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  1. 1. Since the latest update (adding the submarine halloween event), my client is experiencing this bug where a loud audio that is possibly from when you are zooming the shells that are fired from main battery ("Z") is being played right when the matchmakiing is completed (transition from the matchmaking screen to map loading screen). 2. As far as I am concern, this happens on all modes of battle which involves Scenarios, Coop, Random, Ranked and Training. 3. Like stated above, the audio that is not supposed to be played at the moment is being played when transitioning from matchmaking screen to map loading screen. 4. Fortunately the bug does not cause any game crashes. I have yet to record the footage since I do not have any desktop recording software or even discussed to the community regarding the post. will update ASAP once i have confirmed with the community and a suitable footage. Thank you
  2. *Edited the post so that it is more accurate to the format. Hi. This issue have been going for a while (since 0.7.5 update) and it is still yet to be addressed till today. Mid range laptops that runs the client at 1280x720 ~ 1388x768 resolution will have issues in port where it is impossible to slot in certain consumables due to the UI spawning outside of the window. Example shown in the picture below. Never tried with other resolutions but 1280x720 and 1366x768 will face the similar issue as the scaling of the UI is too big for the client window size. As for now, the only way to get by this issue is to connect my laptop to a larger display device and set the game to run at 1920x1080 resolution on that secondary display. I tried editing the XML to run at different resolutions but it automatically reverts back to my native resolution of 1366x768. I'm sure there are plenty of players out there that are using low-end ~ mid-ranged computers that are having the same problem especially for British cruisers since one of the consumable slot is shared with so many different type of consumables as shown in the picture. . On side note. is it possible to have the drop sown menu of the consumables to a scroll-able ones like the ship parameters UI? If there are any options that can solve the issue which i somehow missed feel free to tell me because i did asked in the discord community and we cant solved it. Thanks