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  1. Mipeace

    HSF Harekaze third hull guns

    I agree. The harekaze’s selling point was the different hull options and at the moment there seems to be only 1 viable configuration (100mm gun + IFHE). Would even ask if the reload can be lowered to 3 secs as there are only 3 guns in third hull option.
  2. Mipeace

    Any Mac players out there?

    I use a MBP with Win 10 installed via boot camp. The only problem i have is not able to take screen shot when playing on external monitor and FPS drop on a hot summer day (on low graphic setting) Other than that everything else works fine.
  3. Mipeace

    0 for 7 in Sharnhorst so far...

    With only 7 games you are just unlucky. I had a bad start with this ship like 2W-9L, but now 55%WR at close to 50 games.
  4. I use NBN from Syd Ping was 170-200ms last weekend. But two days ago it went down to 100-120ms, which is the normal ping before the cable issue Did they fixed the cable or managed to reroute to server in some way?