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  1. Ace_Fade

    Atlanta - HE/AP

    Hey guys I wanted to know if the Atlanta's AP can pen a BB's armour at really close range? Let's say about <6 km Thx in advance
  2. Ace_Fade

    SG event WG 2016 April 21 doubloon

    Passed it to dead_man_walking. If u still want the ticket no.s, here it is: #201668 and #210106
  3. Ace_Fade

    SG event WG 2016 April 21 doubloon

    I don't know how to get in contact with them. It's different. I have gotten that already. This one's from the events
  4. Ace_Fade

    SG event WG 2016 April 21 doubloon

    Yes I have done it multiple times but they have denied the fact that I have got it. I have proof from my friends who have attended there. Still, they denied it.
  5. Hello all, how do i get in contact with on of the producers so i can talk about this issue. I am supposed to receive from WG due to the strikes i got in the bowling during the event. I didn't get any doubloons, so i need help on this. Thanks