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  1. Farlesquew

    Commonwealth ships

    +1 rep for the MTG card reference
  2. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Interesting, interesting. 'Perhaps' WG actually did something about the malignity that purchased our former clan. Evidence 1: the guy's play pattern is radically altered; i.e., 'the player' went from barely playing anymore to averaging 10 games/day. Evidence 2: the clan is now gone and the record identifies it as 'disbanded'. Looks like someone at WG noted the conversation here (including a mod; or my ticket) and disbanded the player. Unfortunately, none of we former members get anything out of that but a loss; i.e., in an imaginary world WG 'could' take all the oil we earned for that clan and transfer it to our new clan/s. But hey, at least the wallet warrior isn't benefiting anymore from our sweat. Other option: WG did nothing (yet), but the player became aware that their 'purchase' had been discussed on the forums and chose to disband the clan as a way of possibly dodging any potential hammer from WG? That way they at least get to keep the ships they purchased, if not the tier 10 clan perks. Egads, what a waste. That's life.
  3. Farlesquew

    0.8.2 Update Done

    HMS TOG II, and a fine ship she is!
  4. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Thanks to everyone in the thread for helping out, very much appreciated. HUGE gratitude in particular to the leadership from AN-DO ( @blauflamme22 and @PWNstar007_steel ) for their offer of a new port. They're a decent and fun couple of guys. In the end, the consensus decision is to sail with @Taipan17 and TF44 as the smoothest fit for our group of members. May your citadels stay safe and your enemies expose their broadsides! Cheers all.
  5. Farlesquew

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    Completed; though I got doubloons because I purchased the Exeter at the start. Unusual behaviour for me, but it was one ship I wanted (history buff) but I knew I would be afk for work for at least a week and didn't want to feel harassed by the grind. The 7 achievements I got done in 9 battles (the start of a glorious freaky 13 game winning streak!). The 750,000 damage grind sounded grindy, so I did it grindy and it felt grindy-boring. The 3 kills was the most challenging and kept slipping through my fingers. If I took a DD I often didn't last long enough to achieve third kill (over eager/stoopeed). If I took a BB there were often too few targets by the time I got into position (everyone else was evidently also madly grinding the same stage; even including a guy from VOR),; and if I took a CL, well see the above re over eager/stoopeed (there's only so much player error an RN heal can deal with). I expected the 20 citadels might be a challenge, but BB AP was consistent in delivering me 1-3 citadels per battle and given that I've got the Warspite, QE, KGV and Nelson that got most of it done. But the clear 'Best Ship in Fleet' for that section of the stage was my Fiji that scored 9 citadels in the single battle (thank you Rear Admiral Christopher Hardy). I didn't actually feel any negative influence on my game play because of the stage, other than it making me play a lot of co-op to get it done ASAP.
  6. Whose a purrr-tee pussy cat? You'ze da purrr-tee pussy cat! Damn that cat's having a great time
  7. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    As the clan's only deputy, I had started to wonder what he was up to as the amount he played in the last couple of months had really slowed down, making it look as if he'd lost interest in the game. And he'd never appeared to actually interact much with the members... which I had taken to mean it was simply a clan formed to grind and share the benefits of oil. But recently he didn't spend a lot of oil and was stock piling it and I asked him why and he said 'trust me' (hm...) and then he spent it on a +5% bonus Steel port facility - which I quietly considered somewhat selfish as it would only benefit a minority of the clan members (including me, but there were other, more generally useful facilities to finish off first, I thought). And then he repeated it - accumulating over 30,000 oil (iirc) before booting us. He's unlikely to ever finish the steel facility if it's just him in the clan as the second upgrade requires 90,000 oil. And he doesn't appear to have spent any of that 30,000 oil (as the other facilities that he could have upgraded for everyone still look to be where they were). So what actually happened? Well, the clan's single member has now played 52 games since the booting, which is WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of character with the former leader's play pattern. So it appears likely that he did in fact sell the clan to some other selfish warrior wallet who is now happily playing with the benefit of everyone else's oil. I yes, I have messaged the guy multiple times, and he doesn't ever reply. Oh well, them's the breaks I guess.
  8. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Thanks Grygus . I've already had an offer by another clan to take some of us as refugees if we don't re-boot; and there's a gift offer from a saint to help with the clan establishment price. Stuff to consider. So, despite the bitter taste of the previous leader's actions, the outcome is actually bringing some very positive community aspect to the fore
  9. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    There was actually very little internal clan activity, largely due to the lack of a shared language. It was largely solo players who benefited from the oil perks, that's all. I managed to get some into a Clan Battle only once. The leader never even tried (to my knowledge). So, definitely no problems I know of. It looks like a simply, selfish act to get us to grind his oil and then keep it for himself. Truly odd and unnecessary behaviour. Of course, the guy may be having a personal life crisis and we just got caught up in the aftermath - that's always a possibility - in which case I wish him health.
  10. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Well, I know the guy's stats, and it's clearly still him (or at least his account). So if the 'former leader' has 'sold' the clan, the new owner is either intending to roll on with the account or is yet to bring in his/her own account. Meh, we move on.
  11. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Ahem... /cough /cough /wink /wink (yep). All the details (including that everyone 'left') are included in the relevant asia.wows-numbers.com record. It's absolutely clear what has happened. I was the clan's only deputy and I was told nothing. I just happened to be in-game at the time of 'the act' and had noticed the IGN that I didn't recognise (I initially assumed it was a new member). It turned out to be the new IGN of our leader, who was evidently in the process of booting all members with no message to anyone. Hopefully he doesn't treat everyone he meets in life this way, or the karma is really going to bite one day. C'est la vie.
  12. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Nice to hear from a Moderator, thank you. It's somewhat unfortunate as WG will benefit from the 1,000 gold we'll have to pay to reform the clan, plus some previous members will be disenfranchised (left out) because we'll be re-starting from scratch (i.e., only 30 members, not our previous 45-of-50). But I can certainly understand why WG doesn't want to get itself entangled in the viscera of clans.
  13. Farlesquew

    Why some Operation/Scenarios are missing?

    Upside: we get to grind credits in Narai more often. I also miss the carriers in Aegis and Killer Whale. The simple trade out for more ships reduces the variety in the remaining operations. Still, we'll just have to be patient (hopefully not until infinity!)
  14. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    I found the rules as I was trying to roll a new clan (at my expense, then re-invite everyone and do the grind afresh). Not easy, as we'd start at 30 members (so some would miss out), and then because I've 'left a clan recently' the engine won't let me roll a clan until the 31st of March (3 days away). So now I've got to message everyone to explain what our leader did and apologize, oh fun. Thanks for the contacts Grygus. Is the @drakon233 idea that you refer to the comment that 'clan politics is enough of a cesspool without WG's involvement'? Fair enough. I was a clan leader in WoTBlitz for ~2 years, and had quietly hoped I'd left this kind of behaviour behind. C'est la vie, I guess. Edit addition: I've messaged HuginnKR, per your suggestion (thanks).
  15. Farlesquew

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Thanks Grygus. The old leader is thus far ignoring direct in-game messages and a person email. Is there a moderator you'd recommend? I'm not up on their names or where to find them?