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  1. Thanks for all the replies and that video link, so far i'm liking the Myogi albeit its dispersion is rather trollish long range or close range but i think its a solid ship as i can get around more than i could with the Kawachi.
  2. Hello fellow Captains, I'm relatively new to the game, recently just got the Myogi after grinding out the Kawachi(That was quite an experience) and soon after using some Free Xp to unlock all of the Myogi's upgrades i'm finding that i'm struggling when shooting targets at long range, usually i do ranging shot then adjust my lead w/c mostly works against Battleships(not so much against IJN ones though) and my second technique is using the lead indicator that show how long before the shot lands. For cruisers i found its usually shell travel time +1sc or 2sc and for Battle ships if its a Kongo its Half the time + 1sc for slow US Battleships its just usually half the travel time or half -1sc. Now i was wondering what you more experienced captains use and if possible could share it with me