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  1. Get Ready For More Radar!

    The flood won't last long. Indianapolis is an average ship at best. ..Maybe that's just me. I've done nothing but suck in it.
  2. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    This Kronshtadt, with everything I've seen on it, almost seamlessly fits into a Battlecruiser mould doesn't it? Why can't it be classed under it's proper title?
  3. Ship Modelling

    Glad to see that WG have finally put up an article on their website about model ship building. If you have any interest at all about ship modelling whether you're wanting to get back into it, or are interested but too daunted to try, then check out the following; "Ship Modeller Magazine" is a quarterly online publication which is just a magazine devoted to ship modelling. It's a great read for inspiration & what's new in the industry so check them out! Also, there's a couple of master builders named Chris Floodberg Model Ship Gallery and Kostas Katseas Models. You want to see some awe inspiring model ships, then look them up! You may or may not know that some of the most popular ships in the game are available as plastic model kits: Missouri, Bismarck, Fuso, KGV, Belfast, Warspite, Fletcher, Texas etc etc.. It's highly encouraged that you give ship modelling a go if you haven't already. If you live in a city, chances are you have a chapter of IPMS (International Plastic Model Society) nearby so there's plenty of advice on techniques & general help available if you need it. Or just PM me. I can help point you in the right direction. Happy building!
  4. Matchmaking at Tier 6

    Mid tier matchmaking does get the short end of the stick, and much to my frustration in my early wows days, I now understand and accept it. Trying to find a pattern in 20 battles to work out what percentage you're bottom tier isn't a worthwhile experiment- especially if it's all in one go. You'll need to do a lot more over a longer period of time with different ships of different nations. Server population and what tiers are being played are usually indicative of whether or not you will get a long bottom tier streak. If you play 100 games in a ship, it should roughly be about 33% for top, middle and bottom tier. ..Theoretically. There are ships that seem to be bottom tier way more than they should be like my Iron Duke & North Carolina which are bottom tier over 70% of games played in them so far. But there are ships I play which are top/mid tier more than they are bottom like the (post nerf) Minekaze and Leander. Maybe it's because certain tech tree ships are really strong or weak so get the matchmaking to average out their stats? Dunno. Just speculating. In the end we all end up playing bottom tier, and since they're harder games, we remember them more and if you stuff up, you're more likely to be punished. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of your ships and the other ships your're likely to fight when bottom tier can go a long way to ensuring you have a good game with good damage. Also if you assume more of a support role in those games rather than a tip of the spear mentality, you'll likely be ok. If you're trying to grind through a particular ship and get 3 bottom tier games in a row- go play another type of ship, another nation or maybe a scenario instead.
  5. Texas fundraising

    Remember that promotion WG did a while back in regards to the Texas where if you brought the ship and/or a special camo, the money would go straight to the ships restoration? Does anyone know how much WG managed to raise? Not just on this server but all servers. Would be interesting to know considering the massive cost of getting it in good enough shape to mover it out of the water..
  6. Better premium ship

    So much hate on one of my favourite ships. I was anxious when spending all the free xp on the Nelson, but it was well spent. I absolutely adore mine. It's just one of those ships that really clicks for me. Sure, it's got disadvantages but so do all ships. It takes ages to slow down to a stop, no spotter plane, no rear facing main armament, high citadel, below average AA, fuel drums left on the decks specifically to catch fire and below par top speed. That said, it's got an awesome repair party (providing you use it right), very handy HE damage & fire chance, good accuracy, decent AP penetration providing you're using it against the right targets. (The F.D.Grosse is not ideal for slinging AP at from long range) , good turning circle (if you use the upgrade), is a bully when top tier and can bounce anything up to 380mm- which is great when up against Fuso's & New Mexico's etc. The match maker has been reasonably kind to only have me bottom tier about 30% of the time (My Iron Duke & N. Carolina are bottom over 70% of matches, but that's probably the same with everyone else). Nelson can reach out to 18.3km which is acceptable, though you'll wish you had a spotter when playing bottom tier. As long as you don't over extend or show your belly to a BB then you should be fine in this ship. Don't have the Musashi, so can't comment on it.
  7. How to improve solo win rate?

