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  1. Twilight6797

    Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    let's hope sometime soon, wg would be generous to us old timers, something like this ... players who have played for: 3 years + : 300% db bonus between 2 years and 3 years : 200% db bonus between 1 year and 2 years: 100% db bonus below 1 year: 50% db bonus good way to keep players to continue playing. however, my wallet would be cryin'...
  2. Twilight6797

    Wows in one sentence contest

    the one rng-based ship game to rule all other rng-based ship games
  3. Twilight6797

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    practice makes perfect...not in co-op only. being bad at something initially doesn't mean one would get bad at it forever.
  4. Twilight6797

    Winrate is Meaningless

    there, [VOR] on the enemy team...with the standard DD-CA-BB div, no offense to them, great team as always. forgot to mention, balanced MM with the same DD-CA-BB division in own team under [AUSNZ]. btw, my team comprised of a player from [SALT], makes the game more salty, just kidding you are right. winrate is meaningless. even a top division won't have it easy. i would expect the opfor to play to the best of their abilities as i do of my team. no one wants anyone to give the other team an easy win. RNG in MM & gameplay makes sure no 2 games are alike. it keeps the game fresh and interesting. more importantly, enjoy the game. try not to dwell too much in numbers or statistics, lol.
  5. Twilight6797

    Better premium ship

    actually, nelson's quite good, unless she's facing too many ships 1-2 tiers above hers.
  6. Twilight6797

    Super upset about matching system !!!

    does it matter that much? take a look at this screenshot of a game that was played about a week ago. matching system unfair to me too..for the other team even worse. just do your best, it's just a game..of course not everyone will win or lose all the time. lol.
  7. Twilight6797

    Nagato FAIL

    you're nearly right. met a nagato still with 80% hp in my konig a few months back, sank him with two salvos without hitting citadels. he managed to type 'WTF' in chat. it's not just the ship, it's the player behind the ship.
  8. Twilight6797

    Seal Clubers... whats your take on it?

    seal clubbing is a two way street. you may encounter numerous seal clubbers who may be better at seal clubbing than you are and they will be the opfor. won't help at all if the whole team is weak except for one or two seal clubbers. no one seal clubber can carry the team anyway. unless MM is totally off, nothing to worry about.
  9. Twilight6797

    How to (realistically) fix camping meta

    all friendly ships within 5km of each other will take 20%-30% splash damage if any of those ships were hit. any ships further than 5km away from friendly ships will take 20%-30% less damage when hit.
  10. Twilight6797

    This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'

    just make sure the butt that got kicked wasn't mine lol...(wishful thinking btw) the problem's that i've a hard time trying to sit down and enjoy the game cos' my butt's hurtin' all over from being kicked so many times in various ways...
  11. Twilight6797

    FenrirApalis' End of Year Contest!

    26/12/2016 ~ 2 x First Blood, 2 x Close Quarters Expert, 1 x It's Just a Flesh Wound (10 points total) 27/12/2016 ~ 1 x First Blood, 1 x Devastating Strike (3 points total) 28/12/2016 ~ 1 x Devastating Strike, 1 x It's Just a Flesh Wound (3 points total) 29/12/2016 ~ 3 x Devastating Strike, 2 x It's Just a Flesh Wound, 1 x First Blood (9 points total)
  12. Twilight6797

    [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    hi all. malaysian player.
  13. Twilight6797


    of course it's not a place to grind T6-10 only, but it does help, if that's your idea, then might as well insist WG make all ranked battles T10 ships only..so no further grinding involved. by your rationale your best captains are all on tier VI, VIII and X only? some of us have our best captains on lower or higher tiers or somewhere in between. (my captains haven't reached max captaincy and have only 1 ship at T8 and above) it's not easy for some of us to train our captains on a few ships of several nations and spend doubloons to transfer them around just for the sake of playing ranked battles at max captaincy skills without any penalty. dudes, it's a suggestion, no need to pour cold water on it yet. whether it happens or not is not up to you or me. if you know better, let's kick some ideas around to bring more variety to ranked battles. ranked battles makes it interesting and the rewards for getting higher ranks are more attractive than the usual rewards. try use constructive criticism, if you all don't have anything positive to contribute, keep it to yourself, thank you. whenever you guys write something here, you let the rest of the readers read how "brilliant" you are.
  14. Twilight6797


    Currently Season V Ranked Battles only 3 tiers involved Tier VI for Ranked Battles 23-16 Tier VIII for Ranked Battles 15-1 Tier X for Super League suggesting Tier IV for Ranked Battles 23-20 Tier V for Ranked Battles 19-16 Tier VI for Ranked Battles 15-12 Tier VII for Ranked Battles 11-7 Tier VIII for Ranked Battles 6-1 Tier IX for 2nd and 1st League Tier X for Super League thank you