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  1. natoteorenzo

    For Singapore players!

    Hello , Ign:Natoteorenzo I am a casual player who plays at my free time (Busy Recently), i was wondering whether there are any SG community groups around? P.s Went to AFA on 25th Nov and oh wondering who were those with those T10s playing on the laptops
  2. natoteorenzo

    WoWs x Arpeggio Stage II

    Woots , that is nice and its just in time for my holidays took a long break and cannot be bothered with Myoko Arp Please Tier 5 at least ...pretty please
  3. natoteorenzo

    I am outta here see you guys around

    Yeap , aint nothing but with kill steals and my tier 6 cruiser such as aoba and cleveland keep going against t8s . I made a mistake and went to free xp my furu to aoba and free xp USN tier 3 BB to get to langley for plane kills .. when i should have just free xp from st louis to omaha. Bad decisions
  4. natoteorenzo

    Skills Reset, Reviews Anyone?

    Another one from reddit which was taken from EU : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/44550-guide-to-captain-skills-distribution-in-053/
  5. natoteorenzo

    I am outta here see you guys around

    Suffered burnout from ARP kongo .. lost hope in myoko 9/30 DDsi started third wk of jan ...great and my W/L Rates suffered too...
  6. natoteorenzo

    0.5.3 really soon

    For this , i wouldnt mind but i would prefer them not to place a stock new ship against two tiers higher of that tier
  7. natoteorenzo


    As it is mentioned ,firstly its just good or bad luck in some games .Secondly , it all goes down to how you and your team position in the map with factors like teamwork and skills working together to win the game. Thirdly , RNGSESUS as it always does happen in games such as detonation or devastating . Well its just a game , learn from mistakes made in previous games and do better next time !
  8. natoteorenzo


  9. natoteorenzo


    How is it useful??really?
  10. natoteorenzo

    How do I get Arpeggio of Blue steel Kirishima/Hauana

    http://aokihagane.wikia.com/wiki/Haruna < Heres the wiki , if ya so lazy to find HAHAHA . Reskinned Yamato would be great too! well sadly no iona but iona captain
  11. natoteorenzo

    ARP Kongo Mission 2 (Help needed)

    Finding people to div , with tier t5 -6 cvs...
  12. natoteorenzo

    I want to rant about Arppegio Mission Challenge

    I hope am only able to complete kongo at least and not myoko :C , i have been using DDs and CL . Always bombarded and my team mates just turn tail with my WR 9/10 loses Planes to kill ....dayum..
  13. natoteorenzo


    15/30 for cruisers...0/30 for dd =_=..noo..my furu aint citadeling.. melon mentioned using t6 dd? I have a recent new nicholas instead..
  14. natoteorenzo


    That mistype though..pardon me , i up to nicholas
  15. natoteorenzo


    Wonder how much is the range of the torps..and since its gotten from USN , 5.5km?