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  1. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    @RalphTheTheatreCat thanks Ralph!
  2. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    I’m something of a warships fan myself.
  3. 由于NDA的原因,我不能说太多,只能说AL和wows联动三期有实锤企划,但没有敲定是什么船,具体的消息请以开发者日志为准。
  4. 没有,等任何一方官宣谢谢。 现在没有消息证明碧蓝的3期联动。
  5. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    What happens to Puerto Rico if you don’t complete it?

    3 words answer u question: work busy,bye.
  6. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    Puerto Rico, time to abandon ship

    Don't talk anything,pay to win.no body play this game 24 hours everyday,Even though this game fantastic player。
  7. A total of 12 boosters are available in the Dockyard: The first booster will be activated free of charge. You can activate it immediately after Update 0.8.11 goes live to instantly obtain your first Shipbuilding Points and corresponding rewards. Eight boosters are available in exchange for Shipbuilding Tokens. Their total cost is 2,400 Shipbuilding Tokens: The first and second boosters cost 200 Tokens The third and fourth boosters cost 300 Tokens The fifth to eighth boosters cost 350 Tokens Three boosters are available in exchange for doubloons. Their total cost is 24,000 doubloons. SEE this,IF you are the poor man and U want get Puerto Rico , Quit U Job,Quit U college,And let's play this game everyday!OHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH BABY!not to do anything,playthis game is ture!the ture thing in your life! I don't know why the WOWS staff want we must spend money or play this game everyday,I love this game,but I am not love this game like yandere girl.hope the missson will be easy.
  8. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    spend 30000 doubloons get French IX DD?

    hmmmm....If this ship is premium ships,I will spend money to get this ships,But This is NOT PREMIUM SHIPS,This is not about rich or poor national people spend money easy or not,I post in the froum to tell WG,U are not EA,do some interest content(event),And people will like D*TA2:“shut up and take my money“”
  9. Having obtained all these bundles, a special random bundle will become available for 1,000 doubloons. For random bundles all the rewards are visible in advance: the bundles’ contents and their amounts are displayed when viewing the currently available bundle. After each random bundle exchange, one new random bundle opens out of 30 available. One of the random bundles drops Tier IX French destroyer IX Mogador with the French Navy permanent camouflage. What?IF I am not lucky,I must spend 30,000 doubloons to get French DD(not premium ship)?
  10. I am happy to play with everybody,but in chinese soical bbs(tieba),i see this post.I don't know why this guy's thinking.I know everybody want OP ships in this game,but STplayer job is give recommend and help development to banlance the game.I hear this guy is NA player? this is my translation,and this post link&screenshot. [Image deleted] translate: We've try our best to keep this ship's data(average dameage) down, and now the STplayer test this ships damage has gone up by 150000+. But sometimes, no matter what you do, you always meet like RNG's teammates. (RNG is chinese LOL pro game club,RNG is very weak in LOL). PS.and this guy comment on the CC UOcat upload video. hey uocat, let's talk about press down this AD data, or the ship will be debuff. 24 kilometers a round against Tilpitz 30, 000 DM, 17 kilometers a round against Montana 6 rounds of core. By the time the ship didn't fly together with nine shells, it would have averaged more than 150000 damage in game. Hope WG give us answer. [Text deleted]
  11. I know the develop team need balance the new ships in games,but some ships is not characteristics,for example,yukikaze not type F3 trop,is type 93 mod buff,8km 76 knot speed,and nothing about other characteristics。but why always must be kagero-class or like kagero-class(asashio-class 『asashio』),and why develop team not give us new Japanese premium ca(tier 8)or cl?only atago?(and ARP TAKAO,new player can not get this one now)
  12. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    why !? CV

    Fighter is good arms in the WW2,but we know this game for warships in the worldwars1&2,we need hit another team warships,not fight to planes,before the 0.8.0,cv is support other warships in the game,now dd should be support character in the game,you know in Asia sever,every player want to be the『carry character』,so dd player and cv player always to quarrel 『WG should be delete other party warships teach trees』until now。
  13. The super test qualification invitation is over, and although I didn't become a ST player, I'm glad WG and community contributors gave me this opportunity to qualify for this selection. Perhaps my English is not very good, as a three-year WOWS player, in the future I will continue to support WOWS and help ST players to do a good job. I hope can be a good Member to WOWS next time!🧡 Full ahead!
  14. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    salem or jean bart

    IF next season rank battle is tier IX again,i will choose JB,have all the tierX is my dream🤔