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  1. Farlesquew

    NY Camo code

    Thanks Bex
  2. Farlesquew

    Operation of the Week T.U.F, Worst Nightmare?

    I can't play at the moment (if I play WOWS I risk a BSOD, ugh, silly computer), so I had the time to check my data for this operation (I kept stats of my results of the Ultimate Frontier session back in September). For me (YMMV), the data doesn't support raging at either WG or other players. The data set: 55 games played. 6 ships sailed: BBs: Nelson, KGV, Lyon; Cruisers: Atlanta, New Orleans, Fiji Player influence: I'm definitely no 'carry god', as my XP rank placing averaged 3.40; just slightly above middle of the field. So the results aren't skewed by me being anything like a unicum. Results: 44 games won; 11 games lost = 80% winrate Average stars per game: 4 (5 stars in ~17.5% of the winning games / 5 stars in 15% of the operations played). Yep. 80% wins and an average 4 stars per battle, for a very average-skilled player. If I was getting 5 stars 80% of the time there'd be little challenge in the operation and it would quickly become a mindless grind. For me, the operation is set about right: reliably solid results to make me happy to play it, but 5 stars were rare enough that when it happens it feels like a reward for effort. Of course, YMMV.
  3. Farlesquew

    Operation of the Week T.U.F, Worst Nightmare?

    Well done guys
  4. Farlesquew

    Operation of the Week T.U.F, Worst Nightmare?

    I picked up a lot of worthwhile members for my clan through this operation as it's easy to see who is using their brain, acting like a responsible team member, taking the initiative where necessary, and responding to chat messages. My computer is pretty fritzed at the moment and I can't get it fixed until the new year, but I for one am sorry I'm missing out on the challenge of this operation.
  5. Farlesquew

    Steel is NOT available in ranked?

    Steel is only rewarded for normal ranked, not Sprint ranked.
  6. Farlesquew

    Permanent discount?

    The size of the clan isn't 'the' determining factor, although it very much helps. Clan members collect oil over time. As the oil is collected, clan officers will purchase 'clan port' upgrades. The upgrades give the clan's members various discounts and buffs, depending on what upgrades the clan has been able to afford so far. Discounts include things like ship purchases and ship maintenance. Buffs include things like more coal, steel, ship and captain XP. The size of the clan matters in the sense that more members can collect more oil, so your clan can purchase more/all the upgrades faster. But any clan is collecting oil and will be able to purchase upgrades over time. I think the buffs and discounts are great and definitely make it worth being in a clan.
  7. Farlesquew

    Black Friday Containers

    Yep, I'm definitely a cynic. But FWIW you've misunderstood my attitude regarding regulations. There should definitely be regulations, absolutely; but those regulations need to have teeth, i.e., be able to verify actual compliance. Have regulations; good ones, not just regulations designed to placate voters whilst handing an easy 'get out of jail free' card to the corporates (oops, there's me being cynical again, sorry ). Also, it appears you might think something I said was aimed at you (regarding whether or not loot boxes are gambling)? If you've inferred that, sorry Moggy; definitely not my intention. I was simply commenting on what I see as the limited value of published 'drop rates'. I too would love published drop rates, if they were backed up by any regulation strong enough to give me reason to believe the published figures. Anyways, cheers
  8. Farlesquew

    Black Friday Containers

    And banking is legally regulated, and corporate boards are as well, and they'll all do anything and everything they can to co-opt the regulatory bodies and they'll attempt to get away with everything swindle they think they can... so even if WG or any other such IT company were to publish the 'drop rate', I'd have ZERO faith in the figures because we would have ZERO ability to police it. No such company would ever publish the code elements related to how they set (and/or manipulate) 'drop rates', nor would they publish any code relating to locking those 'drop rates' during any such event/offer. They would claim 'commercial confidence', and as such we could have ZERO faith in any published 'drop rates'. The Volkswagen environmental emissions fraud comes to mind as an example. The government regulators were happily asleep (zzz). It was pure chance that Volkswagen were caught by a university research group (iirc). Meanwhile, Volkswagen had been 40 times over the legal emissions limits (as I understand it) whilst deliberately hiding the evidence of that. Thus, can we have any legitimate faith in the moral bona fides of IT based companies when the truth of what their products do and how they function are hidden from public scrutiny? Nope Loot boxes are just gambling. It can't be painted any other way.
  9. Farlesquew

    How to deal with unsupportive teammates?

  10. Farlesquew

    How to deal with unsupportive teammates?

