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  1. Farlesquew

    Juggling Captains

    I achieved my first 19 point captain through a Halloween event that I enjoyed playing. All that elite captain! I then focused on achieving the next 19 point captain. That meant a 100% increase in the number of captains that could get me ECXP. Rinse and repeat. Yes, that looks like a diminishing return (i.e., my third elite captain only increases my access to ECXP by 50%; my next captain by 25%, etc.), but that's not exactly what happens. For example: in practice, it's no use having a 19 point tier X captain (or 10 tier X elite captains) if that ranked/CB season is rank VIII. So I work to get a usable elite captain at each tier - so that every ranked/CB event I can be farming ECXP. I know some folks try to level up a number of captains at the same time, I think with the aim of achieving captain skill targets across a fleet, but that is going to take for.e.v.e.r. Bonus tactic: IIRC, I got the idea of focusing on one captain at a time from a @Drakon233 (?) comment ~2 years ago when he noted how fast he can elite a captain by romping all of his elite captains through every premium ship option in his fleet. It works a treat!
  2. Farlesquew

    KOTS Code

    'King Xi'... seriously?
  3. Synchronicity, I happened to be thinking about this earlier today! My thought was that WG possibly weighted the reward this low to avoid the potential for farming. If the reward was 10 flags, peeps could go all-in for that first kill, with zero regard for what follows. I'd vote for raising the reward to 2 flags though as 1 definitely seems too few
  4. Farlesquew

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.11

    0.8.11? 12 days since I left WoWS with that update being the final straw on a woeful year for this company and game. I've since deleted the game from my computer and I've not had a single regret. Bye, bye WeeGee, may 2020 bring you everything you deserve for your contemptuous, thieving ways.
  5. Farlesquew

    Farewell, I'm out.

    I'm out. I played WoTB for ~two years and left when WG exponentially ramped up the level of their thieving, gambling ways. I've now played WoWS for over two years and largely enjoyed it, but watching the blackness of the plummet of WG's corporate 'ethics' as it slithers wallows into the depths of a dark pit of its own making has leeched any possibility for me to find any joy whatsoever in playing WoWS. I played 1-3 games on the launch day of WG's Publicity Rupturing 'Christmas present' but felt dirtied by the experience. I refuse to fund an oligarchic kleptocracy. I feel better, freer and far, far cleaner with each non-WG day that passes. Thank you to everyone I've met in game; the battles, the conversations, the friendships. I wish you as much fun as you personally may still be able to find. Cheers.
  6. Farlesquew

    New code. CANDYCANE

    I can't help but think that a 'candycane' is something you (stereotypically in popular culture) might give to a screaming child to shut them up. Is this WG's idea of adding insult to... their long list of insults? Undoubtedly. WG can stick their candycane where the sun doesn't shine.
  7. Farlesquew

    Asia server is down?

    Server is up!
  8. Farlesquew

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    Thank you! I couldn't express it better I'm definitely staying.
  9. Farlesquew

    People you've encountered in-game

    @Rina_Pon was captaining a Sims on the green team a couple of days ago. Other side of the map, but it looked as though he held up an entire red flank before eventually being overwhelmed. IIRC, his efforts weren't wasted and we managed a win.
  10. I got the Molotov... I've barely touched the Russian botes, so it'll be a learning curve.
  11. Farlesquew

    RN DD Commander Skills?

