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  1. Getting the most out of North Carolina

    Thanks Slam, I've only got an 11pt skipper in it at the moment, but so far I've gone for concealment with the intention of putting more pts into AA. The sigma is overall pretty good. I think I must be overcompensating all the bounces by shifting my aim slightly which leads to more overpens through the superstructure or straddling of the target. That combined with a mid tier patience level, using AP probably more than I should, and a higher skill level from T10 players is what is probably holding this ship back a little bit... Will adjust accordingly and see how it goes.
  2. I've had this ship for a little while now and despite the general consensus of being a pretty good all round ship, I'm struggling to get the most out of it. Probably my biggest issue with it are the guns. They seem to bounce off everything, whether it be a cruiser at 14km or a broadside Battleship at 6. Is it the velocity and float of the shells which causes this? The HE seems below average, and I've only been using that out of frustration of the AP bouncing. Are there any useful tips and tricks on how to play it well? What are the best captain skills and upgrades? What is it's optimal firing range for the plunging fire to be most effective?
  3. ArtickWarspite gib santa box plox please! Thanks for the random giveaway, nice to finally see a salt free forum post. :)
  4. Balanced matchmaking

    After an evening of being chased by Kamikaze's I found myself in this game. It's not the first time 3 prem dd's have been up against 2 tech tree dd's either.
  5. Save USS Texas with Project VALOR

    I made a post about this in the Suggestions forum a few months ago. It's fantastic that something is finally happening and they've taken notice about the ships condition. She's in a really bad way.. But yes, hopefully the project will be available here in some way or another soon. Surely they are aware that other servers want to help preserve history too. You can also donate money to the ship direct through here; http://battleshiptexas.org/ I've donated before, and hopefully you all can too.It's going to cost a lot of money to get her out of the water..
  6. Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    Clemson is my #1 T4 DD at the moment. Isokaze used to be #1 until it caught the nerf hammer square in the face. From memory they decreased the guns fire chance & slowed the torps. Effectively killed that ships usefulness. Even when playing another ship against an Isokaze you used to respected it. It no longer commands that level of respect.
  7. BB or CA

    I've only reached T6 on both of those lines, but if you're undecided.. The BB's are good and easier to use than the CL's, but be sure to install the turret traverse upgrade plus expert marksman on your captain. This will mitigate a lot of the slow turret traverse that Orion, Iron Duke & Queen Elizabeth have. The trade off is it will take longer to reload... but only by 1 second. The CL's are a mixed bag up to T6. Caledon,and Danae are very maneuverable and the Emerald isn't as much. The Emerald is a hard grind as your damage will more often than not be quite low and you'll be in T7 games. Leander is a much better ship all around. Never sail straight lines and varying your speed do help.
  8. A someone who visits the forums almost daily for nearly 2 years please allow me to contribute; When I first started coming here the general forum population was bigger than it is now. I originally came here to seek advice & knowledge on how to make my game play better and to keep up to date with all the newest and upcoming content. And back then there was no shortage of it. Now in all honesty it feels a bit stale and a touch elitist. The population has definitely decreased, and any question posted will have the same 20 odd guys answering it, often using text, acronyms, and in game speak that many people new to the forums or who speak a different language won't understand. Many threads started up are rants which the player has gone straight from the game to the forums looking for sympathy after a tough game and often being told to just git gud which quickly turns the thread into a toxic one and no doubt chases the ranting player from the forums- helping to decrease the population. Ever heard the saying "if you can't say something nice- don't say anything?" The ranters are just looking to vent and get things off their chests. They'll calm down eventually so if you really want to reply to those guys be a bit more supportive. You have all had bad days when you can't win anything or have terrible teams etc, and nobody likes being told to git gud. Yes, there will always be those utter twits who deserve a good serving, but those people aren't worth wasting the time on. There are "where's this" and "where's that" threads, "SEA worst server" threads, and threads which are generally just full of pointless moaning that I don't even click on anymore. It's not constructive or supportive and therefore not related to why I play this game. Despite all the vitriol, there are still great threads with genuine questions and solid answers, updates with what's coming next and useful information which helps you complete in game tasks which is what these forums are for, and the forums old hands are doing a good job sharing their knowledge and experience. So ultimately there is still good in this forum, so long as the community support outweighs the criticism and trolling.
  9. Giving up playing iron duke

