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  1. snYpr69

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    Really, you are going to talk smack about a clan whose members are similar in performance to you? We aren't a superunicum clan like VOR, but we aren't idiots who don't know how to play. I agree, I don't like to pull out people's stats. What really matters is if you are trying to learn and improve. All good players will encourage you and give you tips. It is criticism, and people respond to it in different ways. Take it positively, most of the time it isn't personal. Think Gordon Ramsey. And even if someone is flaming you, if you just respond positively most of the time they will stop. The next time someone says "idiot why are you hiding at the back" to you, instead of replying "shut up fool", maybe ask "thanks, what should I do to improve?" and in 90% of cases the flamer will either stop or he will give you advice. Watch this, it is actually enlightening, instead of just hitting the report button and saying "shut up bobo" But if you just want to be a troll or have no desire to win or just want to do something idiotic (like rushing the enemy carrier as the lone DD on your team in a T10 game), no one will spare any mercy for you. Go play coop.
  2. snYpr69

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    I am proud of our clan tag, but it's disheartening when people look down on us because of the associated Aussie stigma. Fortunately whilst our clan may do some trolly stuff in low tiers (think triple Kamikaze or triple Nikolai div), we play to win. We don't throw and we rarely insult people for no reason. However if I see the rest of my team being stupidly baited by a single BB into the enemy spawn instead of pushing the next cap whilst I am focus fired or killed defending it, I will call them out on it.
  3. snYpr69

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    I don't like calling people out on stats, but they do offer some insight into the average performance of a player. content modified content modified, stat shaming / insult, user sanctioned ~tc1259 I guess we need to change our clan tag.
  4. eh so its not for respeccing?
  5. Hey guys, Starting today, the October Special Missions have started. Specifically from October 2 to October 10, there is a 60% discount on commander retraining, as stated here: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/mission-october-2017/ Is it possible for the development team to be contacted from one of the forum admins to enable the discount? K Thx Bye
  6. snYpr69

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Queen Elizabeth Submissions

    IGN: snYpr69 Damage: 126k
  7. snYpr69

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Bellerophon Submission thread

    IGN: snYpr69 Damage: 85k
  8. snYpr69

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Orion Submission thread

    IGN: snYpr69 Damage: 91k
  9. snYpr69

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Iron Duke Submissions

    IGN: snYpr69 Damage: 95k
  10. Hey everybody, I've set up my Patreon, so if you like what you see send me some love. I discuss the upcoming Kii, Graf Zepellin and the changes to smoke, radar and IFHE. See you all in game!
  11. snYpr69

    how to mahan?

    Here's my guide, I posted it on reddit a while back. It's a little out dated and focused on ranked, but I'm sure you can figure it out. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7nT7S17yRsvX1d2bWE0VXRHWmM
  12. snYpr69

    Nelson - to buy or not to buy?

    Why is there no option for "Already have 400k free XP" Also why is there no option for "Still saving 1.2 mil free XP for Musashi"
  13. snYpr69

    Buying a Premium Ship Guide

    It's because the standard tech tree ships have been powercreeped by newer releases and the changes to captain skills. The Belfast, and similarly Kutuzov, would be half as effective if IFHE was removed. As a result BB's would be a lot more dominant in T7.
  14. snYpr69

    Buying a Premium Ship Guide

    Thanks! will do next time