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  1. Songsta

    update service unavailable !

    [ASIA] SERVER STATUS : Server temporarily unavailable. The regular server restart takes place on every Thursday at 06:00 UTC+8. Happen to me, "The service is currently unavailable. We are working on it. Please try again later" Maybe just wait till the server restart done...
  2. Songsta

    Turret firing angle need to be fixed?

    Oh yeah, the catapult. That's right, GK need 45 degrees to use 3rd and 4th turret... With angling like that, light armored outer armor of the turtle back unlike her counterparts, almost can't bounce another BB shells. USN special AP shells, ricochet doesn't occur, even with 30 degrees angle, they just destroyed, and when within close combat, major problem for this extremely huge ship. More penetration, more damage... at least 50% able to recover, 40% greater than citadel hit (just 10%) Basically, less armor, more incoming damage potential . But hard to be citadel'ed.
  3. Songsta

    Turret firing angle need to be fixed?

    GK 4th turret must have better firing angle than the 3rd one. I can't remember the other...
  4. Songsta

    Need advice for Großer Kurfürst

    Ok I'll protect my 2nd and AA while prevent MB incapacitated with PM.
  5. Songsta

    Need advice for Großer Kurfürst

    Ok, I'm just change my comm skill. Turret very hard to destroy, but sometimes easily broken if enemy BBs spam AP to me, especially when angled. My current was DCCA, but I'm rarely got benefit from it now, maybe I'll pick PM. Thanks again~~~ I have 19 point, the rest 3, I'll stick with BFT again.
  6. Songsta

    Need advice for Großer Kurfürst

    Ok, thanks for your advice. But AFT really... still worth? And what about the upgrades?
  7. Using BFT, AFT, AA & 2nd flag, AimSys upgrade, Manual 2nd and aux survivability upgrade to make them more durable. But I think it's worthless because more near to DD, even with sonar and secondary buffs, DD easily torp this sluggish, slow maneuver ship (slow acceleration, slow rudder, large turn radius, compared with counterparts) and very big dimension and bad torp bulge, DD hunting = suicide unlike Bismarck with old sonar. RN CL AP spam destroying 2nd too fast. Heavy HE spam destroying AA too fast. With aux survivability, got all AA armament destroyed, and 5 of 10 DP destroyed. Just leave with only 6.2 km 82 AA dps lol. Rarely got close combat engagement even always trying to get it. If got some, few 2nd pew pew, less worth. Except when storm comes. Thinking about change playstyle to main gun, play mid range and fire-spotted-conceal, devastated by CV and DD, but at least not too near to enemy. Worth or not? My current set seems not good for me, unlike Bismarck. And ammunition cost? Fair or not? Uh, 300 per main gun shell. Massive cost for game currency, but maybe not for the reality. Moskva just cost 40 per shell. Cruiser has batter accuracy, more hit, more worth. Battleship has worse accuracy (For German, worst for horizontal dispersion compared to other BB T9+ because USN has +11% acc, German just +7% acc, their horizontal dispersion almost same when aiming to same range) Thanks for advice...
  8. Songsta

    Turret firing angle need to be fixed?

    B? 3? Based on ship indicator, seems right. But not what I see on the ship. Even if I turn the 2nd turret aim be a bit more far from 3rd turret, it's still can't get to firing position. Aim indicator? The 'cone' line sight on the minimap? It's depend where I'm look (camera). Armament locked, no targeting indicator shown to enemy ship.
  9. Should WG fix some ship firing angle for some of their turret? Aim tighter to possible structure, misc or another armament? Example for SMS Kaiser. No disturbance, still can't get firing position? (Turret no. 2) The little boat must be not a problem since it's not touching gun barrel, even aiming at closest range. And when aim a a little bit to front, it's able to fire, but there's some wire obstruct firing position, and still getting firing position? 2nd turret firing range just a few degrees around those wires. (Sorry, the wires aren't visible due to bad setting) And It's a bit loose to nearby front bridge superstructure, need better angle. Spoiler And some other ships... What do you think about this? Thanks for your attention!
  10. Songsta

    Des Moines is so much better than the Zao

    Better because recentreload buff from 6 to 5.5s ?
  11. Songsta

    What's your highest/lowest WR ship?

    Random Battle? Bogue 62% 'Normal' Myoko 47%
  12. Songsta

    Mouse pointer disappeared

  13. Songsta

    152mm HE penetration value?

    Ok, thanks for all of your explanations.
  14. Songsta

    152mm HE penetration value?

    What's difference between ricochet and bounce?