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  1. Sollery_Archana

    New Meta Bot

    Having random alphabet name, using usually izumo hahaha.
  2. Sollery_Archana

    Signs of a noob team

    Well we have hizen marathon and using script is usefull for clear it hahaha at least you didnt make a clan with full bot like the greatest bot clan last years and its easy farming exp then sell it their account for money hahaha many people do this and its normal for me to see it hahaha
  3. Sollery_Archana

    Regarding Bots, AFKs, Riggers, Cheaters, and Abusers...

    Well they already hall of fame issue with bot, they already take care it. By delete them only from hall of fame Hehehe... And I make thread about bot before and before , my message full of attack message call me bullsh*t bla bla Then I make thread about I using bot in my alt for testing how many days needed for got banned even I see one person really hate me too when I make thread or comment hahaha. Should I dont mention it hahaha Well about bot, its easy to be honest just make script for click battle by count how many minute for each battle before you exit, and if you see why some bot moving late, cause they set their script few minute after click start battle, for count as waiting room. Next is for shooting, since if you shoot missed you dont get exp. Aim bot its easy thing to help, since you capture the image of aimbot circle and make script for move the mouse to the aimbot circle. Well maybe someone using different method but for me its work, and I already stopped since I try twice, first got banned cause I report it myself in ticket (well if you curious too about three strikes, I got 7 day ban in that low tier account for testing after I report it myself in WG ticket hehe), and second until almost 2 week maybe no ban in Tier V (since I dont want ruin people who playing high tier ) and I bored too. I even make thread for challenge WG ban it and got closed too hahah Then why I tell this? I didnt courage people to use bot, just want tell how easy using bot (or if you lazy go TaoBao) if you really want try it to risk it, then what wg should do? Even people giving suggestion like make Captcha for suspicious match, they can choose the logic like someone who keep exit after 5 minute or someone who have so low dmg each battle for so many time or whatever WG want to design the logic. Maybe captcha too expensive or too hard for WG adding it? Since I know its not stop people for bot, but captcha can ruin someone who using bot too right, since if they wrong they got locked like penalty or whatever. And I believe people still think me bullshit too, well whatever I just want said what I want said I dont care people hate me or what.
  4. Bot complaint about bot hahaha
  5. Sollery_Archana


    And what I tell you is the corporate who selling aimbot, bot make this game as tool for earn money, and make people to help their bot account in each game for earn money. Like slave.
  6. Sollery_Archana


    If you want asking about lie well its your choose since I really don't care about WG too , just care the game . But if it possible, yeah I already make A code with captcha for an rpg game too . But don't ask me to share it, each game have different language ,code, engine and other thing . But its possible , and not 100% can take all too since nothing can be 100 % working
  7. Sollery_Archana


    Don't ask me I'am not WG Staff but I already have little experience from this issue too . They should make A program about detecting bot from their behavior since program still different compare Human thinking
  8. Sollery_Archana


    I use my alt for 2 weeks bot and still no ban after stop it hahaha Add captcha with some logic like someone who playing more then 3-4 hours straight, and some player who have less 10 minute gameplay with decent play like 20-40 in 1 day or etc you guys can make this thing easy right not like calculation how the caliber guns pens in certain angle (And the last I post about me using bot isn't I encouraging people use bot but the reality like that hahaha even I got message with offensinve language , called trash and other thing too I don't care, I just care the game not the player) If want know how I use bot simply u have script for like start play, set the time for move since loading for find player , then use aimbot and capture the image of aimbot circle for make your cursor moved to that aimbot and make setting time how to leave And its easy to make... And people asking me evidence replay BLA BLA BLA even my 5 years old can ban that account after watch replay hahaha And some people call me trash stat too when they think I use aimbot in my account. Lol no I just want playing normally, I didn't really interest to get good stat like some player while using aimbot hahaha. I don't mind to get banned permanent too but that what I can said... Since I become most Hated player and so many player ask me to banned hahaha Tips too how to check player bot or no, just look if they shoot loading. They Will shoot at Same time since their script usually spammed to click after they capture the aimbot circle aim . Not 100 % work but its easy if you see suspicious BB or cruiser (since dd Will sunk faster)
  9. Sollery_Archana

    Bots are part of the game or 3 rd party programs ?

    Nah handle bot didn't give them money, update premi ship more more important then take care bot. Hehe
  10. Sollery_Archana

    Bots are part of the game or 3 rd party programs ?

    Welcome to world of botships.
  11. Sollery_Archana

    Make suggest for add captcha

    Yeah I hear this suggest in 2018 too They just want us to accept bot maybe hahahaha and its sound like WOWS became money base since well we playing for helping bot seller got money
  12. Sollery_Archana

    Bots are part of the game or 3 rd party programs ?

    We have aimbot to help bot hit and got exp too, well they don't care about stat since their goal is farming exp and some of them sell it for money. Everything is back to money. And that make me really interesting since WG too soft with bot and its become bussiness base not playing base if they just let it. WG sell premi account and ship, bot buy that for farming faster in high tier, bot got money after sell that account and its become cycle. Well its WG to choose stop or keep it spinning faster or slower.
  13. Sollery_Archana

    Make suggest for add captcha

    Yeah I spam their ticket for heard my suggest about make captcha for ruin bot activity. And tadaa WG bot staff just response like we have anti bot BLA BLA BLA and didn't even mention my suggest . What nice response right ... Maybe they hide something? Maybe hahaha l Maybe WG hope we just let bot happen like Corona? And playing for help bot farming exp? Hahaha
  14. Sollery_Archana

    Bots are part of the game or 3 rd party programs ?

    Well since right now people interesting buying a account with many free exp ship like Alaska instead buying a normal tech tree account with good stat. Since everything is about money.
  15. Sollery_Archana


    I never ask for become punch bag or something... I know many people didn't like me keep complain but this what I see. But not too far since I still care about the game too . If no I Will said on every social media about how bad and suck this game... But I still choose complaint and I didn't care people who said anything about me But this issue keep worse and worse. I mean almost (for me is always) A random or even ranked sometime too not just one or two but more player play suspicious like just rush straight and shot anything close to them even didn't care torp or what. Well lemme introduce aimbot . Since in other thread the mod said nothing you can got from bot, its wrong. Aimbot make you can aim to the close ship and you still can got exp even low but of you spam or so many time u got juicy free exp. Like you said too many people suggest even I make few ticket in my other account by using captcha for people who have suspicious traffic in battle like 2 hours people got more then 10 battle or etc its WG choose to using the algorithm. I'am not sure when my ticket send but its before January 2020 when CN70 coming . Meh the response is bot about their anti bot system' BLA BLA BLA I even didn't read all the response since they not make answer about my suggestion