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  1. Fire Side has given up lol... and now WG is SPAMMMING notifications to sign up for this event.... I remove one notification and another pops up all the time... WG is DESPERATE TO FIX THIS LOL WATER IS LIFE, WATER IS POWER!!! YOU WILL NOT EXTINGUISH US WG!!
  2. xaerostrike

    Clash of Elements Event Announcement

    So true.... and this needs to be posted everywhere...
  3. xaerostrike

    Clash of Elements Event Announcement

    LOL event is rigged now... Fire team players have given up now, WG Screwed them over and lost trust in WG over this scandal "Players can collect up to 300 coins in one round. For each round, the personal milestones are reset. Team progress is a sum of the progress of all players in the team." ^ That is IMPOSSIBLE for normal players Top MVP 100 players? Seriously ? WG do you not care about those that have JOBS and or School ?! It is very clear now that WG does not care about the players that DO THE REAL HARD WORK OF HAVING A JOB AND SCHOOL WORK, in stead, WG rewards those with no life, no job and do nothing for there community or loved ones..... There is no way in hell that School or work will leave room for these people to play 10+ hours a day to have any chance of getting in on the top 100.... I am on a Farm, so I can pick when I play and even with about 5 hours a day I barely managed to get 155 points in the first round as it is.... this is totally unreasonable behavior from WG, its no wonder that players are giving up on the Fire Team and WoWS....... WG needs to wake up to them selfs.... WG needs to embrace all players no matter if they have School or Work or Not..... WG needs to treat everyone with RESPECT, Treat everyone as EQUALS.... I hope Water team wins 3 in a row.... that will send a clear message that this event is rigged, poorly designed and managed..... more players will loose faith even more in WG during and after this event