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  1. Don't let a bad game with a less than ideal team dictate how you judge the ship. The ship is a genuinely good one, and I absolutely adore mine- despite being really worried about how it may play initially. Every ship in the game will melt quickly when focused on so try and not read too much into that. The great thing about the Nelson is her ability to heal back all that fire damage, so the only ships you should generally avoid is any BB with a gun 381mm & up. Once your captain levels up enough, give him concealment expert. It'll help you get away from those nasty Kutuzov's who rely on someone else to spot for them. And even though it's not very fast, you would rather be in a Nelson than a Colorado.
  2. I recently had a game where it had come right down to the wire, and after being sunk I was watching the rest of the battle and saw the poor Hosho on our team putting up a brave fight against a very low health V-170. His health was so low that one hit from the CV's secondaries would have finished him. You can probably see where this is going, but the DD did a full 360 around the CV less than 1km away, and managed to reload his tubes and finish the CV without being touched by the secondaries. They weren't even close to touching him. This was ultimately a pivotal point in the game, and it was unfortunate that the secondaries were so crap not being able to land a single hit closer than point blank range. Having secondaries is the only defence CV's have once their planes are gone, and if they're absolutely no threat to anyone, why can't they be a little more effective? Maybe make them more accurate the closer the target gets or something?
  3. After picking up the Nelson, I'd like to share my thoughts on it after my somewhat limited use, so those who are undecided about spending their hard earned free xp can have a little more understanding as to what kind of ship this is. Here's the simple & uncomplicated version; HE is good. A nice reliable source of damage. AP is a bit meh, but is still useful without being spectacular. AA is a little uninspiring The citadel is easy to penetrate, but if you don't sail broadside like a good BB driver then you'll be ok. Repair party is outright awesome. Turret traverse is good, though you'll need to step out a little wider in order to get the 3rd turret on target. (Use that on a case by case basis). Speed is average, but will outrun a Colorado easily enough. Speed flag is always handy too. Steering mod is a useful upgrade to have. Will take heavy damage through the bow with any rifle 15" & up. Thankfully a lot of shots miss or hit the turrets. Don't worry about fires. Melts quickly under focus fire. But every ship does so nothing new. HP pool is reasonable for the repair party you have Vigilance & concealment expert would be a recommended captain skill. Otherwise a vanilla BB captain build will be adequate. I was worried about not liking it when handing over the free xp, but so far it's a lot of fun- despite not having great teams. If you know how to drive a Battleship with any sort of competence, then you will make this work. Enjoy!
  4. After much deliberation, I am giving this season of ranked a sold crack, and so far, it's actually pretty enjoyable. Sure, there's been some monumentally terrible moments; like both your teams DD's taken out in one torpedo salvo 2 mins into a battle, arguing with another player who yolo'd right off the start line and sank himself almost immediately, BB's pretending to be DD's by trying to cap the uncontested point and having no part in the battle, deliberate friendly fire, accidental friendly fire, cruisers who sail in straight lines right in front of the enemy team etc etc. But what deserves a mention are all the rest of the players. Those who see your flank folding who rush to help, those who drop smokescreens for you when you're in trouble, those who actively protect their teams DD, who charge in when it's needed and who hold back and avoid recklessness when required. The members of your team who see a situation unfold on the map and act accordingly, and a friendly BB who rushes ahead of you to distract the enemy so you can escape. All those things coupled with universal team work has resulted in some stunning games against some very competent enemy teams. Despite all the salt this season from everyone (including me), it's easy to forget that there are many really good players out there, so be sure to compliment them when the time comes!
  5. Exactly. DD's have proven to be far more pivotal than many realise. Especially in a game with 2 on each team. If you lose both yours to none of theirs, it's game over. No matter how OP people think your BB is, if the odds are against you, even a competent BB player will go under pretty quickly.
  6. Those types of games get the heart rate up- nice work!
  7. Usually I only dip my toe into each season of ranked, but this time decided to give it a decent crack. Shot up to rank 15 almost without losing a game. But from there have just stalled. It seems that you get a good team one game and a bad team the next. I've seen some play very smartly, and some play like they belong in Tier 1 co op. There have been CV's who keep the DD's spotted, cruisers who identify the biggest threat and act accordingly, DD's who make all or nothing decisions when the game calls for it, and general unified game play. There really has been some genuinely good team play. Then on the other hand... -On the Riposte map, we spawned at the top right. We all headed for B except for a Mutsu who decided to go and cap A on his own (despite obvious protest). He did, but by the time he got into the action he was the last alive. -Had another game where our DD popped smoke at the spawn point, then on the way to the cap point shot at and hit a following Graff Spee- who was not impressed who then shot back. The DD then launched torpedoes at the Graff Spee hitting him once. That DD was sunk moments after by the enemy. -The remaining members of the team who are still fighting being chastised & insulted by the guy who was sunk right at the start of the game by doing something stupid. The good games I'm having in ranked far outweigh the bad which is why I'm still playing it. Plus the amount of high caliber, confederate, fireproof & dreadnought flags I'm earning is a nice added bonus! Is there more unified game play the higher you go?
  8. I've played about the same amount of games in both ships, and the Arizona has the highest average damage and the higher hit ratio. Don't get me wrong, the New Mexico is a good solid ship and she is fun to play, but Arizona has that X factor that makes her more enjoyable. Tossed up for ages whether or not to buy her. So glad I did! It's a worthwhile investment.