    Thanks for that Drakon233! At some point I became attached to the concept of using Radio Location, but maybe it isn't necessary? My Jutland set up is: PT > LS > SE > CE > RL > PM Might I assume that after ~22k battles you simply don't need Radio Location (as experience indicates red behaviour)? I've never yet used IFE on anything, but I can see how your JoaT + SI maximises your survival ability if things get hot, and I suppose you're looking hard at anything inside 4.5kms (so IFE replaces PT). Any comments you can make on playstyle differences between our two builds would be appreciated!
  12. Farlesquew

    CO-OP all bots

    We must have done a Vulcan mind meld at some stage because I to hear that same damn inner voice all too often!
  13. Farlesquew

    CO-OP all bots

    Ok, some general ideas. Note that I'm playing these co-op games at breakfast (my time) as the server is quiet then so co-op is fast - so I'm tending to play these games at lower tiers (generally VI-VIII), which may mean different behaviour from higher tiers? Main thing I'm aware of is early bot DD behaviour: they tend to rush 'at' each other and generally one pair will ram-delete each other. Knowing this, I'll try to target the red DD before hand as being a DD up is always a good thing. Keep an eye out for cruisers and BBs doing something similar (though later in game, because being slower they take longer to close on each other). Cruisers and BBs don't tend to ram, but as they pass each other they tend to slow to a stop. Being aware of these moments provides great opportunities for hitting stopped/slow targets. You're possibly right re the BBs (late game) coming at you as a pack? I hadn't thought about it that way - I just figured it makes sense that as the green team diminishes the reds will converge on 'me'. Understand that this is how it plays out and think ahead so that you'll be able to use available hard cover and kite. A lol game in the Ishizuchi, I kited 4 reds for an eventual game win, pulling them behind me around hard cover. Note: the bots almost never play 'smart' for caps, so a cap-point loss is rare if you're thinking. Don't try too hard to hold a cap as they'll even pass right through a cap too fast to capture it! Focus on staying alive and being devious, and just re-capture when/where as necessary. If I'm in a DD, staying alive is essential. It's all too easy to treat the bots as dumb, forgetting that they can still delete you -_- I focus on 'helping' my team delete the red DDs, then I can stealth/ambush torp to my heart's delight. Cruisers I'll tend to repeat my usual error (!) and get over-hungry, but when successful I'll be smacking targets left, right and all over BUT I'll always try to be on an outer edge of the melee with some available hard cover if needed (unless I've got torps that allow me to be more aggressive). In BB play I'm simply more cautious. The major threat is torps, and of course avoiding showing a side. It's good practice (given my usual tendencies) to have to remember to conserve my HP (same applies to DDs and cruisers). Consider all green botes as meat shields. Consider holding your fire or delaying your emergence from hard cover until the red bot has engaged your 'team mate'. Then watch red turrets carefully (especially those of the biggest threats) as the bots tend to swap targets serially. You can play with their timing - they've just shot at a team mate and their turrets are turning towards you - get into cover or use smoke now - and their turrets will 'commit' towards another of your team mates meaning that you can get back to the dakka-dakka. You can avoid a lot of damage this way. Most of the above is probably just common sense and standard principles (?) but an all-bot co-op game seems to give (me at least) more clear thinking time to put it into practice (and practice is good!). I'm definitely noticing that things I've started to think about more in these games is coming across into my random games. All of the above changes though when you've got a few/more no-bots on your team. Then it's back to a centre rush for kills and xp before the battle is over! GLHF
  14. Farlesquew

    CO-OP all bots

    I often get all-bot co-op games early in the morning and I too enjoy them. In randoms, I'll often have (fraught) expectations re what my team mates will do, but in an all-bot battle I know I'm on my own and thus my thinking is clearer. And from that I'm consciously learning things I've previously failed to appreciate. I'm thinking ahead more about where I'll be next and what any decision will result in (in terms of the larger context) and how I can deal with multiple targets (all too often I get tunnel vision in randoms, but in these battles I know I have to deal with everything). Thankfully many of the non-bots that occasionally get into these morning battles may as well be bots. Like the Huanghe who sailed a perfect half ellipse around the map this morning. His guns were tracking the lone red remaining (CV) but he couldn't be bothered firing (weird behaviour). Excellent, more xp for me!
  15. Farlesquew

    Price discrimination of Friesland

    Ok, so it's a barging-barge barging ship, shipping barging barges and barges?