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  1. mazed_1831

    Wgat is an Ognevoi?

    Its a great ship. Go concealment build. The torps are really good with flat gun arcs. The torp reload speed is decent. With the upgraded guns it has very good 180 turn time. It gets def aa (but thats ...). Be careful going in caps right away due to higher conceal. General playstyle for me is mixed torp/ gunboat (haven't played a lot but the ship seemed solid to me). As most dds have floaty shells engagements beyond 7 km suits it and the guns hit well. Play it primarily as a torp boat and go in caps a bit later and everything should work out nicely.
  2. mazed_1831

    How to CV

    Thanks a lot for the guides. It actually will help in my play. 🙂
  3. mazed_1831

    How to CV

    I have all for T4 lines. In terms of ease of doing damage I found usn line to be the most friendly. With IJn line I have 100% loss (4 games total). So need one/ two line that I want to grind. As I have barely any experience in this class I was thinking usn and km, with KM my primary line. Up to T4 my wr and damage was somewhat acceptable for km. However t6 seems to be kicking my ass. I'm doing average 40k damage while mostly uptiered. So any advise is good advise for me at this point 🙂
  4. mazed_1831

    How to CV

    I'm currently at t6 with Weser. I have around 4k games total but only 50 or so games in CV. My T4 experience with KM line was ok but t6 ship seems to be underwhelming (maybe in large part due to my poor experience). So need basic tips. I understand from where to start the drop but getting them bow or stern on for dB is a bit difficult for the continuous movement (same for getting broadsides of cruisers for rockets). So need some tips on these things. Also seeing I'm new to this class any advise will be highly appreciated. Unfortunately I don't have any vids to share with you guys for now.
  5. mazed_1831

    How to CV

    Hi all, I have recently started playing CVs. And primarily play DDs with a blend of BB and CA. However I'm experiencing difficulty in aiming with DBs especially KM line ones. Would appreciate any guidance or advise on this. One last advise would be aiming with the KM rockets on cruisers as I fail to achieve the declared cits 😉 TIA and don't bash me pls for trying out CVs
  6. mazed_1831

    Secondary server

    Hi All, I'm still relatively new in WoWs and have played solely in SEA server. I was thinking of having a second account in another server now that we don't have to download a full client. Which one would be different in terms of playstyle from our existing server as a change in pace and rythm? TIA
  7. mazed_1831

    No wonder why my Karma stays at 0

    Whtas the purpose of those karma IRL?
  8. mazed_1831

    Asymmetric battles

    Best way to play (being T8 ships) is to cover both flanks. I.e. one bb on flank and rest ship on the other. The lone bb goes to a flank and kites for the very beginning. Keeping 15km distance from cruises. That way the cruisers are enticed to go after the lone bb but the range means bb can survive longer. While most attention is on you your teams flanks and citadel the shit out of you. In alternate scenario if the lone bb doesn't face any/ much opposition then it can move in to flank and do serious damage. This strategy seems to be working for me. One last thing is the T8 team should not yolo in but rather wait until the herd have thinned out.
  9. Just sharing my experience in recent times. I have noticed that there are a lot of uncoordinated matches during morning to noon games (5 a.m. to 11 a.m. UTC). Consequently I have been experiencing a lot more losses (around 40% wr). This situation drastically changes after that time in the evening to early nights (1 p.m. to 5 p.m. UTC) where my wr is generally above 55%. Have anybody else faced something of this sort?
  10. mazed_1831

    A quick Sprint

    I played solely Chung Mu with radar this season and found it to be surprisingly effective. A very good counter to kita when it smokes up. In most of the match I ended up at the top as the torps are op in these kind of game mode where the bbs are rushing. But true is the brawling ships that are at an advantage.
  11. mazed_1831

    Loosing in Chung Mu suddenly

    What I understand is that dd play strategy needs to change to adapt to current situations. Basically with dds having 10 km torp range u cant spot and torp at the same time and dds needs to pick up the role depending on match requirements then. But in that case my team is vulnerable to red dd torps coz I'm not trying to spot it or its torps not to mention contesting caps. Reading map is all good but radar will be there and trying to bait it and then contest during cool down (radar) whittle away the hp pool. I guess I'm still trying to find a strategy for rccetivr dd play eith mid range torps 😛
  12. mazed_1831

    Loosing in Chung Mu suddenly

    I have yue yang but prefer the chung mu .... but under current conditions i've given up playing the t9-10 dds. Hopefully things will be better and i can return to dd play
  13. Guys help me out here. For the past week i'm having absolutely bad games in my Chung Mu. First 200 matches with wr around 57% and now its down to 53%. The 10km torps doesn't seem to be effective anymore against targets given the high number of radar and the general tendency to stay a bit back. Trying to get the flanks and the team just melts. Any advise or guidance will be highly appreciated.
  14. mazed_1831

    Guidance on KM BB line

    Thanks a lot for all the advise. My current w/r (after some good games) is 55% (67 games played) with average of 54k damage (in recent games it goes around 70k - after taking into considerations the advises from you all). As for my build it have PM, AR, SI, AFT, Manual fire control (currently at 14 pts captain). Thinking about the fire prevention or ifhe or Bos & AR. The guidances that you have put forward have been really helpful and i really enjoy the ship mid game where it can take on 3 bbs and come out victorious. However the secondaries seems a bit underwhelming (average 20k with another 10-15k in fires, hence the thought of IFHE). I plan to have 2 captains - one for the t9 and another dedicated for the t10 as the later seems to have a longer turret traverse.
  15. mazed_1831

    Guidance on KM BB line

    Could you share your captains build?