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  1. Cool
    natoteorenzo reacted to NguyenArchitakuVN in Completely rigged, WR is completely out of our control.   
    One team full of newbies, scrubs and a single veteran, the other team is full of average players. 
    In WOT, the veteran can absolutely carry the team to victory but in WOWS, it is down right impossible. because... POINTS!!! It doesn't matter how hard you carry, if those scrubs on your team keep yolo-ing and feeding the enemy, you're still gonna lose. 
  2. Cool
    natoteorenzo reacted to NguyenArchitakuVN in Well here we go   
    Hey yob! Why don't you ever cry for a player who gets citadel'd multiple time by you? Like "Damn! I feel sorry for him. Why my ship is so OP! Please nerf my ship!!!" Or something like that. I remember once i was on the same team as you. You were playing a North Carolina and you blew a near full health Pensacola up. Then you were like "HAHAHAHA! Chew on that!". And that person who got cit'd just replied "GG" and then left. Why is it okay when RNG is with you but never be okay if RNG is against you? Do you even know that you are the second most hated person on the forums? (First place is mine, apparently)
  3. Cool
    natoteorenzo reacted to MeloMelonSoda in [CONTEST] What's love got to do with it?   
    World of Warships - Feel the LOVE 

    Credit go to all of my friends, without all of my friends, this moment couldn't be possible :3

    Thank R3negade, kultabashi, HeroOfWind, nchnch, xDave1337x, SlamUez, Darkworld_2015, KillKieran, Krieg, Kreigg, TepidusLegend, Windforce, NguyenArchitakuVN, Syanda(for banning Nguyen), and Everyone, Thank for sharing the LOVE with all of us
  4. Cool
    natoteorenzo reacted to MeloMelonSoda in World of Warmemes   
    The attack never come 

  5. Cool
    natoteorenzo reacted to tot123_2013 in World of Warmemes   
    Okay, let's have a bit of a competition.
    Use this gif:
    - Make a meme about Nguyen and Syanda
    Who ever has the most number of upvotes, wins.
  6. Cool
    natoteorenzo reacted to Kreigg in World of Warmemes   
    Just got repaired and then you get 4 fires, engine's dead, and rudder's jammed and you're frantically mashing the R key...

  7. Cool
    natoteorenzo reacted to WindCruiser in World of Warships - 2015 Year Results   
    they fired 5 bilion topedoes and half of it hit ally ship ....