    The turn time on the turrets is horrendous, but if there was ever a time to use the +15% rotation upgrade module, this is the ship. With the turret rotation boost and a commander with expert marksman, you can pretty much nullify the poor turret rotation. Of course, the trade off is a 5% extra reload time- which for the Iron Duke is a whopping 1 second. For this ship and QE I find it's definitely worth it.
  10. Giving up playing iron duke

    Despite the Iron Duke being a good ship, she does suffer against competent CV's, multiple CV's and higher tier CV's- all of which she'll face in almost every game. It's pretty common to be focused fired on by CV's early in the game and despite early evasion she will almost always lose a large amount of health. You just have to try and stick close to cruisers or any ships with reasonable AA and hope they don't target you. Sure, it's not a fast ship, but it will easily out run a Texas or New York. Put a Sierra Mike flag on and you'll notice a difference. I really want to love the Iron Duke, and it is a genuinely good ship, but the matchmaking is just killing it. Of the 34 games in mine so far, 27 of them have been T7 games. . My New York & Konig have not come anywhere close to having such consistently bad matchmaking.
  11. Only managed to lose 2 from 2 last night, but yeah it seems RNG was toying with me too. Straddling a broadside cruiser at point blank range isn't enjoyable. The teams weren't great, and for some reason there seems to be a big spike in AFK players lately. They're present in every game at the moment, and it usually takes half the game for them to start moving. Sometimes there's 2-3 players AFK for the first few minutes of the game. Is there some server fault or something?
  12. Nelson not great?

    Don't let a bad game with a less than ideal team dictate how you judge the ship. The ship is a genuinely good one, and I absolutely adore mine- despite being really worried about how it may play initially. Every ship in the game will melt quickly when focused on so try and not read too much into that. The great thing about the Nelson is her ability to heal back all that fire damage, so the only ships you should generally avoid is any BB with a gun 381mm & up. Once your captain levels up enough, give him concealment expert. It'll help you get away from those nasty Kutuzov's who rely on someone else to spot for them. And even though it's not very fast, you would rather be in a Nelson than a Colorado.
  13. CV Secondaries

    I recently had a game where it had come right down to the wire, and after being sunk I was watching the rest of the battle and saw the poor Hosho on our team putting up a brave fight against a very low health V-170. His health was so low that one hit from the CV's secondaries would have finished him. You can probably see where this is going, but the DD did a full 360 around the CV less than 1km away, and managed to reload his tubes and finish the CV without being touched by the secondaries. They weren't even close to touching him. This was ultimately a pivotal point in the game, and it was unfortunate that the secondaries were so crap not being able to land a single hit closer than point blank range. Having secondaries is the only defence CV's have once their planes are gone, and if they're absolutely no threat to anyone, why can't they be a little more effective? Maybe make them more accurate the closer the target gets or something?
  14. Should you Nelson?

    After picking up the Nelson, I'd like to share my thoughts on it after my somewhat limited use, so those who are undecided about spending their hard earned free xp can have a little more understanding as to what kind of ship this is. Here's the simple & uncomplicated version; HE is good. A nice reliable source of damage. AP is a bit meh, but is still useful without being spectacular. AA is a little uninspiring The citadel is easy to penetrate, but if you don't sail broadside like a good BB driver then you'll be ok. Repair party is outright awesome. Turret traverse is good, though you'll need to step out a little wider in order to get the 3rd turret on target. (Use that on a case by case basis). Speed is average, but will outrun a Colorado easily enough. Speed flag is always handy too. Steering mod is a useful upgrade to have. Will take heavy damage through the bow with any rifle 15" & up. Thankfully a lot of shots miss or hit the turrets. Don't worry about fires. Melts quickly under focus fire. But every ship does so nothing new. HP pool is reasonable for the repair party you have Vigilance & concealment expert would be a recommended captain skill. Otherwise a vanilla BB captain build will be adequate. I was worried about not liking it when handing over the free xp, but so far it's a lot of fun- despite not having great teams. If you know how to drive a Battleship with any sort of competence, then you will make this work. Enjoy!