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  1. Random Battle

    Why not change name random battle to : Unfair Battle? Stock Carrier everywhere. Stock ranger x 2 vs saipan x 2 full 10 + commander, and not once but more then five or six meet that two carrier. Then bot is accepted in this game ? Everyday, meet some ship who just spining in base and didn't do anything, if yes why not developer change this name game to world of warbot?
  2. Banned

    To be honest , please banned me... This random battle so suck Yeah I know its random but please... I always in noob side like afk carrier, DD bot, BB afk , Unupgraded team... Please to be honest banned me and make me didn't feel to back this game. To be honest GM please banned me and make me never back to this game.
  3. Random Battle

    Please... I really dissapointed with that random. Yeah I know that random but... 2 hosho with tier 3 aircraft and fight with langley full upgrade, its happen more then 10 x... Please that so Suck you didn;t have carrier in your team... Notice this please and if can't please banned my account I really dissapointed with this game now... really if can't regulate that Banned me GM