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  1. ContraXY

    when to buff zao?

  2. ContraXY

    when to buff zao?

    all other ships are op, plz buff zao
  3. ContraXY

    new player in Asia server

    enjoy that bro coz it easier to get things like "kraken unleashed" in bot games. such achievements will give u useful flags which are needed in future games.
  4. I played dota and found that system helps players especially newcomers to reduce mistakes. It suggests items to buy in the shop and the combinations using big data collected in thousands of games. The suggestions may not work in all games but they do help in general games. So maybe such system can be added to the game with some functions like: 1. route suggestion: display the suggested route or camping spots where most top players go with this ship in this map 2. data analysis: give users visual data analysis after the game about damage done and received in each small combat at different time. this would be helpful to find techtical mistakes in each combat like turning back at wrong time or using wrong shell types. 3. detailed summary: shows how they behave in the game compared with other players on this ship. comparison can be done on multiple dimensions like spotting, shooting, torping and tanking etc. 4. special achievements: dota have special achievements for heros like the number of kills using your ulti, how many millions you have healed your teammates.
  5. ContraXY

    buff zao?

    guess wg doesnt care, but still want to ask when would u guys buff zao? slow reload, paper-like armor, no smoke no radar, weak aa, low hp in the past she could act as dd killer but here we have italian cruisers with smoke and sap hide and torp? sorry cv wont let you do so setting fire in distance? why not smolensk? is there any t10 cruiser as weak as she is? why not just delete the whole line
  6. vote for 25500 hakuryu😭
  7. ContraXY

    Zao Masterclass with flamu

    i have done a ds to a 75k hp yamato with zaos torps, but its non cv game and my teammates were really good coz they held their position. in normal sea games its just too rare to have such game experience and what u get on zao is just kicked out by 25500 hakuryu/ continuous set on fire by smolensk/ die in 30 secs coz all bbs and some cruisers have the chance to penetrate your head and deal 12k damage in one round.
  8. ContraXY

    nerf ark royal?

    have no idea what they think. maybe they dont really care
  9. ContraXY

    nerf ark royal?

    ye thats right maybe its good to make it a little bit balanced with lower damage to dds and more to other ships?
  10. ContraXY

    nerf ark royal?

    you are right another way to solve this is to increase surface aa in low tiers to allow them at least fight back against planes
  11. ContraXY

    nerf ark royal?

    ye kamikaze is the only ship im playing now. high tier games are just too serious and tiring for me. thats why i play only kami only now xD
  12. ContraXY

    nerf ark royal?

    guess not for that😂he may think kamikaze is a threat?
  13. ContraXY

    nerf ark royal?

    thats what i did maybe just i met top1 ark player xD