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  1. ichi_zero

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    i'ts the most buggy updates since i played world of warships in 2016, i got a "loading" bug in the port. it says to do a check game integrity after that i was downloaded 4 gigs of data. the news said that it could even download 20 gigs of data. so i just wanna ask, the data that i've downloaded, is that already compressed? because it says that cold be download 20 gigs of data, even the clean install is only download 16 gigs of compressed data. so i was confused.
  2. ichi_zero

    Pan-Asian Tech Tree

    i think there was some miss spelled name especially on indonesian ship, i think it should be KRI GADJAH MADA not KRI GADJAH MADAH like it was written there,
  3. ichi_zero

    "Battle" button bug

    Hello, the battle button is half hidden, it happened when entering operation of the week (when clicking the button) at first, but after i exit form operation of the week and change it to random battle the button is half hidden
  4. ichi_zero

    User Interface Bug

    Hello I've logged in to world of warship like always, entering battle but when I change the view mode in to sniper mode I've got this I'm try to enter another battle to see if it's fixed but it still the same Another thing is I'm Using En Language Pack, but when i selected an unsuitable ship for the hunt for bismarck (Tier 4 and below) it displayed some russian text (in Cyrillic)
  5. ichi_zero

    fps drop after update

    Same Issues. I got i3-3217u 6 Gigs of Ram and AMD R5-M240 - before updates I can played in 18-45 Fps but after updates this morning fps dropped to 6 FPS, I cant even aim to enemy ships.Hope they will fixed it quickly
  6. ichi_zero

    Custom music issue after Update 0.5.12

    having the same issue, it doesn't on 5.11, but after update 5.12 . my opinion is, when the client start, it loaded the music to your RAM and start playing it, but when we open the setting, the client is refreshing the list and loaded again to the RAM and starts playing again without replacing the music loaded before, but that's will not gonna true 'cause the game client need restart to play the music, so i think, when we opened the option it plays directly from the hard drive, even it is buffered in ram with different address in RAM. i don't think that my opinion is true 'cause i don't know how the music player work. At my video, you can see the that my song played not well.