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  1. IndyChanKawaii

    Opinions regarding NA's complaints of Spawnpeek Divisions

    It's NA forum where you should expect 99% of the threads to be of trash. Anyone with a brain would understand the true problem is CV global spotting and the fact that WG allow a tier 9,9 ship (Musashi) into tier 9 MM.
  2. IndyChanKawaii

    Expensive Exercise to Play Halloween Ships

    Personally I'm fine with people not having optimized ships/captains in operations. They are not PvP modes so you don't need to arm yourself to the teeth to get every competitive advantage possible. As long as you try to learn the basics and don't intentionally throw a winnable game it's enough - especially in Halloween event which was designed as a celebration mode. Don't hesitate to bring your ship into the battle here. I also appreciate your attitude in the post very highly. These days it's hard to find someone who actually feel responsible for his performance and care about the outcome in PvP, let alone in PvE like you did. Enjoy the event mate!
  3. He has at least 4 accounts in fact - I know because I've been several games with a combination of these accounts. The other 2 names are: etge***43 and ****gorilia Sent a report to WG several days ago but received no response.
  4. IndyChanKawaii

    Too many Yamato's in ranked

    Conqueror is actually one of the worse pick if the opposing team has a lot of Yamato. The average engagement distance of 18km+ at early game does not allow Conqueror to stack fire damage efficiently enough while Yamato just chew through 32mm plating of Conkek like nothing
  5. Can I still say "poi" and "dalao mercy"? :(
  6. IndyChanKawaii

    Late tier premiums problems.

    I can't say for anyone else but I only consider using real money to buy OP/very good premium ships that might stay effective for a fairly long time. The main reason is the high price WG set for their ships. 40ish dollars for ships like pre-buff Ashitaka or the current Hood is simply not worth it unless you are a fan or collector with lots of spare money.
  7. IndyChanKawaii

    WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    man, seeing these numbers and looking back at my t10 ships make me feel like I have a lot of money
  8. IndyChanKawaii

    Please remove the karma system

    Let it drop to 0 and you will find peace since it can't become lower :P I have a friend who trash talks and gets reported like 80% of his games and he has never got chat banned once across his 7000 battles.
  9. IndyChanKawaii

    khaba need buff

    Personally I think Khaba was well balanced when they only nerfed its mobility and range. Removing its 10km torp is really what makes it an one-trick pony.
  10. IndyChanKawaii

    Premium ship summer sale

    So Kii is the last ship to be put on sale. I've been citadeling more Kii than Amagi in my whole life despite all the difference in their popularity so I guess Kii sucks. Still wondering if I should utilize the discount and just leave her in port hoping for a buff - I really love playing Amagi in the first place and 30% sale is not that common.
  11. My personal method is like following but it involves free exp at some tiers so it might not suit you :D For tier 3/4: Free xp Tier 5: Ask my clanmate to rebuy Langley and div. A little dirty but blame WG for tier 5 MM first. Tier 6/7: Operations best waifu Tier 8: Cherry Blossoms if possible, otherwise free xp as well Tier 9: 9/10/10 div, you're going to be thrown into tier 10 anyway
  12. IndyChanKawaii

    USS Black

    Yeah I originally thought this ship would be OP af and I would steamroll every DD on the enemy team like I could do with Belfast. In the end the torpedoes are soooooo slow for my taste so I just switch back to Fletcher if I want to play a tier 9 DD solo. The radar is ofc a decent addition but only makes a noticeable difference against unicum DD players. You can still duel against the average DD player in a Fletcher very effectively with good management of ally LoS and smoke. I'm not advocating for Black buff though
  13. Well, even if you play casually you still have a chance at getting SC and SC have a chance to drop steel. It is by no means an easy way but at least that's an option available to everyone.
  14. IndyChanKawaii

    New Ships for friday?

    I don't have the Kii myself but around a month ago I came across a reddit thread with the same question as yours. According to that thread, EU/Asia players can purchase the Kobayashi camo for Roma/Kii seperately in the client with 7000 doubloons while NA does not sell that camo ingame. Would be nice if anyone here can confirm that.
  15. IndyChanKawaii

    How good are players in the different clan leagues?

    Afaik you can only see the tag color post-game so it really doesn't matter that much I guess? Also, not everyone in a hurricane clan is a super unicum nor a bronze tagged player should be automatically considered bad.