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  1. HKG_Zer0


  2. 晉不了級是你問題
  3. HKG_Zer0

    CC's Leaving

    When Graf Zeppelin and Kaga were being nerf specifically, none of these cc spoke.
  4. HKG_Zer0

    New CV mechanics

    You already assume CV is op. Nothing I can talk with this tomato player. If you think cv is op, post.your stat to proof it.
  5. HKG_Zer0

    New CV mechanics

    While I search for your stat, I found that you never played cv. Go and try it before you say CV is too comfortable.
  6. HKG_Zer0

    New CV mechanics

    I don't mind getting back the difficult RTS game play with the 1 strike 1kill.
  7. HKG_Zer0

    New CV mechanics

    Please look at the vote above and those "positive feedback" comes from which guy. The mechanics is totally useless and some rockets are difficult to hit targets even it is a bb. There are some people saying that's my problem but please check my stats on cv. Now, there are too much dd(5in a game) and the balance is broken. When 1 DD dies, the game is fallen as a snowball. BTW. the dispersion is already bad in some CVS. Check the gif below. Planes were already to farm dd in last patch.
  8. I don't know why WG will do such changes rockets plane can't farm DD easily now Number of CV player will largely decrease which means your rework fails.
  9. HKG_Zer0


    你講得好呀 50%以下一律應該banned to play 樓主你快D po 你戰績比新手示範下
  10. 看 整隊看到強力DD不敢推進 看到CV則無所畏懼 還有人說CV OP
  11. HKG_Zer0

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    It should be overpriced. What I am seeing is a bunch of noobs playing that yamato in TX.
  12. HKG_Zer0

    [公告] 0.9.9版本航空母艦相關

    炸彈,魚雷,火箭將不再交叉掉落或與其他炮彈的軌跡相交。位於左側的炮彈將掉落在左側,位於右側的炮彈將掉落在右側。 Same problem happens in Graf Zepplin
  13. HKG_Zer0


  14. HKG_Zer0

    WG 去的排名

    100場銀線船上r1揮手 我可沒這個問題
  15. HKG_Zer0


    把cv共享視野取消 所有攻擊4倍好了