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  1. Sollery_Archana

    This game NEEDS skill based match making

    If you asking how matchmaking work is not really problem. The issue is bot. Well people hate me if I talking bot even some bot seller too in Epicnpc seller who sell boost and pm to me that I just jealous cant find money from bot selling and boost and asking me to stop disturbing his business lol. Well I just dont need money too lol... but I keep telling about bot issue not just because I hate this game lol if I hate then I just quit and keep spamming nonsense. Bot is easy to script and the thing you need is 24/7 hours pc on. WG should implement like captcha to bit disturb bot player with really high traffic match like 200++ battle everyday or anything but maybe making captcha really hard compared making new paper ship
  2. Sollery_Archana

    Why dont this game just change the name to World of Bots

    How to deal with bot report, send bot answer with a same template. And oh actually they ban bot. Look they thread about bot... we handle some people but what happen and what bot we take care is secret. My 9 years old neighbour of my apartment maybe can be WG staff too since she always said take care many monster in the apartment and monster more scary then bot in this game. Am I wrong? Some people asking for add captcha for people who have high trafic on match but. I think the issue is Captcha can make system maybe overload or too hard implement captcha maybe imposible and hard to do then making new paper ship who is more easy maybe haha
  3. Sollery_Archana

    Why dont this game just change the name to World of Bots

    Well you can get profit since in TaoBao or account seller web you can use bot for farming exp and then sell the account many people do it since no one care to report bot every game
  4. Sollery_Archana

    Why dont this game just change the name to World of Bots

    Well the reason you playing this game is helping bot account seller to boost their exp
  5. Sollery_Archana

    Broken Match Making

    WG want you and your friend buy Ise
  6. Sollery_Archana

    Mixing in some bots in high tier matches to reduce camping

    Well what I know bot behaviour usually in their ign using random name who using closest letter like fdrfgr or fsdrsd pr r43r43r cause if you see in your keyboard that lettet is close and usually they having like 100 ++ battle in 1 day account if you check their stat and low wr like bellow L200
  7. Sollery_Archana

    Mixing in some bots in high tier matches to reduce camping

    Umh... this game already have bot player in high tier random match. You want more?
  8. Sollery_Archana


    If you want check bot gameplay try play in midnight or early morning like 2 -3 am at tier 9 random match you will see some izumo with lowest then 200 pr with random name like example fghhjk fssffk fdghhh even their bot name pattern is same like that cause usually they use f on first letter, Usually on izumo, pattern manuver except in island in their front.. Its bot since their behaviour and have many match with low dmg rate arround 10 K even I see 1300 dmg rate izumo with 2000 match solo random and pr lowest then 300 their account is new with massive match
  9. Sollery_Archana


    not all bot but yeah some of them like someone with 1000 battle with 13 pr 1 team with me and angry cause I chat private this person : Your bot so trash like 5 years old kid script ( idk cause I just angry to this bot who keep spam torp with mahan and torp my Flint from around closer then 1 km right and left torp and keep shooting since I bet his script just spam main gun and torp) since this account just moving arround cap and shooting anything detected If you want know bot behaviour from gameplay usually you can check his gameplay. He will move without manuvering or his manuvering its like with pattern (since usually script will make movement pattern like 5 second left, 5 sec right depend on their script) The most accurate thing to see bot is on wows stats, I bored to see account being selled in taobao with arround 0-50 pr with 1000 ++ match after I check their ign (yups some of them even didnt hide ign when selling their account didnt care to get banned in their ss for selling account) WG can add some little extension like captcha since its should be easy compared to other thing but meh... Wasted time to make ticket about it. They will answer with se format : Our glory anti bot system working perfectly. I even try with my old pc to spam bot arround 20 hours each days 1 week in tier 5 alt account too and meh... Its got banned 1 week (or 3 day since I just check once and cant login) because I report it myself in ticket and tell them making bot is easy with a not really complex script + aimbot for making your ship got some hit and some exp
  10. Sollery_Archana

    Needs more bots

    Its boosting business and other. Like the last guy post a TX cv with 0 PR but 3000 battle. Why? Cause its boosting tech tree with booting 24/7 and then usually they sell it. I got bullied too much for keeping bot issue hahaha but the truth, some people just try to make money from our enjoyment in this game
  11. Sollery_Archana

    Worst of the bots

    Haha well up to you too I just care bot issue not your opinion too since its open forum
  12. Sollery_Archana

    Worst of the bots

    Why not?
  13. Sollery_Archana

    Worst of the bots

    Imagine playing wows for helping bot seller account and boost account provider to get money
  14. Sollery_Archana

    The Sad Truth

    Dont worry about stat... many player using bot... ehm not experience playstyle and having loke 300 pr and 10 K Dmg rate and many people buy this account
  15. Sollery_Archana

    New Meta Bot

    Having random alphabet name, using usually izumo hahaha.