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  1. abc_2001

    Submarine Testing

    I can't download the client, even after resetting my computer many times, the tst download link is not even showing up for download! Can anyone help me with this?
  2. abc_2001

    PT server

    Have you seen my picture yet? I'm living in the U.S, I'm no longer stay in Asia, but I still play in the Asia server mainly due to the fact that I got so many premiums that I'm not willing to give up. But thank you for letting me know an interesting fact though!
  3. abc_2001

    PT server

    Greetings to all of you who read this post I'm just a regular player in the PT server (IGN abc_2001), and today, I'd have to say that the gaming experiences on the PT server is terrible due to the extreme laginess of the server. I have tried many different ways such as restart my computer, fixing the game via the feature on the logging screen, checking my internet connection,... and so on. But the laginess is not going away! I tried playing different online games such as rainbow 6 siege, war thunder, among us,... and found no issue with the connection (I also got a ping test pic here for proof.) I also ask some other players in many different matches, and most of them (about 4/5) tell me the same issues that I was having, and still have them as well (ping keeps spiking, normal internet connection, no issues with their hardware whatsoever .) I wonder if wargaming can address this issue quickly so that it will not ruin the Halloween game mode in the upcoming weeks. Thank you so much, and have a nice day!