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  1. Vorpent

    I didn't recieve my Arp Kongo

    omg thank you I was really worrying that all my effort had gone to nothing Thank You
  2. Vorpent

    I didn't recieve my Arp Kongo

    I had been working really hard to get the Arp Kongo before the mission ended, and I had finally got to around 970,000 damage on the third section of the mission When I went back to my port, the Kongo was nowhere to be seen It was strange, because it said I was looking at the Omaha, but I obviously wasn't, it was a ship with 4x2 guns (Kongo?) I checked to see if I still had the mission, and if so how much more damage I had to deal, but the mission was not there I am quite annoyed at this, as I worked extremely hard to complete all 3 missions Please help Vorpent