    Well here's a few ideas that can be immediately thrown in the bin: 1. Perhaps play with an awareness of the language diversity on our server and don't assume that everyone can speak, read and write English just because you (whoever) can? Lower your/our expectations of team work accordingly. "But they should know how to play", I hear screamed back at me. 2. Appreciate that some of the players are kids. Little kids. That mistake a game for being a place to play and have fun. Be aware that other players have different reasons for being here and some don't necessarily appreciate or understand that low skilled or laid back play might be better played in Co-op. Try to relax and learn tolerance. Finally: 3. Let's stop characterising other people as 'tards', selfish, monkeys, dogs, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum and judging people based on racist stereotypes, so that when those players that disappoint and appall our elitist community eventually discover that they can come to this forum to learn how to improve their game, that they don't leave again in haste (never to return) when confronted with the depth and breadth of elitist, prejudicial, bigoted and intolerant attitudes all too frequently tolerated here. If they are driven away from here, we've only got ourselves to blame when they continue to play 'badly'. I myself regularly wish I never had to read between the piles of negative dross I find here all too often, but then I'd have no access to the many intelligent and insightful nuggets that get intermittently shared here by you all. Anyway, I return this channel to negativity and the running down of other players now. Cheers /flaminganticipated/whatever
  11. Farlesquew

    "China(?)" player become more extreme nowaday

    @HuginnKR Perhaps this thread could be closed?
  12. Farlesquew

    Hoping this means free Captain Skill reset!

    It's going to be swings and roundabouts, whatever happens. I agree that a full CV reboot (for example) merits a reset, but how does that actually benefit us? An immediate reset at the launch of CVs could have us all re-speccing in a lunge towards max AA, only to find the CV reboot fail to have much uptake? But most folks probably wouldn't understand or appreciate a reset 1 month after the CV reboot (because folks are generally addicted to instant gratification, whatever the long term cost). With an upfront reset, one 'could' simply wait and not play for a month, to see how the meta unfolds, but who the hell wants to do that?! It's a bad option for both us and WG. The foundation problem here is the high price of captain point resets. Given that WG aren't likely to want to lower that price (because vodka costs money), how about an upfront reset AND (please) a free coupon that grants a second full reset, able to be used at the player's discretion? So, with reference to all the other balance changes, WG could perhaps issue a captain skill point reset coupon periodically, as already occurs in the Arsenal. It doesn't have to be overly generous; perhaps quarterly or bi-annually? It would also help captains that aren't in clans or able to participate in Clan battles (the current method of getting a free reset, that locks out many players). An alterantive to a full reset (all captains) coupon, could be a higher number of single captain reset coupons, or perhaps 5 or 10 such coupons to start with and then a fresh coupon more frequently? That would allow the meta to evolve more moderately over time, and support players exploring build options rather than leaving out of frustration. The above would leave the current pricing in place, so that WG could benefit from whaling, whilst reducing the cost barrier for those folks capable of planning ahead and impulse management.
  13. Farlesquew


  14. Farlesquew


    At the start of the release someone and/or a YouTuber (can't remember which) stated that we could get 48 Guineas from missions. If so, you'll need to purchase the last two to get the Cossack. Cheap! I spent some cash on Guineas to get her last night, as I expect to be afk (work) for the last week or so, plus the rewards for the Cossack/Terrible missions are decent. Thus far very impressed with the Cossack. So far only player her in Co-op, or help train my Lightning captain, but she's performing well and delivers credits like an ATM (looking forward to seeing her credit output in Random).
  15. Farlesquew

    Have some problems but cant undertand "_"

    Slot one, 'Auxillary Armaments Modifiaction 1': 100% increase to survivability. So, if the starting survivability is, for example, 30%; the upgrade increases that survivability by 100%. So, 100% of 30% = 30%. So 30+30 = 60. So the upgrade would give you 60% survival (if you use the 30% example starting figure) to secondary armaments. I made the same mistake the first time I first glanced at that upgrade. Double the initial survivabilty is clealrly 'better', but it isn't invulnerability. I think the confusion is particularly understandable given the existence of the Detontation flag, which does give 100% protection. I did have the modification fitted to some ships initially but found it useless, particularly where HE gets spammed, so I pretty much stick with the Main Armaments upgrade in slot 1 like everyone else. The only thing that might change this is if the CV rebuild changes the meta enough that we're all left scrambling for whatever fragments of AA we can muster; then the upgrade may be more worthwhile. Maybe.