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  1. Does anyone know Sharkbait's occupation? It'd be a waste of a talent if he doesn't work in the field of media writing.
  2. It's more of a problem with armor scheme. If you have to fight and push against multiple HE spamming ships (such as in CW) the heal won't be enough to offset 4-5k salvos landing everywhere on your ships. On the other hand if you can force an enemy (especially BB) to fight 1v1 with you the heal is super OP. The super heal combined with 32mm plating combo is situational enough and does not need further rebalancing.
  3. Well if you remove "fighters" from the title I'd agree with you Surface ships players hate CV as much as CV players hate going against AS loadout.
  4. On paper you seems to know what to do, but some additional replays would be nice so we can see in detail how you play. With your current stat it's not possible to blame MM though.
  5. Love this operation so far, seems really decent for credit grinding if you have high dpm ships like Atlanta/Belfast/Flint/Shchors/Fiji- better than Aegis tier for tier as they added some BB to Aegis recently The following image is from a 5 star win (2,4k base xp) which gave me 700k gross credit in Flint. My first try where I only achieved 2 stars and 1k5 base xp was 580k credit. Personally I think the best setup is 1-2 BB, 4-5 CA and 1 high speed gunboat like Blyska/Leningrad/Minsk/GM. The lone gunboat will rush to kill Raptor at around 4-5 mins timer after most enemy CA are killed. It is okay to swap a CV in place of the gunboat if you prefer to spot Raptor for your BB to kill from afar but I don't think it's as effective as a DD.
  6. I really dislike the 2x t8 TB setup. Against targets with weak AA or no DF (IJN/KM DD/Edinburgh) it would be a guaranteed one-shot. Then in matches with heavy AA they only act as AA meatshield and turn you into a tier 10 AS Lexington.
  7. The skill itself is detrimental to the game and should be removed. I never understand the point of putting mandatory skills like CE and AS at 4th row except as a barrier to new players. The situation is even worse after the manual attack removal because now it's pure RNG when it comes to air fight at tier 4/5.
  8. Well they finally added 1/1/2 option for Lexington and Ranger which had been asked for like 1,5 years. I strongly dislike the uniformity though. Why can IJN CV choose between 2 loadouts while USN are only allowed to use one fixed loadout? All they need to change is to replace a DB with FT for strike loadout on Ranger and Lex. For Essex and Midway, just change 3/0/2 to 3/1/1 and we'll have an usable AS loadout - or split up the single TB squad of the stock loadout to 2x3 like Saipan is also a viable option. Forcing Essex/Midway players to use inferior FT/TB is not a good idea. From my experience, the speed difference between t8/9 FT and TB is massive and finally comparable to IJN line which makes playing t9/10 much more comfortable than Lexington.
  9. The OP won't be able to find a better advice than this :D
  10. Lol they already updated that Mutsu/indianapolis/Blyska prices are not discounted. As if Asia shop has so many t5+ premiums to begin with - now we have like 4-5 not-shitty choices at tier 5 and higher to purchase.
  11. I don't think the problem is the flags. According to Spotter's post it seems like WG actually violated the "One China" policy that both mainland and Taiwan agree to maintain by putting Taiwan (which is considered a province of the whole China nation not only by the PRC government but also the ROC government) equal to China (which is the name of a country containing Taiwan province). IMO, as long as WG do not use the word "Taiwan" to represent a different nation from China it should be fine because ROC hasn't formally declared its independence yet. But they were too scared and went as far as unifying flags from multiple nations into one just to satisfy some snowflakes.
  12. DD: With the current amount of sonar in CW it's very hard to deal meaningful amount of torp damage against a formation of 2 CA or more. Which means DD is only used for cap contesting and Z52 is the top choice. 2nd most popular seems to be Shimakaze but I guess it's because there are a lot of weebs on this server. CA: definitely the most balanced class at this tier. With the exception of Minotaur (due to being highly situational) and Henri (because few people grind the French line), all other cruisers appear frequently. BB: I used to think Conqueror is strong but when I tested it on my friend's account I found a noticeable weakness - its accuracy sucks. You only have 1 BB in this format so that BB needs to be able to land consistent hits. Combined with its vulnerability to HE spam and recently nerfed heal cd it's now inferior to Yamato and Montana.
  13. I expect Musashi to cost at least 1 million FE as WG said the value of FE has been reduced with the introduction of special flags. If it's true then going for Yamato and save the remaining 700k for skipping other lines might prove to be better.
  14. I'd say give IFHE 155mm Mogami a try on PT first (although I hate its turret arc compared to 203mm). Ibuki can be skipped though because it is simply inferior to Zao and offers you no worthwhile experience.
  15. Took me 4 tries. First try is solo, 2nd is 6 people div and the last two are full 7 people div. Part 2 was way harder than part 1 imo, mainly because people usually retreat too far and cannot kill the Gorgon at the back line before timer runs out. A good CV that can use his consumables at the right time would be a huge help.