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  1. I am happy to play with everybody,but in chinese soical bbs(tieba),i see this post.I don't know why this guy's thinking.I know everybody want OP ships in this game,but STplayer job is give recommend and help development to banlance the game.I hear this guy is NA player? this is my translation,and this post link&screenshot. [Image deleted] translate: We've try our best to keep this ship's data(average dameage) down, and now the STplayer test this ships damage has gone up by 150000+. But sometimes, no matter what you do, you always meet like RNG's teammates. (RNG is chinese LOL pro game club,RNG is very weak in LOL). PS.and this guy comment on the CC UOcat upload video. hey uocat, let's talk about press down this AD data, or the ship will be debuff. 24 kilometers a round against Tilpitz 30, 000 DM, 17 kilometers a round against Montana 6 rounds of core. By the time the ship didn't fly together with nine shells, it would have averaged more than 150000 damage in game. Hope WG give us answer. [Text deleted]
  2. I know the develop team need balance the new ships in games,but some ships is not characteristics,for example,yukikaze not type F3 trop,is type 93 mod buff,8km 76 knot speed,and nothing about other characteristics。but why always must be kagero-class or like kagero-class(asashio-class 『asashio』),and why develop team not give us new Japanese premium ca(tier 8)or cl?only atago?(and ARP TAKAO,new player can not get this one now)
  3. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    why !? CV

    Fighter is good arms in the WW2,but we know this game for warships in the worldwars1&2,we need hit another team warships,not fight to planes,before the 0.8.0,cv is support other warships in the game,now dd should be support character in the game,you know in Asia sever,every player want to be the『carry character』,so dd player and cv player always to quarrel 『WG should be delete other party warships teach trees』until now。
  4. The super test qualification invitation is over, and although I didn't become a ST player, I'm glad WG and community contributors gave me this opportunity to qualify for this selection. Perhaps my English is not very good, as a three-year WOWS player, in the future I will continue to support WOWS and help ST players to do a good job. I hope can be a good Member to WOWS next time!🧡 Full ahead!
  5. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    salem or jean bart

    IF next season rank battle is tier IX again,i will choose JB,have all the tierX is my dream🤔
  6. cmmo?flag?or credit?(I guess will not have the premium ships in this comtainer)
  7. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    这是我玩过最垃圾的版本 没有之一

  8. 你好闲啊,你不上班嘛,我记得今天是周五吧,大家都在上班诶.......
  9. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    Hey,My friend,here is the question.How does the Supertester to Works?and I am so sorry about my Frist questions,I mean Become the supertester,What serivce does we connect?If we connect the independent services, How about My formal services account?Should I spead another time to finsh My formal services account event(month&daily) Misson?
  10. ACGtsukkomi_Poi


    本人是个垃圾,胜率没过50%,有幸得到WG的青睐,去年参与了CV rework服的测试(虽然仅仅参与了第一波,后续测试因为工作忙碌没有继续),就第一波而言与现在8.0.0版本的CV rework相比真的好的太多,虽然没啥大能耐,你现在看到的版本是完完全全经过包括我在内的所有的,在全世界战舰世界玩家里得到测试资格的CV rework玩家和超测玩家封闭测试,之后是超测玩家再测试,之后PT(公开测试服,所有玩家皆可参与的测试服)玩家测试等人的测试回馈的结果,虽然不能代表全体玩家,但我至少我保证我自己用中国式英文写的report送给WG,我也在report里面说了,这种改动会对旧航母玩家——特别是喜欢RTS模式的玩家带来不好的体验,还有一些从来没有参与过任何测试的玩家(包括PT服)会在论坛或者一些论坛专有WOWS板块抱怨为什么会这么改动,但我也觉得这样会对一些RTS不太上手的玩家和没有那种能像真实CV那样能操控飞机的投弹位置的玩家更能有种在操控飞机的感觉,诚然我们的建议代表不了包括发帖的您在内所有玩家,但我们大家都希望这个游戏可以活得长一点,毕竟两次大战的包括图纸在内的史实舰船并不是那么多。 我也理解您为什么这样诉求:因为这种改动不符合您想要在这个游戏玩爽的利益,那种回回能打出100K+的伤害+2艘以上击沉的快感。 我也不是什么WG的员工,也不想说我在维护WG,主要是看到自己在内的我们这些玩家的测试引来您在内的部分玩家的反感,感到很难受。是我们这些测试玩家的不周到。再次对您说一声抱歉。现在呈现的版本都是我们写出的报告而得成的。对您造成了困扰。真的很抱歉。但我还是希望您自己摸索出新的对付CV或者使用CV的方法,事物不会永远一成不变。
  11. ACGtsukkomi_Poi

    这是我玩过最垃圾的版本 没有之一

  12. I am joking,I am not"party of Miku",but seriously,MIku is very popular character in Japan&China(Midland),SO they say"三玖天下第一“(三玖天下一番だ・Miku is No.1 around world),maybe it is deffient culture,In this comic everybody is cute(lovely),Let's see how the next in the comic.
  13. In Update 8.0.0,Irian sell in arsenal,here is the qusetion,IF I am not lucky,I well spend more Money.is means like other tier VIII ships double price to get this ships.so why does WG do that?and this ship will be sell on the premium shop?
  14. 三玖天下一番だ!MIku NO.1 Nino NO.2!