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  1. Deep water vs Normal Torpedos

    I did. What I dislike is that DW torps are very one-sided. They are completely useless against one particular class and super frustrating to deal with in another class - similar to GZ AP bomb. IMO a type of projectile-based weapon is well-designed when it can deal damage to every class and vice versa: every class should have the chance to partly mitigate the damage by being at a highly maneuverable state when the projectile is spotted. Well it's just my opinion. At this point it is not realistic to expect WG to remove DW torps from the game anyway. It's true that constant move is the best option to counter DW torps but that also applies to every kind of torps in the game including the old 20km Shima torps. And not many people want to see them back as far as I can see.
  2. Deep water vs Normal Torpedos

    Deep water torp is a design mistake. I'd admit that it is very effective against capital ships. From the receiver perspective however, it is extremely frustrating as you have to rely on instinct to dodge them which pretty much ruins the point of having detection range for torps.
  3. World of Battleships - Random

    The presence of Sharkbait easily dragged this thread from 10 to 40 comments within a few hours. God damn if he doesn't work as a marketing director already it will be such a waste.
  4. I have met several interesting names but can only recall a few of them atm :P MottoFukaku noobDD DoNotAttackYourTeammates A_T_L_A_N_T_A (this guy main atlanta lul)
  5. Everyone including WG knows about this sad fact but iirc they responded to such complaints with "div is OP naturally and we don't want to reduce socialization" lol. Nowadays it's not worth playing as a solo CV after 7pm GMT +8.
  6. Des Moines how to

    You should not expect ally BB to kill a DM during early game. If the DM player is good he would be near impossible to be severely damaged by BB while in an entrenched position. The better option would be asking your BB to kill the surrounding ships and push up asap leaving that DM little room to run.
  7. Des Moines how to

    Great guide overall. If I could suggest something for improvement, maybe you should attach some map images (can be found on WG wiki) and highlight some cover spots which are usually used by DM to control a specific area. It would be a nice addition for position-dependent ships like US cruisers.
  8. Yugomo To Shima : My big dilemma

    You don't use 20km torps for serious play - WG intentionally nerfed it to make it borderline useless. The 12km option is way better. About BB dodging a whole 15 torps salvo, it is generally because they change their direction before they can spot your torps (either by random instinct or good prediction). If they only turn when your torps arrive, they are still very likely to eat 1-2 torps. But 1-2 torps do not deal that much damage to a tier 10 BB and your torp reload time is terrible which translates into very poor torp DPM in reality - it's the main reason why people complain about Shima torps.
  9. The new Graphics Engine - enCORE

    Oh well maybe that explains my occasional fps drop even when I try playing on minimum settings at 720p resolution with my i5/GTX760 combo. Never thought that this game could utilize only a single core.
  10. Division Match-Making's Madness

    If you are not afraid of being called "dirty", just div with your T8 friend in a T7 CV. 90% of the time you won't have to face T10. As for the reason why division MM is based on the higher tier ship (except CV), communication and teamwork should already give you a great advantage over solo players. Divisions do not need better MM to be attractive.
  11. Info leaking

    Uhhh, the OP did play the Ranger in that match though? I know you have a hard time suppressing your urge to type but at least watch the pic more closely before using the "Submit Reply" button pls? Talking about replays as proof, WG should really enable the function by default and delete all old replays after updating a patch. It is not gameplay-beneficial, not automatically enabled nor explicitly shown in the base client so there is little reason for the average player trying to find out about the thing, at least until they meet some irratating situations like in this post which is too late.
  12. I'm surprised that many things Sharkbait said in this topic is true :P If only he could manage his use of dots, commas and caps However I don't agree with the statement that CV rarely receive compliment. From my experience it's actually much easier to farm karma in CV if you can play half-decently - at least from T7 and above. Besides straight up killing ships, spotting and calling target on DD for your team will earn you good impression from most people. Even if you let the enemy CV make one or two strikes through, it is not a big deal if you can deal the same blow back to the enemy team. Obviously there will be some toxic players that spend all day blaming the team for his death but that is the minority. NA server is like 1000x worse than Asia in terms of chat abusement - they will blame you if you can't kill all 4 strike squads with one fighter squad lol.
  13. Is Conqueror really a foolproof warship?

    And Conqueror might not even be the best ship for farming WTR/PR as its average damage is so inflated :P But the average player won't know that secret so they will keep playing that braindead ship
  14. Is Conqueror really a foolproof warship?

    Conqueror is indeed more survivable than others if you need to run or kite away but it is pretty shit when you need to push due to having 32mm plating all over the place. If you have to push against 2 or more HE spamming cruisers your heal cooldown won't be able to keep up with the raw damage. In this case GK/Yamato are actually way more resistant because it can shatter a lot of HE shells with their 50mm+ plating.
  15. Tips on staying undetected in CV matches

    Unfortunately there is little you can do in this case without hampering your own ability to cap. Personally I think perma-spotting is the most imbalanced aspect of CV design.