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  1. wowsgod

    Update 0.11.3 Bug Report Thread

    Subject : Conde - In Battle - Ship - Wrong reloading time display Description : When my battery reloading time and reload booster ended together, I fired immediately. It showed that reloading time was 50 seconds , but it was actually 15 seconds. Category : Visual effects Target Version : Steps to Reproduce : Select Conde. Open a Training Room and select the map Islands (Standard Battle). Use alternative mode to fire. When battery reloading time comes to 30 seconds(exectly double of the reload booster duration), use reload booster. When battery reloading time and reload booster end together, fire immediately. Results : It shows that reloading time is 50 seconds , but it is actually 15 seconds. Expected Results : Shows reloading time correctly.  Date of issue : 2022.04.22 Time of Issue : About 1115 UTC+8 Realm : ASIA These are the original battle replay(Time: 10:30 after the battle started) and reproduction in training room. 20220422_110644_PFSC111-Conde_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay 20220422_121045_PFSC111-Conde_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay WoWS_report.wgc python.log
  2. wowsgod

    Supertest is Recruiting!

    Wondering if you still working on this or it's ended?
  3. wowsgod

    Supertest is Recruiting!

    Have filled the application. Really looking forward to contributing to this game and community.
  4. wowsgod


    排位赢了一把 出去看没有加星星 怎么回事???白打了??