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  1. ArtickWarspite

    CV rework day 1 observations

    I took out the Langley for a quick spin in co op last night just to see what it was like; From someone who didn't play the PT or anything I found it challenging to play, but more immersive and more fun than the old system. My dive bombing & torp attacks need heaps of work but was ok with the damage received in turn. I felt the AA was balanced enough at that level as I could press a couple of attacks before being wiped out. Overall it was fun in the context of low tier co op, but the true test will be in randoms at higher tiers...
  2. ArtickWarspite

    750K free exp

    Ok I got it. Have only had time for one game so far and yeah it was pretty good.
  3. ArtickWarspite

    HMS Emerald Challenge

    Begs the question about what you do when your team loses a match..??
  4. ArtickWarspite

    750K free exp

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone! It would appear the results are rather overwhelming. If there's a ship that is so universally liked then I'd better hurry up and get it! Thanks!
  5. ArtickWarspite

    HMS Emerald Challenge

    Well done, that looks like a pretty big jump! When time allows I'll get stuck in too!
  6. ArtickWarspite

    HMS Emerald Challenge

    There was an article on the NA forums the other day where Little White Mouse said some harsh truths about the arguably weakest ship in the game- HMS Emerald. It's common knowledge that this ship is terrible. Despite pros this ship has, the cons far outweigh it. So if you want a break from the same old high tier gameplay, and want to try your hand at Russian roulette, maybe we should lay down an Emerald challenge??? Minimum 50 games Get your Emerald up above a 50%W/R (server average is 48.63%) Get an average damage 30k or above (server average is 19,159) You might call it slightly masochistic, or call it fun & engaging. Either way give it a go if you want to. It doesn't look like it'll get buffed anytime soon, so I doubt a few mad hatters trying to boost their numbers in it will make any difference.
  7. ArtickWarspite

    750K free exp

    So I've just ticked over 750k free exp (without converting any elite exp I might add), and I'm deciding whether to save it, or spend it on the Musashi. My stats suggest I'm a BB main, and the 18" guns are tempting, but is it worth it? Also, with the weak as AA, will it become more of a liability when the CV rework comes? I know it's popular- I see it in every single game that has T9 ships, but I need help weighing up the pros & the cons...
  8. ArtickWarspite

    How to counter Belfast?

    This sums up my experience completely. It's true though, everyone on the enemy team will go for you if you're spotted as they know how much of a threat it can be. (Not me though as I suck in it). It's kind of like everyone aiming for an Emerald as soon as it's spotted because it's so weak.
  9. ArtickWarspite

    High tier grind & flags

    Yeah I have heaps of those flags. Better not run out then.. Buggered if I'm going to fork out gold for that. Yeah that's pretty much what I thought. Even though I was getting smashed in a lot of these games, my Iowa is almost perfectly in line with the server average which was very surprising- albeit disconcerting.. My Lion is well below average, but it's not fully upgraded yet, so will look at it again later on. T10, (especially those with hundreds of games experience), they are just so much better than I realised- which in turn means there is so much more to learn, so yes the ambition is there.
  10. ArtickWarspite

    High tier grind & flags

    I'm currently grinding the Iowa & Lion. Since 85% of the games are T10, are there any useful hints & tips with these ships to get the most out of them against all the superbly played T10's? My stats are these ships are far lower in both W/R & damage that I'm comfortable with. RNG is not doing any favours either. Constant straddling, shatters & overpens seem to be the order of the day whilst the return fire I receive is always bang on the money. On top of that, most of my teams appear to be far inferior to the opposition, where no one is cap contesting, showing broadsides & not map reading. Then when I get a really adept team, the game is won before I can contribute anything. The results screen is always the T10 in the top half with everyone else rounding out the bottom. I know these are not bad ships, but doing well in them appear to only be achievable when top tier. Can anyone help? Furthermore, I went to put on the 50% exp flag the other day and saw there is a 16 doubloon resupply cost. Were did this come from?
  11. ArtickWarspite

    DAMMIT! I was gonna get food this week...

    Thanks, yeah makes sense. I have noticed that newer ships appear to be more on the higher side. And to be honest I was completely turned off with the Vanguard & Dreadnought package. Buy Vanguard to get the Dreadnought. No thanks.
  12. ArtickWarspite

    What's your Warships music?

    Playing RN BB's- I find listening to "Arsonist" by Puscifer rather appealing.
  13. ArtickWarspite

    DAMMIT! I was gonna get food this week...

    I got one of these coupons yesterday. It made me check out the premium shop for the first time in ages. I could have sworn things used to be cheaper. It all looks really pricey now or is that just me?? Can you still buy ships with just the port slot & nothing else?
  14. ArtickWarspite

    TV- TX Ships

    Yeah I thought so too, but the rewards at that tier are so small, you'd have to be mad to persist. From memory there was no announcement- it just changed. Sides, it's ultimately made no difference, there's plenty of sealclubbers still playing down there.
  15. ArtickWarspite

    TV- TX Ships

    With any events, collections or missions etc, it is T5- T10 only that are able to participate. It used to be T4- T10 once upon a time. Any idea why it changed? I've been helping a couple of new players learn the game at T4 and when doing so I can't complete any of the missions.