    Yeah this. I was a total loser for the first 800 odd games with a paltry 41% W/R. I've since pulled it up to about what yours is OP, but after investing a little bit of real money into this game, there's no way I would have an alt account. So long as I'm winning more than I'm losing then it doesn't matter. I'm more interested in those who perform exceedingly well in certain ships. I saw a guy recently who had a really high W/R in the Nelson (don't remember exactly what it was, high 60% possibly..), but this person was also averaging well over 80k damage per game (over 100 games). That's something to aspire to.
  8. World of Battleships - Random

    To the OP, it is recommended that now since you're playing random battles, you drop down to tier 3 & 4 to begin learning the more subtle differences that come with playing random games. I see you're exclusively using cruisers in randoms. Whilst you can be effective in them, making a mistake in a thin skinned cruiser at T6 will more often than not result in a trip back to port- especially showing your broadside to a battleship or over extending. Spend some time in the lower tires to learn how other players behave. You'll get plenty of potatoes down there, but that's the best place to learn the core skills of the game. Co op really isn't the place to do that yet. Don't forget to watch plenty of youtube tutorials. They do help. I also recommend trying the other ship classes. Playing all ships of all nations will help you learn their strengths and weaknesses and how to exploit them. Also, if you're in a rush to get to T10- don't be. It's not going anywhere. An average player is asking for trouble playing at the top end without the experience to back it up.
  9. Shell Hits

    I've noticed with increasing regularity that I'm landing penetrating hits on an enemy ship and while the penetration ribbon appears- it causes no damage whatsoever. I thought this may have been because the shells were landing on a part of the ship that had already used up that sections HP, but it's happening on full health targets too. Shatters, overpens & bounces all appear as normal, so am I missing something here?
  10. Getting the most out of North Carolina

    Thanks Slam, I've only got an 11pt skipper in it at the moment, but so far I've gone for concealment with the intention of putting more pts into AA. The sigma is overall pretty good. I think I must be overcompensating all the bounces by shifting my aim slightly which leads to more overpens through the superstructure or straddling of the target. That combined with a mid tier patience level, using AP probably more than I should, and a higher skill level from T10 players is what is probably holding this ship back a little bit... Will adjust accordingly and see how it goes.
  11. I've had this ship for a little while now and despite the general consensus of being a pretty good all round ship, I'm struggling to get the most out of it. Probably my biggest issue with it are the guns. They seem to bounce off everything, whether it be a cruiser at 14km or a broadside Battleship at 6. Is it the velocity and float of the shells which causes this? The HE seems below average, and I've only been using that out of frustration of the AP bouncing. Are there any useful tips and tricks on how to play it well? What are the best captain skills and upgrades? What is it's optimal firing range for the plunging fire to be most effective?
  12. ArtickWarspite gib santa box plox please! Thanks for the random giveaway, nice to finally see a salt free forum post. :)
  13. Balanced matchmaking

    After an evening of being chased by Kamikaze's I found myself in this game. It's not the first time 3 prem dd's have been up against 2 tech tree dd's either.
  14. Save USS Texas with Project VALOR

    I made a post about this in the Suggestions forum a few months ago. It's fantastic that something is finally happening and they've taken notice about the ships condition. She's in a really bad way.. But yes, hopefully the project will be available here in some way or another soon. Surely they are aware that other servers want to help preserve history too. You can also donate money to the ship direct through here; http://battleshiptexas.org/ I've donated before, and hopefully you all can too.It's going to cost a lot of money to get her out of the water..
  15. Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    Clemson is my #1 T4 DD at the moment. Isokaze used to be #1 until it caught the nerf hammer square in the face. From memory they decreased the guns fire chance & slowed the torps. Effectively killed that ships usefulness. Even when playing another ship against an Isokaze you used to respected it. It no longer commands that level of respect.