took me 29 co-op battles (and 5 much less 'effective' ranked battles, where I was obviously avoiding secondary distance where possible). That's an average of 16 secondary hits per battle. yeah, a Richelieu would have been a nice option!