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  1. Ah Hermes... today's run was a classic. An Algerie at the start had no idea why I was trying to move to port in my Fiji (to get at the early scout planes). Much blowing of horns ensued. Fortunately another Fiji knew what he was doing and helped with the scout planes. Then at the first wave of BBs a Richelieu turned hard a-port across (actually right through) me and just kept plowing on regardless so that he could sail straight into the midst of them. Enthusiastic to 'get at them', I guess? He actually survived (barely), but subsequently was so out of position that he had absolutely no chance of getting to the heal area (it didn't seem that he understood anything about the scenario) so the first wave of planes finished him off. When I checked his profile post-scenario I was expecting newb stats. But the guy had nearly 4,000 battles and was a 10 in ranked play!? Perhaps he'd simply never done Hermes before? I'm still enjoying Hermes. A 5-star pug doesn't come easily but isn't impossible. Conversely, Ultimate Frustration has just descended into a chaotic sea of floating carnage and I'm not bothering with it for a while. Killer Whale is hit and miss. Strange how suddenly so many captains simply dash for the exit, abandoning completely achievable mission elements; but occasionally one or more captain/s will read (and understand) text messages and all goes well. I find Newport is a good challenge. It's only from reading the forums here that I learned not to hit the CVs early (a mechanic that I think applies across scenarios?). Winning usually depends on how many suicide or how many think they need to withdraw to heal after receiving 10% damage :/ But as long as the final attack isn't allowed to start early I enjoy the frequently close finishes the Newport dishes up: three of us left fighting for our lives to protect the base installations and repair ships.
  2. My only tier VIII thus far is an Edinburgh, so yeah, I groaned when I saw the final mission stage requirements. It actually ended up being its own kind of 'fun', finding targets that couldn't wipe me too quickly and waiting as long as I could before deleting them so that I could rack up some more secondary hits. Took me 29 co-op battles (and 5 much less 'effective' ranked battles, where I was obviously avoiding secondary distance where possible). That's an average of 16 secondary hits per battle. yeah, a Richelieu would have been a nice option!
  3. SEA Cables Broken AGAIN

    Not according to the cable owner's website. It's also the longest I've seen the cable down without a notification or post regarding ETR (estimated time of repair). I'm thinking they're not going to bother to fix it and we'll just be waiting until July (or later) for the new cable. Let's face it, the existing cable has been breaking so often it's probably not economically viable to continue reapiring it with new cables soon to land.
  4. Under sea cable gone again?

    Vocus own the cable and reported no isssues last night or currently. Maybe someone at an ISP last night simply forgot to feed their gerbil?
  5. Greatly helpful, both the content and the format, thank you. Definitely look forward to your take on cruisers (and if you get to destroyers). Cheers
  6. Varyag Marathon

    Ah, seems to have been a glitch. Logged in again later and it was gone.
  7. Varyag Marathon

    Okay, so I understood the Part 1/Part 2 idea and have already completed Part 1 once (scored 7 days of premium), but how come Part 1 is showing up again as a combat mission? I don't mind if WG are allowing me to win some more flags and another SC, but I'm hoping I haven't lost my progress?
  8. No outage currently reported on the cable owner's website. Of course, that may change... but let's hope not.
  9. I'm pretty sure the number of ships is the same, but it feels as though they're maybe traveling a nautical-smidgen faster (very technical naval term) and maybe firing quicker as well (all arms: aricraft, guns and torps)? I've played quite a few games and in the vast majority of cases the reds are crossing the base line and starting an early attack wave. In terms of player performance, so many are pushing forward too far, which predictably results in the DDs getting slaughtered and the BBs getting over-whelmed. Then, in the game I just played I started calling out directions (I've previously held back, considering myself too junior in the game) and team players clearly attempted to respond. So perhaps we've simply forgotten that this instance requires us to makes less assumptions and to appreciate the need to talk and work more actively and overtly together to get the job done? Thinks: perhaps this is what's intended - to force us to actually work together as teams. Such an out-landish notion!?
  10. Aircraft Carrier Operations?

    Ok, it's clearly a typo. But thank you, oh so much, thank you, for pointing that out (leave the guy alone already, sheesh).
  11. Alexandria, Taranto, Tobruk and Gibralter; the fjord where the Tirpitz hid for some of the war; plus Murmansk and Archangelsk.
  12. It was the William D. Porter. The Iowa ended up training its main guns on the Porter in case it was an assassination attempt, and following the incident the Porter's captain and entire crew were arrested for investigation.
  13. Prepare for UK BB combat mission

    Great answers, thanks guys. Seems like the one fire set was probably secondaries then. I'll check my other lines to see if I'm close to anything else that can burn those BBs.
  14. So I'm working my way through the 'Prepare for UK BB' combat mission and stage 3 requires me to set fire to battleships 10 times. Problem being that my only tier V is a British cruiser (yeah yeah) so I can only lob AP. I've been lucky enough to set 1 fire, but sheesh, it really feels like WG are rubbing the Brit AP limitations in my face, in a mission that's should be 'pro-RN'? No way I'll grind the captain skill points in time, but can anyone tell me if the tier III skill 'Demolition Expert' (+2% chance of fire caused by a main battery shell) would help British cruisers? If there at least some underlying chance to an AP shell to start a fire (it would seem so given that I've set one) to which that +2% would be added? Or was my one fire an utter fluke and it's going to be 2%'s chance in hell? Is anyone running Demolition Expert on their Brit cruisers? Cheers