  9. I don't know if this has already been brought up, but the other day the USS Texas started taking on a lot more water and ended up with a significant list to starboard. She always leaking but her hull is deteriorating badly and there isn't enough money to give her the repairs she desperately needs, and there's a possibility(despite the efforts of all the volunteers) that the bottom might fall out and that'll be that. Being a museum ship, she relies heavily on donations made by the public. Anyone who can contribute something would be very useful to helping preserve her. You can donate here: Furthermore, there is a facebook page called "Save the Battleship USS Texas", that you can see all the latest updates on what is happening. My suggestion though is why not have the USS Texas available in the premium shop and when you buy her, a percentage of the sale gets donated to the actual ship? Or some special wargaming promotion aimed at directly helping the ship? At the end of the day, the people who makes this game and the people who play it clearly have an interest in warships, and surely the plight of the last remaining Dreadnought would be a unifying cause?
  10. I hear what you're saying and I can understand your frustrations. About 40% of your games will be bottom tier compared to 35% mid tier and 25% top tier. Against T5 & 6 opponents this ship is very good. She can tough it out with distinction against T7 and needs to be used as a support ship against T8 ships. The most dangerous ships you'll encounter at T8 are the main BB's and certain cruisers like the Kutuzov. That particular little bug is extremely dangerous to you as it easily outranges you, starts fires with almost every salvo (It's not uncommon to have 2-4 fires started in a single salvo), can hide in smoke and volley behind mountains. If you are one on one with it, I'd advise breaking off unless you are close enough to really hurt it. I can win just as many games at bottom tier in this ship as I can top tier. But if your team falls apart in a T8 battle or you get isolated, you're going to melt quickly once they all start focusing on you. And where possible let your teams T8 BB's take on theirs. They will over match your armour with those 16 inch bullets. Secondaries are quite plentiful but painfully inaccurate. They're best used when your target is on your front quarter as they can all be brought to bear. To make up for their typically catastrophic dispersion, I went with AFT which boosted their range. You can invest in tightening their dispersion by 15% but it's not worth it when you can bring down your concealment instead. Warspite has a good turning circle for a BB, so by adding the rudder shift upgrade instead of the fire prevention then she'll turn on a dime. (She catches fire all the time anyway) since making the swap, the difference between the amount of times she catches fire is almost unnoticeable, but you'll definitely notice the rudder shift. Her guns are good, but don't expect to citadel a BB with them. They just do good solid damage instead. As for all the straddling of your target that you seem to be experiencing, just persevere with it, or just make tiny tweaks to your aiming. Her AA is stock standard average, so use her turning ability when torpedo bombers are on their way in. Also, she's just had her turret traverse sped up, and the hull now sits deeper in the water than it used to, so she's the best she's ever been. Fit her out with some flags as well and she's even more potent.
  11. Hi Sub, Thanks for providing an opportunity to ask questions. The most pressing question I have is to do with the matchmaker. I have no problem fighting +2 tier ships, but after keeping track of the battles I'm playing in any respective ship, I'm bottom tier 40%, mid tier 35% and top tier only 25% of the time. Why is that? It's no secret that your ships stats and performance begin to rapidly fall away when facing ships 2 tiers higher, so in the interests of fairness (especially when using a premium ship that you've paid real money for), why can it not be 33.3% across the board? Thanks
  12. Apologies in advance, but I need a small rant. If half your team spawn closest to A and the other half closest to C, most of the team would then head to the closest cap point correct? This happens 90% of the time, but there are those (mostly cruisers) who spawn close to C then decide to sail all the way over to the other half of the team at A, ignoring the pleas of the sole DD trying to cap C who is begging for assistance. Problem is this takes time to do, so by the time they get to A the battle is already 10mins in and the outcome has mostly been decided and they haven't fired a shot. You might as well be AFK for all the good they do. Naturally the now weakened flank folded, the remainder of the team were pincered and that was that. This happened in all the games I played last night and is becoming more and more prevalent. I'm struggling to understand the logic.. Secondly, if you begin a game with 19mins of premium time remaining, you'd probably expect to have premium earnings at the end of the battle right? Well that doesn't happen. If it expires ingame, then you're back to standard. Coupled with the failure of the server last week when no one could play, I lost even more premium time through no fault of my own. Premium is a very occasional treat, but probably not worth it now. Thirdly, does anyone know the percentage of games where you are top, mid & bottom tier? Arguably it would be 33.33% each right? (It's not).
  13. I've had the Atlanta for a little while now, and despite all of her obvious flaws, frustrations and weaknesses, they become a distant memory when an unsuspecting Destroyer comes around an island 5km away from you. Then she becomes a truly jaw dropping ship. Watching that amount of hell tear apart a DD is truly satisfying. Since the IFHE skill was introduced, this ship has become a lot more competitive. Before this a huge amount of your hits were shatters- especially on BB's. But the biggest issue this ship now has is that she has so many advantages with level 3 & 4 captain skills that you're forced to really choose what kind of ship you want her to be. DD hunter/ AA cruiser/ stealthier/ Gun ship. Once you know that role and play to that style, then you'll probably have a lot more fun.
  14. Awesome, thank you!