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  1. Maybe I'm the minority in this regard but I hate having bad players on the enemy team as much as they are on mine. It's just not fun to rofl stomp 11-1 the enemy team and end the match with a mere 1200 base xp and 150k credit as a winner in a T10 game. The relatively smaller skill gap is one of the reason I still like playing ranked more than random despite how boring the ranked meta could be.
  2. If Musashi is one of the worst ships in the game I don't even know how Ashitaka or Huanghe should be called.
  3. Saipan seriously needs to be reworked

    T7 Operations are great for tech CV grind. Sure it's rare to have monstrous 2k+ base xp game in scenarios but you will also get less 500-700 base xp losses so it's much more consistent and enjoyable. Can't wait for T8 Ops to be released as T8 is the second most affected by MM after T5.
  4. German Konig query

    Konig sigma has been nerfed from 2.0 to 1.8 for a fairly long time already. I guess the materials you watched is outdated.
  5. WG, we need to talk about the shchors

    I also liked Shchors a lot grinded her prior to the massive skill redesign (so without IFHE) and my Shchors avg damage is still higher than Belfast with IFHE lol. Chappy just doesn't fit me though.
  6. Just a little rant about Musashi.

    Even the 2.1 sigma of Yamato does not guarantee that 100% of your shots will hit right at the spot you aim while some godly shell groupings still happen with Fuso 1.5 sigma. Just treat it as some bad RNG. Sometimes I wish the sigma value had never been datamined so people will suffer less from confirmation bias and not get disturbed just by some insignificant nerf. A few weeks ago I saw a comment on reddit that the 5s reload buff of Musashi was justified to compensate for 0.1 less sigma than Missouri.
  7. CV Rework Ideas

    Most of your points are good although I don't think there should be a penalty for stacking squads. That penalty should be applied to 3-man CV division instead :P
  8. Holy #@@! Mother of Moskva

    Sub_Octavian already confirmed that there would be other ways to get Stalingrad besides CW as not everyone plays that mode. He also excluded the possibility to get it through campaigns unlike Shinonome. Now I'm hoping it doesn't get locked behind a "2500 base xp + 50k flooding damage" like the old EU missions.
  9. I know the learning curve is different for each person but holy shit how could one manage to put 500+ hours (2000+ battles) into this game and still has far below average stat like this...
  10. From my experience it's just that most high tier radar cruisers usually position themselves behind cover so there is no point calling target on them. Even if there is any Des Moines/Moskva/Minotaur broadsiding in the open people will usually focus them as they are juicy targets. I'm not having any problem with team not focusing radar cruisers tbh.
  11. Once again, victim by mods

    As far as I know, all complaints about wrong/unclear bans start from NA server and not Asia/EU. I highly suspect that WG is experimenting some kinds of anti-cheat tools on NA before applying to other servers and it just doesn't work there in the first place.
  12. 7th Feb according to this link: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/hsf-collection/ Shorter than I expected tbh.
  13. Reflection on Season 8 Ranked

    Well written - your analysis is very similar to my observations, especially on cruisers and the top loser spot. Originally I thought Chapayev would be 1st choice for cruisers but in reality it has proved that the meta and level of coordination on this server is simply not enough to make the radar an OHKO DD button as it should have been, and also due to the fact that the ranked DD population on Asia is significantly lower than that of other servers. I think about 10-15% of my games purely consists of BB/CA, while the majority (~70%) only has 1 DD on each side. Because of these reasons. kiting cruisers seem to work way more effectively. I notice that most BB players really struggle against flanking Atago and Martel - they usually either panic turn into cover and hide there to avoid getting shot at - which severely limits their effective firing zone, or lose map awareness and push up so far that they get focus fired to death. I've been switching to Atago for R5-1 bracket again to focus on flanking and counter-flanking. Works really well so far - took me only 15 games to get from R5 to R3 in Atago, totally opposite of the 140 games struggle from R10-R5 with Chapayev. Atago is also much easier to get the top loser spot in because it can deal damage consistently throughout the match, survive way longer than other cruisers thanks to the heal as well as being able to sneak into abandoned caps sometimes for extra exp. In retrospective I find myself so stupid to keep playing support-oriented ships like Chapayev for so long. I am not new to ranked at all - got 3x R1 and 1x R5 already and figured out many seasons ago that I have way better win rate in lone wolf type of ships instead of support ships. I've been falling for the "nice teammate" trap so much in the lower ranks, forgetting that it's better to just deal the damage yourself and carry instead of relying on others to win the game for you. About my feeling in general, I also like to play ranked more than mid-high tier randoms. The 1st and foremost reason is that it's extremely easy to avoid CV in ranked. 2nd thing is that in ranked people get into their work right from the beginning. In ranked people camp just as much but they camp smartly in logical positions to shape up the formation. Randoms are full of opportunistic players that wait for 5 mins for other to come forward and suffer the focus fire for them before moving out of spawn in Domination mode.
  14. Well I tried logging on to my friend's account which has both sushi and yamato and check. Both missions show up so I suppose you'll get an additional 10. Screenshot below:
  15. It lasts until 30th April so you should have plenty of time to grind.