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  1. Togo1986

    option to report intentional teamkiller

    I heard WG wont investigate for screenshots as evident though.
  2. I think there should be option to report intentional teamkiller. There are only option to report bot, misbehave in chat but there is no option to report intentional teamkiller. There is a co-op battle in Fault line map and started at 12:50 13/12/2016. There was a guy named [content removed] playing as Belfast. He was on my team and he shot at me when I was trying evasive manoeuvre under rain of fire from enemy. he then claimed that I blocked his shots and calling me a fool. I then told him I was trying to evade and asked him that what else I could do under such circumstance. He didnt answer then he shot at me again and again I just escaped the death zone from enemy fire. I asked him the reason then he told me "I can send you back to the port, [content removed]" (wow, someone has a Chinese name as [content removed] calling other [content removed]?). This time, I returned fires so we both exchanged fire and then we both received teamkilling penalty and it keep going until the penalty sunk my Kirov. Am I the victim here? Isnt this penalty unfair for me? Why do I have to get the same penalty with him? Unfortunately, I wasnt recording the battle so I cant attach it here. Naming and shaming. Post edited, user warned. Do not under any circumstances shoot your team mates or return fire. The TK Penalty system is automated, and does not discriminate. ~amade
  3. The requirement for ARP Myoko is playing tier 7 cruiser. Then if I have tier 7 cruiser Myoko, why do I even care about ARP Myoko anyway? Shouldnt this requirement turn down to tier 6 cruisers?
  4. Togo1986

    Aim bot

    I am quite confident in my dodging skills and such implying I never sailing straight line. Generally, I can dodge from one BB or CA. It is impossible to dodge a group of 3 or 4 BB/CA. Most of the time, when I was dodging and returned fired from CA, then BB at their back give a single salvo and BOOM. Done, that's it.
  5. Togo1986

    Aim bot

    Where was it, I am talking about 12 km? Obviously, some people don't know how to read properly.
  6. Togo1986

    Aim bot

    I think most of BB and late tier CA players using aim bot. I got into many matches and most of the time, BB stay @ the back and fired their extremely powerful cannons with extremely long range at extremely accurate. I am not talking about 5 km or 12 km, I am talking about above 12 km. 9 out of 10, I got direct hit. It is like late tiers ships are inapproachable, be it CA or DD except those Japanese DD.