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  1. My personal method is like following but it involves free exp at some tiers so it might not suit you :D For tier 3/4: Free xp Tier 5: Ask my clanmate to rebuy Langley and div. A little dirty but blame WG for tier 5 MM first. Tier 6/7: Operations best waifu Tier 8: Cherry Blossoms if possible, otherwise free xp as well Tier 9: 9/10/10 div, you're going to be thrown into tier 10 anyway
  2. USS Black

    Yeah I originally thought this ship would be OP af and I would steamroll every DD on the enemy team like I could do with Belfast. In the end the torpedoes are soooooo slow for my taste so I just switch back to Fletcher if I want to play a tier 9 DD solo. The radar is ofc a decent addition but only makes a noticeable difference against unicum DD players. You can still duel against the average DD player in a Fletcher very effectively with good management of ally LoS and smoke. I'm not advocating for Black buff though
  3. Well, even if you play casually you still have a chance at getting SC and SC have a chance to drop steel. It is by no means an easy way but at least that's an option available to everyone.
  4. New Ships for friday?

    I don't have the Kii myself but around a month ago I came across a reddit thread with the same question as yours. According to that thread, EU/Asia players can purchase the Kobayashi camo for Roma/Kii seperately in the client with 7000 doubloons while NA does not sell that camo ingame. Would be nice if anyone here can confirm that.
  5. Afaik you can only see the tag color post-game so it really doesn't matter that much I guess? Also, not everyone in a hurricane clan is a super unicum nor a bronze tagged player should be automatically considered bad.
  6. How to deal with so much radar in a DD

    Too many radars are not that bad. Too many radars on one side and 0/1 on the other is the real problem.
  7. Hadn't run it for a while and I used to think it's better than the buffed Ultimate Frontier. At least until yesterday when I decided to complete the 5* mission for 1 day of premium. Things went pretty well and we sailed for 2/3 of the way to the extraction point fairly smoothly. Then by some magic, our bot Rouan decided to sail in a straight line and eat all 8 torps from enemy Gaede which I spotted with sonar from 5km away and was left with 6k hp. To make it worse, all ships from the last enemy wave before the extraction point literally ignored everyone surrounding the Rouan and focused on it instead. 30s later we received a "Defeat" message. So yeah, Hermes is the worst operation in my eyes now
  8. Should I get Moskva or Kronshtadt?

    Bought Kronshtadt on release and honestly I prefer Moskva so far due to its better accuracy. Kronshtadt guns feel too inconsistent in potentially game-changing situations for me. The penetration value is too high, plus the BB dispersion means that unless the shells luckily fall directly into the citadel, all you will see is 3-4x overpen for like 4k damage. I've encountered so many broadsiding cruisers that could have been outright annihilated by a well placed salvo of Baltimore/Roon but received pitiful damage from Kronshtadt. Not having the ability to overmatch most t8-10 cruisers is also a liability when you have to take risk and make play on some occasions. On the bright side, Kronshtadts is tanky af in reality despite its 25mm plating. The citadel roof also looks thin but I haven't received any unexpected citadel from that angle so far so I guess it isn't that much of a weakness.
  9. Azure Lane : Nelson on Bridge - Error?

    The mission showed up immediately for me after pressing that button.
  10. Winrate is Meaningless

    Do you notice the similarities of the most recently released 3 BB lines (German, British, France)? -They all have garbage accuracy compared to IJN/USN ones, while staying super difficult to eat citadels. And the result: It reduces the effect of good aim and makes stupid yolo-ers way less susceptible to being punished. Do you know why Graf Zeppelin AP bomb has a circular pattern, or why Saipan HE bomb does not gain accuracy with manual drop? -It's because WG want to make individual skill less relevant. The game is already catering to the lowest common denominators. Each person has his own view about the importance of WR but saying WG doesn't care about the "less skillful playerbase" is just blatantly wrong.
  11. Ultimate Frontier getting a rework

    I am not annoyed that much by other players' behavior - it's still PvE after all and at least they manage to restrain themselves from joining PvP. But when the bot BB of the last wave (and occasionally a cruiser or destroyer) literally ignores everyone around it to shoot the aerodome instead it's just stupid.
  12. I thought that CV was beneficial to gameplay...
  13. Rank Salt with RNG BS

    Why would you apply real life logic to a game where a ship can press a button to heal back 40% hp in 20s and radar works through islands lol. This is an arcade game, not a simulation. Changes that make people feel more comfortable should always take precedence over historical performance.
  14. Remove IFHE from Commander skill

    CE/AS should be removed first. IFHE is a situational skill for some ships while AS is mandatory for a whole class and pretty much every ship in the game takes CE.
  15. Why do we need submarines when we have Perth in game already lol