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    emile bertin

    Agreed. The whole number of citadel hits I got on Emile when grinding from Wyoming to Colorado is no more than 10 times. Always over penetrated. The number of being set on fire? Don't even ask me.
  2. Yamato has overwhelming 460 mm guns, but it doesn't mean she is overwhelming in Tier 10. Even Ishizuchi is more powerful in Tier 4 than Yamato in Tier 10. As mentioned above by experienced player, Tier 10 gameplay is cruel and you don't expect much fun from it. Furthermore, credit will be a problem, too. I am afraid that if IJN BB line is the only line you have and finally you grind it to Tier 10, then you will be disappointed easily. Briefly, to have a good game experience of playing Yamato, you need a) expert ballistics; b) high tier premium ships and/or premium account to support it economically, and maybe a few low tier but powerful at their tier ships to fill in the time after Yamato is sunk. Have fun!