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  1. Nasil

    Kongo quest

    thank a lot
  2. Nasil

    Kongo quest

    Do i need to have normal Kongo to get special Kongo? I finish quest but didn't get Arp Kongo
  3. at low tier as DD I often get close to any type of ship then torp them but when i get mid tier everything change I often play Hide&Torp with BB but someone can't adapt at all
  4. Nasil

    soo why bother with Battleships?

    Myogi with full upgrade has 18-19(22-23 with recon)km range it is not short but Kawachi with 8-9km is short as hell even shorter than CA. With Kawachi you can get doom by most CA without have them in your range = =
  5. I am pure japan player and have a Problem at shot down plane mission.... Is it worthy to get Houshou only to do mission?