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  1. bradly_colin

    Should operations be restricted to Tier 6?

    Bring back the T5s! Make operations great again!
  2. +1 to everything said. This scenario is super dank. I'm grinding out the Oleg missions in Aegis and even in the (imo) mediocre Galisson I'm getting 150k+ damage and 4+ stars pretty much every single time.
  3. bradly_colin

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Iron Duke Submissions

    Of course it's a loss, right?
  4. bradly_colin

    Damn these ARP paint schemes

    While this camo isn't really historical, there are tons of one-time use camos that are way worse. And I like the ARP camos
  5. bradly_colin

    Code for goodies only on EU server, limited.

    Wow, that's really nice. I only play NA and SEA though
  6. bradly_colin


    EDIT: I think you meant to post this in the contest thread?
  7. I support bringing back the T5s. I have a bunch of 5s on this server that I was having plenty of fun grinding in operations.
  8. bradly_colin

    So what ever happened to Worcester ?

    Whenever they do the USN CL/CA split, it will probably show up. That being said, pretty sure it's not this year.
  9. bradly_colin

    Who here has had a 1 v 1?

    I've only seen 1 v 1 in PTS. On the live server the smallest I've seen is 8 v 8.
  10. bradly_colin

    When will the Queen's BB hits our port?

    This is what I've been hearing too. Or to put it in technical terms: SoonTM
  11. bradly_colin

    Any hints for Defend Newport scenario?

    Got five stars in four out of three runs. Budy, Spee, Emerald, and Emerald was actually my best round. I'll strongly support what folks have been saying: don't let anything get through in the first three rounds. We lost the fourth run because we let someone through, and it gets exponentially more difficult if that happens. Your team loses a Lexington and the bots gain a Hiryu. I'll admit having a good CV helps. My div mate was running strike Ryujo and he knew all the right places to put his planes having played it many times before we divisioned. That being said, he had been unable to get more than four stars solo queuing too, so carriers still can't carry all the way.
  12. bradly_colin

    Six Months of Trying My Luck

    Yeah, the devs have suggested that they are going to tweak container payouts in 6.8, that's partly why I wanted to post this now. They're also buffing the special mods (by a little? by a lot? unsure) and reducing the chance of getting them (of course, right? can't let people getting good items in supercontainers right?) so hold onto them at least for a bit!
  13. bradly_colin

    Six Months of Trying My Luck

    Hey all, I posted this on NA, but I thought SEA folks would want to see the data as well:
  14. bradly_colin

    RNG has gone TOO FAR! (Supercontainers)

    Hopefully this won't be happening much longer... they claim they're gonna reduce the chance of getting these special upgrades soon. And they're gonna buff them at the same time (of course, right?) so hang on to them for a bit longer!
  15. Some of my favorites recently have been the Kongo and the Scharnhorst. I used to really like the St Louis too, but I've come to appreciate the Tenryu more the more I play the game. Marblehead also used to be really fun until T5 stopped being fun.